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Saturday, 6 September 2014

After a two month hiatus the monthly favourites are back and ready for action. I wasn't really feeling inspired to write monthly favourites posts in the last few months but this month I got my mojo back. I'll tell you one thing though, choosing just a few products was a very hard task as I was loving so much this past month. I could have easily included about twenty products in this post! Okay, slight exaggeration but still, I could have included quite a few more but I managed to narrow it down to eight. From makeup bases to a pretty pink blush to some dehydrated skin essentials here are my monthly favourites.....

This month my skin has not been in the best of conditions; hello spots! Because of this I have been reaching for The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. This does a great job of evening out my skin tone and covering the few red patches I have on my cheeks and around my nose. As much as I love this, I would have to disagree with the 'flawless' part as you do still need concealer to cover up spots. Although it doesn't completely cover spots (which was what i was expecting from it. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high. ha!) it is good for blemished skin as it contains tea tree oil which is good for clearing up spots. It's safe to say that I did notice my skin had a lot less breakouts when I switched my other BB cream for this. It has quite a thick creamy texture but it still feels really light on the skin. It gives a light coverage and the staying power is quite good too. I love it and I'd definitely recommend it for any girls who have blemish prone skin.

My next two makeup favourites are both from the Rimmel counter and they are the Wake Me Up concealer and the Stay Matte powder. I use the concealer under my eyes to conceal my dark circles and to brighten up the eye area. I find that it blends well and it doesn't crease. I also use this on it's own when I don't fancy wearing the BB cream as it's fantastic at covering the redness around my nose and on my cheeks. As for the powder, it keeps shine at bay for a good 5-6 hours, it feels light on the skin and it's cheap as chips too. Win, win, and win.

I won't bore the socks off you by harping on about my love for Benefit's Dandelion Blush as I have spoken about it before but basically it's just a beautiful light pink blush which I am very much in love with. (Full post here incase you're interested)

At this stage you know me and my skincare. One word. Obsessed. So naturally it would be wrong of me to not include at least one skincare product in my monthly favourites. Well, I've done even better than that today because I have TWO skincare products to share with you. First up is, Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster. This is a hydrating serum which contains hyraluronic acid which helps to lock in the skin's moisture. It absorbs into the skin instantly and leaves it feeling hydrated and plump. It also makes my skin look a lot more radiant and I even noticed that it helped fade some of my blemish marks too. It's just brilliant! Sadly, it's nearly all gone and at €32.50 a tube it doesn't come cheap *cue the sad violin music* I also talked about this in one of my 'product of the week' posts if you're interested.

The next skincare product was not only an August favourite but it was a firm favourite for the majority of the summer especially during the heat waves. Normally I don't buy such gimmicky things as at the end of the day it's just water in a can but however my skin was slightly irritated due to my eczema flaring up so I bought lots of gentle, soothing products to try to help calm it down. And it did just that. No more red, sore, itchy, irritated skin. It's also worth mentioning that it hydrates the skin. Using this along with Hydraluron has been keeping my skin hydrated and lovely.

For hand and nail products I've been using the Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream which I mentioned in a previous 'product of the week' post and the Seventeen Gel Colour nail polish in 'Razberrito'. I won't say too much about either product as I've reviewed the hand cream before and I'd like to review the nail polish in the next few weeks. The nail polish is a gorgeous coral colour and it's chip resistant too. I'm excited to share more on that soon.

There's an outfit post coming your way tomorrow so stay tuned for that! I know I said that Friday would be my day for posting outfit pictures but Sunday seems to have become the day for them instead. Ah well, I'm just gonna roll with it!

Goodnight and see you tomorrow!

What products have you been loving this month? 

Cliona xx


  1. This Rimmel Stay Matte is a holy grail product in my makeup collection, I've also recently tried out the Wake Me Up Concealer and I'm still on the fence about it, I just find the line very yellow toned and I'm very neutral/pink toned!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Bloglovin'

    1. The powder is lovely, isn't it? Yeah, they're all yellow toned except for True Ivory. Have you tried that one? x

  2. I have the exact same BB cream :) I love it.. it's great to see it featured on blogs!

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? I'm loving the body shop's products at the moment x

  3. I love everything!! The stay matte powder is my holy grail and i have no idea what i would do without it, i can't believe how cheap it is for the quality!
    Great post my love!!
    Lauren xx

    1. I know, it's incredible! Thanks for reading x

  4. i havent tried any of this but i sure will, nice post.

  5. i love benefit's dandelion blush, for me it's just the perfect everyday shade :)



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