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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My skincare routine is my absolute favourite beauty regime! I find it really relaxing - massaging gorgeous creams on to my face and lathering my face in gorgeous smelling products. I love trying  out new products and reading anything about skincare. I have combination skin. I also suffer with eczema, so my skin can get quite irritated easily. Here are the products that are currently working for my skin:


Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin foaming cleanser 
This cleanser is great, it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. It claims that the vitamins in it help to restore, soften and smooth the skin. I started using it a few weeks ago and I have noticed a big difference since I started using it. My skin feels a lot softer and smoother and it's in a much better condition. I'll definitely be repurchasing this in the future.

Garnier Simply Essentials cleansing lotion 
I use this in the evening to remove my makeup. I just pop a small bit on to a cotton wool pad and it removes all of my makeup (even waterproof eye makeup!) without drying my skin. It doesn't have a strong smell and it's suitable for sensitive skin too. I'm also a fan of the Fresh Essentials version of this. It has grape extract in it, so it smells divine.


Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner 
I bought this toner because I wanted to introduce more natural products into my skincare routine as they're a lot better for the skin. Most natural products can be quite expensive but this one isn't too bad at €6.29. It's supposed to brighten your skin and it's safe to say that it has done a marvellous job at brightening my skin. It smells absolutely amazing! I would definitely recommend it if your on the hunt for a good toner.


Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator 
I use this exfoliator once a week to give my skin a much needed deep clean. It has a gorgeous fruity scent to it, that makes it smell good enough to eat ;-). It refines and evens my skin tone and after the first use it gave my skin a gorgeous glow. I love all Sanctuary Spa products.... they are so luxurious and they always leave my skin feeling beautiful! 

Spot Control

Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper 
I use this spot control at night time if I have any nasty spots that I need to get rid of. It's great for preventing spots too! If you notice a spot appearing, you can just pop some of this on to it and in the morning it will have completely disappeared. If you already have a spot it takes a bit longer to clear up. It usually takes more than one application to clear it up. The chamomile in it gives it a really nice smell. It's a handy size for popping it into your handbag and it's suitable for sensitive skin too.


Johnson's Daily Essentials Nourishing 24 Hour Day Cream 
This moisturiser is by far my favourite! It has a lovely, rich creamy texture but it doesn't feel too thick on the skin. It's made with shea butter so it smells divine! ( I love anything that's made with shea butter! It's my favourite scent!) It also has an SPF of 15. I almost never buy moisturisers without SPF. I love the packaging! The glass container makes it look very pleasing to the eye on my bathroom shelf. It also lasts a long time which is really convenient. I love it!!

What are your favourite skincare products? 

Cliona x


  1. This post has really encouraged me to kick my skin care routine up a notch!
    Currently I only exfoliated, moisturise and use spot control however I'm now going to look into buying a toner now.
    I've been looking around for a new moisturiser recently as I've nearly used all mine up and it leaves my skin feeling oily so I might give the one you use a try!
    Thanks for sharing all the products you use!
    Becky x

    (p.s Your blog is my all time favourite)

    1. Thank you so much Becky! That's so kind of you! I'm glad you liked this post.
      Cliona x

  2. I love the simple range !!! I have the cleanser toner and moisturiser and face wipes for removing make up in a rush… It does take longer and more effort to use your skin care products properly every night but I agree it is definatley worth it when you see the videos of ageing on the skin when you sleep with your make up on !!


    You have a wonderful blog too =]


    1. Yeah, I agree! It's important to find a good skincare routine. It can be hard to stick to it sometimes though.
      Cliona x

  3. That Boots Botanics Toner looks great, I might pick that one up next time I need one. I haven't found a good drugstore toner yet!

    Joey xx

  4. I like how you displayed your products. I like Nivea- it's great for my dry skin (but not always) and I admit, I use a few products that are meant for baby skin myself :)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc/bloglovin), just let me know :) xx



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