Insta Diary #4 - Happy Days Fly By!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

(L-R) - My new bed sheets from Ikea, Gossip girl and a twister, Me & my Mam,
New John Green books, Organising my beauty stash, Afternoon cuddles with Piper,
Elsie and I taking a selfie, Enjoying the lovely sunshine, My first ice cream of the year!

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow ;-). For today's post I wanted to do an Instagram diary post as it's become a little tradition of mine to share my favourite Instagram pictures with you towards the end of each month. I quite like reading these posts on other blogs (mainly because I'm nosey. Ha ha!) and they're a lot of fun to write too. 

I didn't really get up to a whole lot this month to be honest. I spent my two weeks of Easter holidays relaxing because I was having panic attacks almost everyday when I was in school. It was nice to just be able to chill and do nothing. I even got a chance to organise my wardrobe and all of my drawers (I'd been putting that off for a long time!). Whenever I do a clear out I'm always surprised at the amount of stuff that I have that I don't actually need! I filled up two big black bags of stuff for charity! I also put my brand new sheets from Ikea on my bed which really excited me! Is that sad? ;-) 

The highlight of my month has probably been the gorgeous weather! It's been so sunny (apart from a few crappy days here and there, of course. It wouldn't be Ireland if there wasn't any rain! Ha ha!) and it's getting a lot warmer too. I even got out to the beach for a walk with Piper and had my first ice cream of the year (nothing beats a 99!). And it's nice to be able to wear lighter clothes. It was also Piper's birthday on wednesday. She turned 2! 

I just have to say how cute is Elsie in that picture?! Her expression is like 'What's this selfie thing? This is amazing!' Ha ha! She's just too cute! My sister told me that she rolled over for the first time this month. I'm so proud of her but she's growing up way too fast! :-( 

That's pretty much it or at least it's everything I can think of right now (My life is very exciting, I know! Ha ha!). May will be more fun though because I'm going on holidays to Portugal! Yay! And it's the first month of summer! Eh sorry, where has the year gone?! Time just seems be going way too quickly these days! Happy days fly by, I guess.

I hope you enjoyed this little Sunday post! Have a lovely week.

Cliona x


  1. you are such a wee cutie! lovely pictures :)

    alex // xxx


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