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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Skincare empties

My pile of finished product seems have to gotten a bit out of hand.... That's what happens when you're too lazy to photograph them. Oops! But lesson well and truly learned. Anyway, let's gooo......

Let's just ignore the fact that the skincare hoarding is getting a bit out of hand..... Firstly, we have my favourite makeup remover, Garnier Micellar Water (review here). This beauty must-have removes makeup quickly and easily, is kind to sensitive skin and is a whole lot cheaper than it's twin Bioderma. 

Next up we have two offerings from Sanctuary Spa: The Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash and the Pore Refining Toner. I really enjoyed using the cleanser; It removes makeup really well, is gentle, leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh and has a lovely scent but the only downside is, it's a little drying so it's not ideal for during the colder months when my skin is oh so dry. The Pore Refining Toner leaves the skin feeling fresh, comes in a spray bottle for instant refreshment and there's no tight feeling at all.

La Roche Posay have some great quality products that are a fraction of the price of high end skincare. Take the blogger favourite, Effaclar Duo+ or as I like to call it the miracle worker. Whenever I use this I always get less breakouts and it helps fade blemish marks. My skin also looks a lot clearer and my pores look smaller too. I've heard quite a few bad reviews of this so that's something to keep in mind if you are thinking of purchasing it. The other two LRP offerings are both from the Toleriane range: Toleriane Riche soothing protective cream and Toleriane Dermo-cleanser. I didn't like the moisturiser all that much as it left a greasy residue on my skin but the cleanser is really calming so it's lovely to use when I have breakouts or eczema.

Avene is another French pharmacy brand and the products I've been loving from them are, Hydrance Optimale light hydrating cream and their Soothing Hydrating Serum. The moisturiser feels so light on the skin making it a great moisturiser for the Summer and the serum leaves skin feeling soft and plump. Both of these products are very gentle and non-irritating. Both get a big thumbs up from me.


I was quite sad to say goodbye to the Dove Purely Pampering body cream. As the name would suggest it's deeply moisturising resulting in super soft skin and it's quite possibly the quickest drying moisturiser in all the land. If you're on the hunt for a new body moisturiser then I'd highly recommend heading down the Dove aisle next time you're in Boots. Aw Sugar Crush, another little gem I'm sad to have to throw away *Sad face* This pot of joy will not only scrub away dead skin cells and any unwanted bumps leaving skin smooth as a baby's bum but it's also quite moisturising probably due to the almond oil. 

Living with dry skin can be a nightmare sometimes, no forget that, make that ALLL THHE TIIME. So I'm always beyond happy when I find a product that actually works at nourishing thirsty skin. I love e45 but it's quite greasy making it less than ideal for during the day use. Ain't nobody got time for waiting around for hand cream to dry so that's where this Boots Hand and Nail Cream for dry skin comes in. It has a thick formula that deeply nourishes my lámha (the Irish for hands) and also absorbs pretty quickly without leaving a slimy residue. 

Another dry skin saviour comes in the form of Nivea's Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter. Not only does it smell delicious but it works a treat for dry lips. Very moisturising with no added grease. Lovely stuff.

Moving on to the only makeup item, Catrice All Round mascara in ultra black will add amazing volume and length to your lashes in just two coats. Not only that, it also adds a lovely curl to the lashes. Who needs an eyelash curler when you've got this mascara? Life just got a whole lot easier people!

What products have you finished recently?

Cliona xx


  1. Lovely post! Lately, I have finished my Aveeno moisturizer, Batiste dry shampoo, and Aussie 3-Minute hair treatment. Which reminds me! I have to stock up!


    1. Ooh what's the Aveeno moisturiser like? I've wanted to try something from them for ages! I love Batiste dry shampoo and Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment too! Thanks for reading x

  2. I've just started using the Garnier Micellar water - it's really nice for taking make up off! I've finished off a few bits recently - my beloved hydraluron serum and a Garnier moisturiser - maybe I'll save them for an empties post!
    Francine from The Graduate Goddess xx

    1. The micellar water is so lovely, isn't it? I'm nearly finished my hydraluron serum - I hate finishing expensive products! It breaks my heart :-( I'd love to read an empties post from you! I'm a sucker for them - they're my favourite posts :-) x

  3. The lip butter is fab especially during the winter months!

    Jennos Health.

    1. I completely agree! I need to pick up a few more!! Thanks for reading Jenny x

  4. I've never actually invested in a body exfoliator before but I like the sound of the sugar crush one so I think it's time to make a purchase... Great post! xo

    1. They're amazing! Soap and Glory definitely have the best ones! I also love 'the breakfast scrub' Thanks for your nice comment x


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