Saturday, 31 May 2014

My Holiday Style Diary | Albufeira 2014

Happy sunny Saturday and welcome to my holiday style diary! Hands up who enjoyed that gorgeous sunshine today! I know I did! We even sat outside and ate our dinner today - You have to make the most of it because knowing Irish weather, it will be grey and rainy tomorrow. Ha ha!

We had such a lovely time in Portugal - the weather was gorgeous except it rained one of the days :-( We relaxed by the pool most of the time. We also went to the beach a lot - our hotel was right beside the beach and it even had it's own private part of the beach that was for residents only! That was so nice because it was very quiet and peaceful there and the other part of the beach was so so busy! I wasn't adventurous enough to swim in the sea although I did dip my feet in! Ha ha! You just never know what's in the sea! My worst nightmare is getting stung by a jelly fish! Ha ha!

We stayed in a lovely hotel/apartments called Clube Praia Da Oura in Albufeira. It was gorgeous there - they had beautiful gardens, a nice pool, a bowling green and 2 bars where they had entertainment on every night.

We also spent a lot of time in the old town. We went to a really nice restaurant there where I had portugese chocolate cake. It was the NICEST cake I've ever had! It's making me very hungry thinking about it ;-) The ground was made of cobblestones which I thought was so cute. They also had a few nice shops there too - we spent about a half an hour in Parfois! Ha ha! It's so much cheaper over there! (haul coming soon ;-) )

I won't forget the day that we flew out to Portugal. It was a nightmare! We were in the air for about a half an hour when the captain made an announcement that a bird flew into the engine. So we had to turn back to Dublin airport and we had to wait 3 hours for a new plane. I'm a very nervous flyer so as you can imagine I was freaked out! I was actually tempted to just go home! Ha ha!

I went on a HUGE shopping spree before I went away because I love nothing more than having new clothes for holidays. I picked up some gorgeous pieces. I actually bought way too much! I didn't even get to wear everything! Oops! Ha ha! I have 3 months to wear them, I suppose ;-)

Anyway, here's what I wore on holiday:

Skirt - Vero Moda
Top - Vero Moda
Necklace - Mi moneda
Bag - Penneys

I loved this outfit - the skirt is so soft and comfortable to wear. I'm obsessed with lace at the moment and this top screamed my name. It was meant to be! Ha ha! 

Dress - H&M
Sandals - Marks & Spencer
Necklace - Topshop

Top - Penneys
Shorts - Penneys
Sandals - Penneys
Sunglasses - Penneys

Dress - H&M
Espadrilles - Zara
Bracelets - Alex & Ani bangles
Sunglasses - Topshop

T-shirt - Penneys
Shorts - Penneys
Hat - Soho (closed down)

This was one of my beach outfits..... It was very casual and comfortable. These shorts are probably the most comfiest shorts I've ever worn! I also love this hat - I got it years ago and it's still my favourite!

Trousers - Vero Moda
Cardigan - Penneys
Necklace - Topshop

This was the day it rained :-( It was actually cold enough to wear jeans but I refused to wear them! Ha ha! So I wore my black and white trousers instead to keep me cosy whilst still looking (kind of) summery!

Top - Vero Moda
Shorts - Vero Moda
Sandals - Penneys
Bracelets - Avoca

Denim shorts are a summer must have for me! They're so versatile, you can wear them so many different ways! They're just a great piece to have in your summer wardrobe.

T-shirt - Penneys
Cardigan - Penneys
Jeans - Zara
Runners - Converse
Bag - Penneys

This was my 'airplane outfit' - I love these light pink jeans! They're perfect for the summer! 

Dress - Vero Moda
Belt - H&M

This was one of my favourites outfits that I wore. I love a good maxi dress - they're perfect for holidays as they allow you stay cool and they're very comfortable too. Another good thing about them is that they can be dressed up or down. They're just so versatile - you can wear them so many different ways and you can wear them to pretty much anywhere.

Did you like my outfits? Which was your favourite? Mine was definitely outfit no. 1!

Cliona xx

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Holiday Beauty Essentials

I don't know about you, but when it comes to packing for my holidays I always find it hard to select just a few beauty products to bring with me. I always end up bringing way too much! I'd bring the kitchen sink if I could ;-) Narrowing it down is just so hard - I have too many nice products! But in the end I did manage to pick a few essentials (it only took me a few hours! Ha ha!) that I just HAD to bring along with me. And I thought I'd show you all what I brought.....


For hair products I tried to keep it to the bare minimum as I always tend to bring lots of oils, styling sprays etc. and I just never use them all. So the only two styling products that I ended up bringing were Batiste blush floral and flirty dry shampoo and Toni & Guy casual sea salt texturising spray. I bought both of these in the mini sizes as they're handy for saving space/weight in my case. When I'm on holidays I don't really like to spend too much time styling my hair so the Toni & Guy spray was perfect for styling my hair in just a few minutes. It adds lovely texture to the hair without leaving it feeling sticky and it's also nice for creating 'beachy' looking waves when sprayed on damp hair. I sprayed the dry shampoo in my hair every evening just to make my hair feel/look a bit nicer after lying in the sun/heat all day. For shampoo and conditioner I just brought the ones that I'm currently using which are the Aussie mega shampoo and mega instant conditioner. You can read my thoughts on both of those in my April beauty favourites blog post


I brought my basic everyday skincare products with me. I didn't bother with masks, exfoliators or anything like that because we only went for a week so it would have been pointless to bring all that stuff because I would have only used them 1/2 times. The current cleanser and toner that I'm using are Sanctuary Spa fresh-faced purifying wash and the pore refining toner. They are both from their deep cleanse facial range which I absolutely love! They're gentle on the skin and they don't break me out. With the cleanser I also feel like I'm getting a much deeper cleanse than other cleansers I've used.  

The next product that made it into my case was my Garnier micellar cleansing water. This was a recent addition to my skincare routine and so far I'm loving it! I use it before my sanctuary cleanser to remove my makeup - it doesn't make my skin feel tight and it removes my makeup quickly and easily. I might do a review on it after I've used it for a bit longer? Another new purchase was the Avene hydrance optimale light hydrating cream. I always pick up a lighter moisturiser before I go on holidays because I hate wearing heavy moisturiser in hot countries. I wanted to buy the uv version as it has an SPF 20 but they didn't have it in stock (typical!! Ha ha!) when I went to boots. This is definitely the best moisturiser that I've used to date - It sinks into the skin really well and it smells nice too. It's a little bit more expensive with it being €22 but it's definitely worth it in my opinion. 


Moving on to the body care products..... I brought my favourite shower gel which is the Radox nourish shower cream. It's not the best 'holiday scent' but I love that it's moisturising so it's a nice product to use after being in the sun all day. Another nice product to use after sunbathing is Dove purely pampering body cream. I actually got slightly burnt on my legs and this was very soothing for it. It's such a great body butter - it drys rather quickly and it smells divine! I also packed my Dove beauty finish deodorant and the Boots Soltan protect & tan sun care lotion

Hands & nails

Hand cream is always a travel must-have for me. The plane always dries out my skin terribly so this Boots hand & nail cream intensive for dry skin was an absolute gem to have in my carry on bag. I talked about it in my April beauty favourites if you want to read more about it. The nail polish that I wore throughout the holiday was Rimmel 60 seconds Rita Ora nail polish in 'breakfast in bed'. This is a beautiful mint green colour which is just a perfect pastel shade for the summer. 


You'll probably think this next product is a bit weird but I love it and it's my summer must-have product every year! It's my Avon foot works lavender deodorising & refreshing foot spray. I have a weird thing about feet - I just hate them! Ha ha! I'm always worried that my feet won't smell nice so this ensures that they smell of lavender all the time! I never wear sandal or ballet pumps without spraying a few spritz of this bad boy! I also love anything that smells of lavender so I couldn't resist buying it ;-) And last but not least I brought my holy grail scent - Soap & Glory mist you madly body spray

That's it for my holiday beauty essentials!

What are your favourite products to bring on holidays? Let me know in the comments so I can buy them for my next holiday ;-)

Cliona xx


Friday, 23 May 2014

What I Wore! - Casual Rainy Day Outfit

Hi everyone! I'm back from Portugal! Yay! I'm delighted to be back blogging again. It felt like I was away from it for months!! Ha ha! The internet in our hotel wasn't great and I couldn't really get online and whenever I did, things wouldn't load properly etc.  It was quite frustrating to be honest. So I missed my blog a lot and I missed interacting with fellow bloggers too. I had a really nice time though - the weather was gorgeous and it was nice  to just be able to do nothing and chill by the pool.

I took lots of nice photos for upcoming blog posts which I can't wait to share with you. I thought I would have been posting the outfits that I wore on holiday today but I didn't get a chance to write it up so I decided to do a quick little post showing you what I wore today instead.

I hope you like it :-).

What I wore: (Top / Vero Moda) (Jeans / Topshop)  (Scarf / Vero Moda)  (Runners / Converse) (Necklace / Mi Moneda) (Bag / Penneys) (Bracelets / Avoca) (Watch / Fossil) 

I must admit, it was quite hard putting jeans on and wrapping up after wearing such light, summery clothes for a week. Ha ha! Although, I was very excited to wear my new scarf that was sent to me from the lovely people at Vero Moda. I love it! - The print is gorgeous and it's so soft! It kept me nice and cosy in that horrible weather today ;-). I paired it with a simple black long sleeve top with a mesh detail on the shoulders, which was on sale in Vero Moda. I always find good bargains and nice things on sale in there! To keep the look comfortable and casual, I threw on one of my favourite pairs of jeans (Topshop Leigh skinny jeans) and a pair of converse.

I love how simple and casual this look is and it's comfortable too :-)

I hope you liked my outfit and I can't wait to show you what I wore on my holiday! Keep your eyes peeled for that! ;-)

Have a lovely (long) weekend!

Cliona xx


Friday, 16 May 2014

A Review | VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray + Smoothly Does It Curl Defining Mousse

Hello! So, I'm currently tanning it up in sunny Portugal! ;-) I can't wait to tell you all about my holiday when I come back but for now I have two lovely hair styling products that I've been loving lately to share with you.

I'll be honest in saying that when I bought this I didn't really have high expectations for it as it was so cheap. I thought "Well, it's probably not going to be that good if it's that cheap! But I'll give it a go." I can safely say that I was wrong! Never judge a book by it's cover or in this case the price ;-). 

I love the packaging! I love the packaging of all of the VO5 products in general. I think they're so cute and girly looking! To be honest, when a product has pink packaging it doesn't take long to convince me to buy it ;-). 
There is a lock button on the nozzle of this which is great because it means it's less likely to spill everywhere (that would be a nightmare!). The only thing I didn't like about the nozzle is that it's quite flimsy - it feels like it could break easily. This was something I was very conscious of when packing. Other than that the nozzle is great and easy to use and the bottle itself is a nice size - not too big or not too small.

It has quite a strong smell so it might not be to everyone's liking but personally I really like it. The scent is very fruity - it kind of reminds me of blackcurrant fruit juice! Yum! 

I found that this product actually does everything it claims to do! I use it on a daily basis to blow dry  and straighten my hair and every time I use it I notice that my hair is a lot softer. It gives a very sleek look, gives it a nice shine and of course gets rid of all that horrible frizz! It doesn't make your hair feel heavy or sticky and it doesn't make it look greasy either. But make sure you don't spray too much as a little bit goes a long way with this (trust me! I made that mistake! Ha ha!)

I'd highly recommend this product if you're looking for something that will protect your hair and give it a sleek, frizz-free look. I think it's a great product and it's only €4.79! Bonus!!

As well as the heat protectant, I've also been loving the Smoothly does it curl defining mousse. It can be used to create defined curls or a smooth, sleek style when used with a hair straightener. The main reason I picked it up was because I wanted to start using less heat on my hair where possible -  So instead of using a curling wand I can just pop a bit of this in my hair and I'm good to go. 

I think this is a great alternative to a curling wand. I just apply a small bit on to the ends of my hair and scrunch up my hair and I'm left with beautiful, natural looking waves. It doesn't feel heavy or weigh my hair down.  It also makes my hair feel incredibly soft - much softer that the heat protectant. The one thing I didn't like about this mousse is that it made my hands feel stickier than other ones I've used. It has a good, non-flimsy pump which made it easy to use and there was no need to use hairspray as the curls stayed in place until I brushed them out at night. It has a lighter smell than the heat protect - It smells sweet and it smells quite like a fruity bubble bath. Yum! ;-) 

I'd recommend this product if you're looking for something to give you natural looking, frizz-free curls. And it's cheap as chips too! It's only €5.09 so, it won't break the bank ;-). 

Have you used any of these before? If so, what did you think of them?

Thanks for reading!

Cliona xx


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Baking // Cute Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday :-). So as promised I have some yummy treats to share with you today ;-). I found a picture of  mini Victoria sponge cakes on Pinterest and I thought they were so cute. So I just HAD to make them and I was really impressed with them - They turned out so well and they went down well with my family! They were really quick and easy to do and of course, they tasted yummy too! And of course, I couldn't make something so delicious and not share them with you.

To make them:

These were probably the easiest thing I've ever made. All I had to do was bake some basic vanilla cupcakes, spread buttercream icing on half of them and jam on the other half and sandwich them together. Easy Peasy! 

I hope you liked this post! I know it was short (and sweet! See what I did there ;-) Ha ha!) but I just felt that this post didn't need much writing as pictures can speak a thousand words!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening :-)

Cliona xx


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Outfit Of The Day | Leaf Printed Jeans

I decided to do a quick outfit of the day post today. I quite liked my outfit and I thought maybe you lovely lot might like to see it? If you follow me on Instagram then you'll have probably already seen these jeans. I dug them up, out of my summer box and I fell in love with them all over again! These are probably my favourite pair of 'Summer jeans' that I own. I absolutely love the leaf print and the colours are to die for! I didn't wear them that much last summer because I bought them towards the end of August and I didn't really feel comfortable wearing them in the Autumn. I mean, it would have been fine to wear them in the Autumn, after all they have leaves on them! But for some reason I just prefer to wear darker clothes (comfort zone alert!) in the Autumn/ Winter.

(excuse the squinting in the middle picture - It was so bright! ;-) Ha ha!)  

Jeans - Zara 
Jumper - Penneys
Sandals - Penneys
Necklace - Mi Moneda 
Watch - Fossil
Sunglasses - Penneys

By the way, how strange was the weather today! One minute it was really nice and sunny and the next it was lashing rain! Although I didn't have to spend much time in it (thankfully!) because I was really busy today - Some of my family came over for a visit, I baked mini Victoria sponge cakes for them (I'll have a blog post up about those tomorrow, don't worry! Ha ha!) and I spent a large portion of my day writing up posts for when I'm away in Portugal next week. I'm so excited for it as I haven't been on a sun/ beach holiday in aaages! It should be good fun :-).

What did you get up to today? I hope you a had lovely saturday,  whatever you did! And I hope you liked my outfit :-). 

I'll be back tomorrow with another post. Bye for now! 

Cliona xx

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fashion Favourites // The Skull Scarf

I've been obsessed with wearing skull scarves lately! And it would be wrong to go through a fashion phase without blogging about it, am I right? ;-) First of all, I'm a scarfaholic (just putting that out there! Ha ha!) - I love them and I wear them the majority of the time. Whenever the weather starts to get a bit warmer I love swapping out my heavier scarves for lighter ones. I love wearing printed scarves as they just add a nice bit of detail to an outfit, there so stylish looking and they keep you cosy when it's a bit cool out.

The skull scarf is definitely my favourite type of patterned scarf. They were very popular a few years ago but now they are a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. As you can probably tell from the pictures below, that celeb's love them too. And no, these are NOT Alexander McQueen (In my dreams! Ha ha). The black one is from H&M and the grey one is from Penneys, would you believe? I love the material of them - they're so soft and lightweight! I had a look on Pinterest for some inspiration and I found lots of different ways to wear them. One way that I discovered, is pairing it with shorts which i never really thought of before, but it looked so nice that I think I might wear it on holidays. My favourite way to wear them at the moment is with jeans, a plain t-shirt and a leather jacket. A white one is next on my wish list! I'd also love a pink one too! The Alexander McQueen scarves range from €185 - €395 but you can get a very similar one (in my opinion anyway) in H&M for only €9.95. Bargain!!

Here is some of my scull scarf inspiration.....

(These images are taken from google images)

What do you think of scull scarves? Would you wear them? 

Cliona xx


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

April Non-Beauty Favourites + My New Blog Design!

Hi all! I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I know I enjoyed having an extra day to have a lie in ;-). My weekend consisted of buying the last bits for our holiday in a weeks time and a lot of relaxing (after all, that's what bank holiday weekends are for! Ha ha!). For today's post (And it's a long one! I'd grab a cup of tea if I were you. Ha ha!) I wanted to share the second half of my April favourites.  I loved way too many things to fit them all into one post and I didn't want to leave anything out so, I decided to do two separate posts.

But before I get started, I need to tell you about my little blog makeover! Ever since I set up my blog I've hated the layout. I'd spent so much time faffing about with it and I just wasn't happy with it. So I asked my brother-in-law to help me out because I'm not that good when it comes to computers and I just couldn't for the life of me figure out all the 'techie' stuff! Ha ha! I think he did an incredible job! It looks great - it's much more organised and neat looking. I liked the grey background but I didn't feel it truly represented my personality. I'm a true girly girl so naturally, I love anything pink and I thought having a pink background would be more suited to my blog. However, the pink backgrounds on blogger aren't that nice but I found a really pretty peach colour and I fell in love with it so, I decided to go for that. I also wanted to add a touch of mint green as I've been loving that colour lately (you can probably tell from the banner on the picture above ;-). That was actually a complete coincidence that it matches my social buttons as I edited these pictures before my blog makeover. Ha ha!).

Overall I'm really pleased with it although I don't think it will ever be perfect (I'm sure all bloggers can relate to this feeling!). Huge thanks to my brother-in-law, Andy for putting up with my un-decisiveness and fussiness ;-) and making my blog look beautiful! Let me know what you guys think of it! I hope you like it too! :-)


I'd never seen either of these movies before would you believe? I'd wanted to see Frozen for ages but I just never got a chance to. But this month I got my act together and finally sat down to watch it. And all I can say is, that it's amaaazing! It's without a doubt the best children's film I've seen in ages and it's my new favourite Disney film! It's such a feel good movie, the music is amazing and it's also really funny. Seriously, Olaf has to be the funniest character ever! "I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs" ;-) (I couldn't resist quoting that! Ha ha!)
 I wasn't actually that pushed to see Silver Linings Playbook if I'm honest. I'm not sure why but I guess, again I just didn't get a chance to see it and then all the hype died down so I wasn't that bothered to watch it. But boy was I missing out big time! I don't really want to say too much about it in case anyone hasn't seen it but I will say that it's an excellent movie! It's an incredible story, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were phenomenal and Robert De Niro's character was hilarious!
They're both definitely worth a watch! I'm actually sick of missing out on great movies so I'm making a promise to myself that the next time an amazing, award winning movie comes out I will NOT be late to the party! You can hold me to that ;-).

Image source:

Tv Show!

At the start of April I finished watching Gossip Girl and I actually didn't know what to do with myself! I was honestly lost without it!! Ha ha! After a while of trying to find a good replacement I came across Suits on Netflix and it looked decent so I gave it a go. It's a funny drama about two lawyers working in a firm in New York City. They are literally like two peas in a pod! ;-) Of course it's nothing compared to Gossip Girl (I don't think I'll ever find anything as good :-( ) but I'd recommend giving it a watch. It's really funny!


If you read my latest outfit post, then you will recognise these beauties ;-). They were my go to accessories of the month! Statement necklaces and round sunglasses are my current obsession in general at the moment and I have a feeling that they're going to be my summer staple! Recently I've been reaching for this necklace a lot. I love it - It's so versatile and I can wear it with nearly anything because the colours are quite neutral (apart from the hint of red). I've been wearing it on a daily basis with a plain t-shirt and jeans. I love this look - the necklace really spruces up an otherwise boring outfit but it still remains casual. These sunglasses were my best purchase I think. ;-) First of all they were only €2! Bargain!! And second they look gorgeous on and they're very trendy. By the end of the summer I'll probably have a drawer full of round sunglasses! Ha ha!

 Yummy treats!

Because it was Easter last month, I couldn't NOT include an easter egg in this post! So here it is, my gorgeous cadbury's flake egg. Cadbury's eggs are definitely the best! My all time favourite is the flake one of course! ;-) I get it every year! As you can probably see I devoured the egg but I still have some flake bars left because I'm savouring them because once they're gone then it means Easter is truly over for another year! (Even though technically easter is over whether I finish my egg or not but for me it doesn't feel like it's over until all of my eggs are gone. Ha ha!). Have any of you still got some of your Easter eggs stashed away? ;-)


And last but not least I read two books in April. The first one I read was a self help book called When Panic Attacks. This was a very different reading experience for me as I normally stick to fiction or beauty/fashion books. I wasn't really sure if I would like it but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. It really opened up my eyes and helped me learn more about anxiety. It also asks you to take part in exercises and activities which I found to be really helpful. There was also stories about people's experiences which I found quite comforting as it's good to know that I'm not the only one suffering from anxiety.
I went back to my comfort zone with a really good fiction book called Looking For Alaska by John Green. I have one word to describe this book - Wow! It was captivating, funny, emotional and very relatable. It obviously isn't as good as TFIOS but it's not too far from it. I actually only started reading John Green's books recently and I just keep thinking to myself "why hasn't his books been in my life before?!". They're just so good! Will Grayson, Will Grayson is next on my list to read. Have you got any book recommendations? I'm always on the look out for a good book!

I hope you enjoyed my April non-beauty favourites. What were your non-beauty favourites for the month of April?

As always, thanks for reading!

Cliona xx

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Monthly Beauty Favourites // The April Edition!

Happy first day of Summer! I hope you all had a nice day in spite of the weather being so atrocious (first day of summer? Yeah right!).  Today I'm going to be talking about the beauty products that I was loving in April.... Enjoy!

Aussie Mega shampoo and Mega Instant conditioner 
First of all I just have to say, that in my opinion Aussie has the best haircare products on the market. I had been looking for a great shampoo and conditioner for years and I could never find anything that did my hair any favours! UNTIL...... I started using this brand last year. If you haven't tried any of their products before then you need to ASAP!

Every now and again I swap my normal shampoo for a clarifying one as there's nothing worse than product build up. I've never tried the 'Mega' range before but after using them for a couple of weeks I was really impressed. They did a great job of giving my hair a much needed deep clean and got rid of all that horrible product build up. I also noticed that my hair looked a little bit shinier after I started using them. It claims to leave your hair feeling extra soft but I didn't notice my hair feeling any softer to be honest! But overall I think they're both great products.

VO5 heat protect styling spray
Another hair product I've been loving is this heat protectant. The only reason I picked this up was because it was so so cheap with it only being €4.79! This had big shoes to fill as my previous heat protectant (toni & guy prep heat protection mist) was amaaazing!  But I was actually really impressed with it! I won't say anything else about it as I'm going to be doing a full review on it along with another VO5 product. So, keep your eyes peeled for that! ;-)

Boots Hand & Nail Cream
I was absolutely delighted with this hand cream! My hands were so dry before I discovered this product. I honestly didn't think it would be great because it's only a cheap aul thing but I was pleasantly surprised! It moisturised my hands without leaving them feeling greasy and it also helped improve the patches of eczema that I had. It has a very light fragrance and there is also a non-fragrant version so, if you're not a fan of strong smelling hand creams then this would be perfect for you.  I use it every night before I go to bed and the next day my hands are left feeling so smooth and soft. And it only cost €1.79! It's definitely one of my best bargain beauty buys!

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear concealer
Unlike the rest of the products I've talked about so far, this is an old favourite of mine. I've been using it everyday this past month (hence the worn off writing! Ha ha!) so I thought it deserved a mention. This is by far my favourite concealer - it blends easily, covers blemishes, redness and dark circles really well and it lasts all day (about 9-10 hours with powder). Although, I wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin (I have combination skin) as I find it sometimes brings out my dry patches. It has a thick, creamy consistency and it's a high coverage concealer, so I find it great to wear without any foundation or BB cream/tinted moisturiser. I absolutely love it and I always repurchase it.

Real Techniques powder brush
This brush is excellent - it picks up the perfect amount of powder so, I can apply my powder with one quick sweep on my face. It's extremely soft and fluffy and non of the bristles shed. It washes easily and dries quickly (Come to think of it, I find that with all of the RT brushes which makes my life a whole lot easier! Ha ha!). I think it's a great brush and I'd highly recommend it!

Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish nail polish in 200 'orange your life'
This has been my go to nail polish this month! It's a really pretty orange colour but it's not too orange (if that makes any sense! Ha ha!). It's actually the nail polish that I'm wearing in this picture but I didn't show it to you properly because it was chipped and that's embarrassing!! Ha ha! Rimmel nail polishes are my favourites - they wear well and they're very affordable. That's all I'll say about this as I've done a full review on (Rimmel nail polishes) before. 

Bourjois Color Boost lip crayon in 'Peach on the beach'
These lip crayons are amazing! I'd highly recommend them if you haven't tried them before. They are so moisturising, glossy, well pigmented and they smell gorgeous too. They also have an SPF 10 so, I'll definitely be bringing these away on holiday with me in two weeks! If you're going to buy one of these then go for the shade 'Peach on the beach'. It's a gorgeous peachy pink colour and it's perfect for Spring/ Summer.

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think of them?
What were your beauty favourites for the month of April?

Cliona x

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