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Friday, 22 August 2014

La Roche Posay Toleriane riche moistruiser & dermo-cleanser

Once again I'm talking about skincare products here on, surprise surprise. I can't help it, ok? I just love skincare products so much! I even have a whole basket full of them which you might have seen on my Instagram but I'm slowly making my way through them and today I have not one product but two to review.

I bought both of these as my eczema had flared up and my skincare products at the time were irritating it. All of the products in the Toleriane range are made with a minimum amount of ingredients and they are perfume, preservative and paraben free so they sounded very promising and my irritated skin begged me to give them a try. I have one very positive and one not so positive review for you today. I was initially only going to write the positive review as I don't really like writing (or reading for that matter) negative reviews but I decided to include it anyway because I think sometimes it's ok to share what you don't like as sometimes I like to keep the bad things in mind as well as the good when I'm buying a product.

La Roche Posay Toleriane riche moisturiser

La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche €17.99 -
I'll get the not so good review over with fast so we can delve into the good stuff. Save the best for last and all that.

It comes in a small tube which was handy for throwing into my makeup bag but in saying that, I do think the price is a little steep considering you only get 40ml of product and I can't say it was worth it either. It has a thick creamy texture so a tiny amount really does go a long way. It claims to soothe the skin which I agree with - It soothed my eczema but it didn't quite sink into my skin and it left a greasy film. Not cool.

Even though I personally didn't like this I still thought I'd mention it because you never know it may just work for you and sometimes it's nice to see why people didn't like a product. I'd say this would be good for dry skin types but oily skinned gals stay away at all costs!

La Roche Posay Toleriane dermo-cleanser

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser €14.29 -
Lets start with the packaging - It's the standard blue and white theme that all of the LRP products have and this particular bottle is slim, light and quite compact making it ideal for travel. The 200ml bottle lasted me about five weeks and I used it both morning and night.

Moving on to the product itself, it has a lightweight milky formula that is very gentle on the skin. I use this in both the morning and evening and I apply it to damp skin, massage a small amount onto my face and then remove it with a muslin cloth. It could also be used with a cotton wool pad but I find the muslin cloth method to be more effective for removing dirt.
Speaking of removing dirt and makeup, this does a great job at doing so. I normally use it after I've removed my makeup with some micellar water but for review purposes I also used it to remove my makeup to see how well it worked. I found that you needed to apply and rinse off about two or three times to remove every single trace of makeup. So I personally think that it works best by using a makeup remover first. It removed eye makeup too without stinging the eye area and under my eyes are quite sensitive so they usually get quite sore but this didn't cause any irritation to my eye area whatsoever.

I also noticed that I had a lot less breakouts whilst using this and my skin didn't feel dry or tight after I used it which was the problem I was having with my previous cleanser. Result! I'll definitely be repurchasing.

If you have sensitive skin then I'd highly recommend the cleanser, it's just lovely. Even though I have quite dry skin, I also have a very oily t-zone so the moisturiser just didn't agree with the oily parts of my face but I'd say it'd be nice for just dry skin types - It did wonders for my dry, flaky skin and it would have been a great moisturiser if only it didn't leave my face looking and feeling like a big grease ball.

Have a lovely relaxing weekend!

Cliona xx


  1. I love that cleanser. It was pretty much the only thing my skin could tolerate when I had a terrible allergic reaction. Thanks for giving an honest opinion on the moisturiser. Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

    1. It's great, isn't it? I love using it when my eczema flairs up! Thanks for reading x

  2. I really want to try out the cleanser :) your reviews are so true and honest love it

    Jennos Health.

    1. Thanks so much! And you should, it's lovely :-) x

  3. I love effaclar duo! X

    1. I love Effaclar duo too! Such a lovely product. La roche posay have some really nice products. They're one of my fave skincare brands xx

  4. I really need to try La Roche-Posay! I've heard so many good things!

    1. They have some lovely products! I love the Effaclar duo as well x


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