A Whole Lot Of Empties!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Empties / products I've used up

Hi ladies! I've been collecting empty products for quite some time and yesterday when I was sifting through the bag I was shocked at the amount of them. I thought it was definitely time to do an empties post. It's long over due. Before I started blogging I didn't realise the amount of products that I use up on a regular basis. It's kind of obsessive but I can't help loving beauty products (#bblogger problems). Anyway, here are the products that I've used up recently...

Empty products

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion
This body moisturiser has been a firm favourite of mine for years now, I just love it. First of all it smells amaaazing. The scent is shea butter and warm vanilla and it smells good enough to eat. What I love most about it is that it's so quick drying and easily absorbed. Recently I picked up the body butter version of it and that one is lovely too. And for €4.99 you can't really go wrong.

Would I repurchase? Most definitely! I've been repurchasing this for years and I still love it.

Radox Nourish Shower Cream
As I said in my last empties post (that feels like a life time ago now), I love the Radox shower creams. They lather up nicely, leave my skin feeling clean and they smell lovely too. These shower creams are actually one of the few shower washes that I can use because for some reason my skin gets red and itchy with most shower washes that I've tried (I think I might be allergic to a certain ingredient in them). However, these don't have that effect on my skin and they're really affordable. So it's a win win. They cost €2.59 but they're currently half price in Boots. Oh Boots, you are such a bad influence.

Would I repurchase? Yep, I sure would!

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser
This is a lazy girl's (much like myself) dream moisturiser. All you have to do is pop a bit on whilst in the shower after you've washed off your normal body wash. It only takes about a minute to apply and wash off, very minimal effort required and no waiting around for it to dry. It left my skin feeling quite soft, not as soft as a proper moisturiser so I don't use it daily but it's perfect for when I'm in a lazy mood or in a rush. There is currently €1.50 off these in Boots. *Runs to Boots and grabs ten bottles*

Would I repurchase? Yes. In fact, I already have another one on the go and I also have a backup. That's how much I love it.

E45 hand cream and Seventeen concealer

E45 Moisturising Hand Cream
This hand cream is my best friend whenever my eczema flairs up. I can usually use any type of hand cream whenever I don't have any eczema but when the pesky skin condition flairs up I immediately have to switch to this because other products tend to sting the area of concern. This doesn't treat my eczema - I use the E45 treatment cream for that - but just soothes it and doesn't cause any further irritation. As well as soothing eczema this is great for when I have dry, chapped hands. It moisturises and rehydrates my hands, leaving them soft and supple. Usually, in the winter or if I've been over washing my hands they get so chapped that they sometimes bleed (it's a pain like no other!) but this sorts the problem after a couple of uses. I can't thank it enough! It's a little bit greasy so I usually just use it before I go to bed,  but it's something I can live with it because it's just so good. It's also really long lasting, I notice that my hands don't ever start to feel dry until the next night. This is definitely one for the night stand during the winter months (not long now ;-)) for dry, chapped hands. I just love it!

Would I repurchase? Yes, definitely!

Seventeen Miracle Matte Concealer Stick
This isn't the best concealer I've tried I must say. It has medium coverage and it covered spots and redness well but I found that it clung to dry patches, not a good look. I used the shade 'fair' and it was an excellent colour match, it was easy to blend and it lasted all day too.  I was impressed with the coverage and the staying power but the fact that it clung to dry patches put me off it.

Would I repurchase? No

Skincare empties

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Ultra-hydrating Rich Cream
This was a total hit n' miss product for me. I needed a new moisturiser, this was on offer so into the boots basket it went. Because of my eczema, I'm often left with very dry flaky patches so this moisturiser sounded promising. But it did nada for my skin - It didn't moisturise or hydrate my skin very well and I was still left with awful flaky patches. Another thing I didn't care for was the greasy residue it left on my skin (Ew!) and it only lasted about two weeks - Eh, hello Garnier? Am I made of money? That'll teach me for buying a product that I didn't do any research on beforehand, NEVER AGAIN I tell you!

Would I repurchase? That'll be a no!

Garnier Simply Essentials Cleansing Lotion
Before I purchased the Garnier micellar cleansing water, (post about it here) I used to use cleansing lotions to remove my makeup; the ones from Garnier being my very favourite! I find that this is a really effective method of removing my makeup as well as micellar waters. I love that this lotion not only cleanses my skin but it also leaves it feeling so soft, like you've put moisturiser on! It's so gentle on my skin and it even removes eye makeup. I love it. The 'fresh essentials' version is gorgeous too although I think they might have discontinued it because I don't see it around anymore?

Would I repurchase? In a heart beat!

Johnson's Daily Essentials Nourishing Day Cream For Dry Skin
This is a gorgeous lightweight moisturiser that effortlessly sank into my skin. It's meant for dry skin types but I actually found that it really suited my combination skin - It moisturised and hydrated my dry areas and didn't make my t-zone greasy. It was a sad day when I walked into my local Boots and saw that they were no longer stocking this. Why, Boots, why? :-(

Would I repurchase? Yes 

Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser
This is a really gentle cleanser that removes makeup and other impurities but also leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft. As I have combination skin I sometimes find it hard to get a good cleanser that suits both the oily parts of my face as well as the dry parts but this suited both. It cleansed my skin well and didn't dry out my skin either. Like most Simple products it smells fresh and it washes off easily too. The only thing I quite disliked about this was it foamed too much for my liking. I personally don't really like foaming cleansers - I much prefer creamy, milky cleansers - but if you like foaming cleansers and have sensitive skin then you might just like it!

Would I repurchase? Probably not

Haircare empties

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo 
I try to go as long as possible without washing my hair, I find that when I over wash it I have a serious grease problem and it becomes so heavy and frizzy. My hair is such a chore I just can't wash it more than twice a week. This little product is so handy for those CBA days when I just don't have the energy to wash my hair. I'm a fan of the batiste dry shampoos but I found this scent was a bit overpowering. The only bad thing with Batiste's dry shampoos is that they leave a white residue so you have to make sure you really work it in. We don't want to be going around with the hair of an 80-year-old, now do we? (sorry to all the 80-year-olds out there! I'm sure you have lovely hair ;-))

Would I repurchase? Not this particular one. I love the blush - floral and fruity version.

Aussie Mega Shampoo
As I said before I like to keep as much time between washes as much as possible, so this really helps to get rid of product build up which keeps my locks looking and feeling clean for much longer. I can usually go 4-5 days without washing my hair when I've used this! Amazing. It also smells divine, it's to die for! Aussie's products always seem to fill the bathroom with a gorgeous scent that lingers for hours too, it's just heavenly. Aussie can do no wrong in my books! I've yet to be disappointed with their products.

Would I repurchase? Yep!

I was disappointed that my little quote board wouldn't fit into the photos but to be perfectly honest I'd rather have perfectly sized images ;-) It says 'Live, laugh, love and be happy'. I love positive quotes like that, I keep a folder full of them on my phone and I have a Pinterest board for them too (you can follow me here) and I even have a little book full of positive quotes on my bedside table too. I've been doing up my room since December and I'm still not finished! Perfectionism will be the end of me! But in fairness, it just takes so long to get the small bits right and I don't want to be left with something that I'm not 100% happy with and want to change again in a few months time. I might share a few pictures on here when it's finished if that's something you'd be interested in?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed going through my stash of empties with me and have a lovely weekend. Here's to hoping the sun will make an appearance! 

Have you used any of these products before? What have you used up recently?

Cliona xx

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  1. Great post Cliona, e45 does wonders for my dry skin during the winter

    Jennos Health.

    1. Thank you! I love it too! It's a saviour in the winter x

  2. I love Aussie haircare too! One of the best in the high street. If you're concerned about white residue with batiste, have you tried the coloured versions? I use the brunette one and love it! X

    1. No, I haven't tried those yet. I must give them a go. Thanks for the recommendation xx

  3. I'm so curious about cleansing water! Had no idea that Garnier had one! I also need to add a toner to my list of facial products!!

    1. Yeah, it's really good! For toners I love, garner fresh essentials, sanctuary pore refining toner and boots botanics brightening toner xx

  4. i love E45. great for the skin. lovely post

    1. It's SO lovely isn't it? And thank you for your lovely comment xx

  5. Oh my goodness my hands get so painfully dry too! I'll have to try out that hand cream. Neutrogena makes a good one too. I also want to try out that moisturizer. I'm always on the lookout for new skincare products, but unfortunately I don't think that one is available in the US. :(

    1. Oh no :-( It's pretty hard to find here too! The Origins ginseng moisturiser is lovely and Avene & La roche posay do great moisturisers too x

  6. I feel the same about foaming cleanser, they are just not my friend! Which is a pity because I love Simple products! Oh well. Great post!! We've recently done an empties post, please check it out if you get the chance :)


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