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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Top ten tag

It's been so long since I've done a tag post but fear not as I have a super fun one to share with you today. This tag was created by the lovely Jessica and I was so delighted when she tagged me to take part in her brand spanking new tag post. Her blog is great and she's such a lovely person! So thanks Jessica! 

The rules are very simple and they go like this:
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1. Foundation 
I'm not really a huge fan of foundation, I'm more of a tinted moisturiser and bb cream kind of girl but one foundation that managed to steal my heart was the Revlon nearly naked foundation. This lightweight foundation gives a nice bit of coverage whilst still looking very natural. It's perfect for creating a "no makeup" makeup look or just your everyday makeup routine. Can't recommend it enough!

2. Powder 
My favourite powder is cheap but definitely a cheerful one and it's the Rimmel stay matte powder. My battle with shine is the biggest bane of my life due to having an incredibly oily t-zone but with this stuff shine doesn't stand a chance. And with it only costing €5.99 it's a total steal! My wallet thanks me for this one.

3. Concealer  
That would definitely be the cult beauty blogger favourite, Collection lasting perfection concealer. It gives great coverage and doesn't cake. Love it!

4. Blush 
 Hands down Dandelion by Benefit! It's just perfect for my fair complexion - It looks very subtle on the cheeks and it gives the skin a nice healthy glow. (Review here)

5. Bronzer
I'm a complete blush fanatic and I'll try lots of them until I'm blue in the face but when I find a good bronzer I tend to stick to it. The one that I absolutely LOVE is the Bourjois chocolate bronzer. The tiny gold flecks in this bronzer give a gorgeous subtle glow to the skin and not to mention it smells like chocolate. Divine.

6. Highlighter 
My highlighter of choice would have be the No7 instant radiance highlighter. It's texture is smooth and creamy so it is a dream to apply and I love that it comes in stick form making it easy for on the go touch ups. I apply this to my cheekbones, brow bone and cupid's bow and it gives my face a lovely subtle glow - It's love.

7. Mascara 
Applying mascara is always my favourite step of my makeup routine. And one that makes that experience so much more enjoyable is the Rimmel Lash accelerator mascara.

8. Eye shadow 
Before a couple of weeks ago I would have said the Revlon colour stay quads were my favourite eyeshadows but there's a new kid on the block; the l'oreal colour riche l'ombre pure eyeshadows. Nude 204 is my current favourite!

9. Brows 
 Seventeen Brows That! brow kit is my choice.  A lovely little product to achieve defined yet natural eyebrows, I love it! Plus I always get great compliments on my brows when I use this. So this definitely will be staying put in the makeup bag.

10. Lip product 
Ooh this is quite a hard one seeing as I chop and change my lip products like there's no tomorrow but I'd probably say the Revlon matte balms are my favourites. But I also love the Bourjois colour boost crayons and the Rimmel Lasting finish lipsticks with 'Peach on the beach' being my fave from Bourjois and 'Nude pink' from the Rimmel lipsticks. I'm also partial to a liquid lipstick or two and for those I love the apocalips offerings from Rimmel. So much for picking just one, ha! If you're a lip product fanatic like me then you might enjoy my post about my favourite lip crayons ;-)

I hope you loved this tag as much as I did! I've tagged a couple of people down below but do feel free to do this tag if it floats your boat ;-)

I tag:

1. Kate

2. Michelle

3. Lucy

4. Leigh-Ann

What are your top ten products?

Cliona xx

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  1. Great post! Foundation really is a lot of people's number one x

    Jennos Health.

  2. Thank you for tagging me sweet! Lovely post! The bourjous bronzer is one of my faves too!xx

    1. No problem lovely! Can't wait to read your post x

  3. Love this post, thanks for the tag beautiful. I will do it soon x

    1. No problem hun! I hope you like it as much as I did xx

  4. Great post! Love this tag! xx


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