Product Of The Week #4

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Body Shop cocoa butter shower cream
The Body Shop cocoa butter body wash

Hi all and welcome back to 'product of the week'! Can you believe this is the fourth instalment of it? It feels like only yesterday I was typing up the first one, how time flies. On Friday I spoke about my bargain dress so I thought I'd keep the bargain theme going and include another sale buy in this week's 'product of the week' post. I got this cocoa butter shower cream from the Body Shop for €4 reduced from €8. Not bad, eh? I'm quite sad to say goodbye to the summer sales, I always find great little gems but the way this year has been flying along dare I say it, it'll be time for the January sales before we know it.

Right, I think that's enough yapping on about time flying. I sound like an old lady. Ha! Anyway here's how I got on with The Body Shop cocoa butter shower cream:

Scent - I originally wanted to pick up the shea version of this but I must've grabbed this one by an accident. I was disappointed to say the least as shea is my all time favourite scent, if a product contains shea butter then I'm guaranteed to love it. But I kept an open mind about the cocoa butter version but unfortunately it just didn't float my boat. The smell was too strong for my liking and quite overpowering. It kind of had a more sugary vanilla scent than cocoa butter in all honesty. Sorry Body Shop but I'm not a fan!

Packaging - Simple, compact and fuss free, just what I like. We don't have much space in our shower to store things so the Body Shop have really made my life a whole lot easier with this design. Even though I love the radox shower gels their bottles are just a bit awkward and big - they always end up falling on to my toes but luckily this fits nicely in my shower so no more sore toes. THANK GOD.

Texture / consistency - It has a lightweight creamy texture and I think it looks a lot like custard! It lathers quite well but not as good as others. If you're looking for something very foamy then I'd recommend the S&G sugar crush or Radox shower washes.

How well it worked - It left my skin feeling clean and it didn't strip the skin of it's moisture. It also left my skin feeling soft and smooth so this is a good 'un for us dry skinned gals. I have very sensitive skin and products often break my skin out in rashes or eczema but this body wash did nothing of the sort. That's probably down to the fact that it's soap-free.

So there we have it, my thoughts on The Body Shop cocoa butter shower cream. Now it's time for that all important question; would I recommend it? I'd definitely recommend this body wash if you like strong, sugary scents. I personally didn't like the smell at all so for that reason I won't be picking up this version again however I might just go out and buy another scent as the body wash was rather lovely.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening <3

Have you tried any of the Body Shop shower creams? If so, which scent is your favourite?

Cliona xx

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  1. Oooo, the shower cream sounds delightful... this is my favourite Body Shop smell too :)


    1. It was lovely! I really want to try some of their other scents too. Thanks for reading x

  2. I actually use the raw cocoa butter to moisturise and you get the cleanest shave! great job

    Jennos Health.

  3. Oooh I love cocoa butter products, I've never tried the Body Shop range though, I think I'll definitely have to take a look next time I'm in town :) Danielle xx

    1. Yeah, the body shop have some lovely products. Love their vitamin e hydrating toner! You can get a card that gives you 10% off, you have to pay for it though but definitely worth it if you're in there all the time like me. Hehe! x

    2. Hi Sweetie I suffer from eczema as well. Can you please tell me which one you use that keeps your skin soft and moisturized please include which wash and moisturizer. Thanks!!


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