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Monday, 13 October 2014

Product of the week - wet brush
The Wet Brush Review

Another Monday, another new product. Although we're kind of bending the rules of 'product of the week' as a hairbrush probably doesn't count as a product as such but none-the-less it's what I've been loving this week. Let's crack on with the details, shall we?

The Wet Brush* has thin flexible bristles that are designed to brush through tangles in wet hair without damaging the hair. As someone who has very thick, tangly hair (in other words the hair of a 5-year-old), I've struggled to find a good brush that won't damage wet, brittle hair but will still get all the knots out without having to reef the hair out of my head with a comb. A couple of years ago I started using the famous Tangle Teezer and it was the best thing my wet hair has ever seen..... until it met the Wet Brush that is.

It literally glides through the hair and gets rid of knots in just one or two goes rather than having to vigorously brush the knot several times. A lot of people said that it was great for dry hair too but personally I would have to disagree. Like I said before, my hair is thick and gets quite tangly and whenever I used this on dry hair it pulled at my hair a lot more than the Tangle Teezer. It probably depends on the hair type but if you have a similar problem to me then I would recommend using the Tangle Teezer on dry hair. 

The differences between the Wet Brush and the Tangle Teezer are: 
1. The Wet Brush has a handle! Gone are the days of my hairbrush slipping out of my hands every two seconds. Hands up if you've been there before!

2. The Wet Brush has only a small amount of bristles which are a lot more flexible and long whereas the Tangle Teezer has a lot more bristles and they're shorter too. 

3. The Wet Brush has ball tip bristles which perform a gentle massaging action that stimulates hair follicles. They feel so nice on the hair.

4. In my opinion, the Wet Brush is better suited for use on wet hair and the Tangle Teezer for dry hair.

The Tangle Teezer still remains my favourite to use on a daily basis and for when I'm styling it but the Wet Brush is my new companion for after a shower. They're both rather dear at around €15 but so worth it in my book. With the use of both of these bad boys, tangles won't know what's hit them!

See you on Wednesday for a birthday outfit of the day!

Have you tried this brush? What's your favourite hairbrush?

Cliona xx

*This post contains a PR sample


  1. Happy early birthday :) I love the tangle teezer too :)

    Jennos Health.

  2. Really wanna get this brush, I've been using a really cheap €1 for years and it's wrecked at this stage!

    1. You should, it's a great brush! Thanks for reading xx


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