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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Body Scrub
Soap & Glory The Breakfast Body Exfoliator review
Soap & Glory Breakfast Body Scrub Review

A new week means it's time to discuss details of a new favourite product and this week it's all about The Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub. I picked this up a while ago in Boots in a 3 for 2 offer (of course! Who can resist?) as my usual favourite, Sugar Crush scrub was out of stock. Sugar Crush still remains my all time favourite due to that unbeatable scent (heaven in a tub, I tell ya) but this is definitely a close second.

You're probably sick of me talking about dry flaky patches at this stage but seriously they're the bane of my life. WHY MUST MY SKIN BE SO DRY?! Any product that makes my skin feel smooth and doesn't further dry out my skin is my hero. And that's exactly what this little scrub is, my hero. So long dry flaky skin and hello smooth skin.

Let's start off with the scent, here we have a lovely sweet (but not a sickly kind of sweet) sugary scent that smells a lot like maple syrup - Yum! It's packed with yummy ingredients such as oats, sugar, shea, organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts so it's no wonder it smells good enough to eat. But don't eat it though! I'm not kidding, it says that on the tub..... Oh Soap & Glory, you do amuse me.

Consistency wise it's a lot grittier than the sugar crush but it's not as abrasive as other scrubs which suits my skin better because those type of scrubs tend to make my skin red and irritated after use. It's also a lot more thick and solid than sugar crush which is actually slightly on the runny side. Not as much falls off with this one and you only need a small bit to scrub the whole body. I use it twice a week in the shower before shaving as it gives a closer shave and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.

Have you tried this body scrub? What's your product of the week?

Cliona xx


  1. This sound so good, I have only tried scrubs with sugar but I will defiantly have to test it out ^^

    Z ♥

    1. Ah you should! It's so lovely! I'd also recommend the Sugar crush scrub - so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog x

  2. I really need to try one of the Soap and Glory body scrubs... I'm a bad beauty blogger haha :)

    1. They're amazing - you'll love them! Thanks for your comment xx

  3. Having used both Sugar Crush and Breakfast Scrub I must say I prefer Sugar Crush as it leaves my skin feeling softer- but Breakfast Scrub smells good enough to eat too!!!

    Rachel | Beauty & The Bird


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