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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Origins ginzing

Winter is creeping up on us very quickly and dull, dry, flaky skin has become a major problem for me. I've been using two energy boosting products from Origins to battle lacklustre skin for the last few months and *spoiler alert* they're both a-ma-zing!

Origins GinZing scrub cleanser
Origins ginzing refreshing scrub cleanser

Refreshing Scrub Cleanser:
I had originally only planned on buying the moisturiser but at the time this cleanser had just been released and I was intrigued to say the least. It's a clear gel with tiny exfoliating particles in it that turns creamy when massaged into the skin. I apply this to wet skin and rub in upward circular motions every morning and follow up with the matching moisturiser. It washes off quickly and easily; I find that splashing water over your face and gently patting dry with a face cloth is the best method. Using a muslin cloth to wipe it off takes a lot longer and I was always left with some of the little beads still on my face.

My skin is quite sensitive so I'm not one for exfoliating everyday but I found this to be very gentle and not irritating at all so it was perfect for everyday use. I tried using it in the evenings after removing the bulk of my makeup with micellar water (review here) but it wasn't great at removing the last traces of dirt and makeup. I had to use another cleanser after to get my skin clean and makeup free and it's not appropriate for use on the eyes so it just ended up being a pain to use in the evenings. But for morning use it was brilliant! My skin was left feeling smoother and makeup was easier to apply. It also looked a lot brighter which is just what I need for the winter months. Even the best manual exfoliators dry out the skin ever so slightly but not with this.

It has quite a hefty price tag at €34.50 but it lasts ages (I've been using it for two and half months and I still have just under half left) and is worth it in my opinion. Best morning cleanser I've come across so far!

Origins GinZing moisturiser
Origins GinZing moisturiser

Energy Boosting Moisturiser:
Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the best moisturiser in the history of skincare. My favourite thing about the ginzing moisturiser is the gorgeous scent of oranges. Even though it's two main ingredients are coffee beans and panax ginseng it smells nothing like either of those, in fact it reminds me a lot of jaffa cakes. Yes, as you can imagine I was VERY tempted to dip my finger in and have a little taste. But I resisted, instead I slathered it on my face and here's what happened.......

It sinks into the skin in seconds and there's never a patch of greasy residue in sight. So so lovely. It has a light gel texture that soothes, refreshes and hydrates the skin leaving it smooth, soft and plump. And of course not forgetting the radiance properties it has, my skin looks brighter and healthier. This is perfect for my combination skin type but as my skin gets very dry in the colder months I do need to use Hydraluron to give it a helping hand. Due to it's lightweight and oil-free formula it also makes for a great makeup base. Is there anything this moisturiser can't do?

And if it's good enough for Nina Dobrev well then it's certainly good enough for me!

The woman at the counter told me that it lasts six months but I'm telling you that was a either a lie to get me to buy it or her skin is very parched because she's only using a minuscule amount. Sales people do amuse me sometimes with their fibs. Despite that it does last a pretty long time as a little bit truly does go a long way. My only issue is that it comes in a tub which isn't particularly hygienic so I would love to see them bring out a tube or pump form as well. Other than that it's absolutely perfect!

Both of these products are very effective and I've noticed wonderful improvements with my skin. The zesty orange scent is so refreshing and it instantly wakes me up on early mornings. Both products feel so luxurious and left my skin feeling a whole lot softer and looking much brighter and healthier. Just wow.

What sensational skincare products have you discovered recently?

Cliona xx

- Origins skincare can be bought in Debenhams stores nationwide or Boots Liffey Valley or Boots online


  1. Replies
    1. I couldn't recommend them enough! Love all of their products so far! Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog! You're too kind xx

  2. I haven't gotten to use the cleanser or the moisturizer, but I LOVE the GinZing eye cream! Seriously the only thing that works on the dark circles under my eyes in the morning. ♡Em

    1. That's great to hear! I have a sample of the eye cream but haven't heard much about it. Must give it a go! Thanks for reading x

  3. I need to try out this range, I personally love Origins moisturisers. x

    1. What ones have you used? I'm thinking of trying out some of their other ranges. The Ginzing range is divine! x

  4. I have terribly dry skin and have heard about this brand before. Now I know what to add to my skin are shopping list, thanks!

    1. They're lovely! You should check out Hydraluron too! It's a dry skin saviour! Thank you for stopping by my blog x


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