POTW {14} - The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The body shop vitamin e toner

Winter is by far my favourite season of all but my skin would most certainly disagree. It may be holly and jolly around but my skin has been feeling very miserable due to the harsh cold weather. Lately I've been drawn to any skincare product with the word 'hydrating' on it like magpies are drawn to shiny things. So with that in mind, today's little 'hydrating' gem comes from the Body Shop....

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner is a clear thick liquid that is alcohol free. It's very rare to find an alcohol free toner but I'm so glad I did as it means that the toner doesn't dry out my skin or cause any tightness like normal toners do. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple. I apply a small bit onto a cotton wool pad after using my ginzing cleanser. A small bit really goes a long way with this and I find that if you use too much it leaves a sticky residue. Not good. Moving onto the scent, and this was something that I wasn't really too keen on. I thought it had quite a strong scent so initially I thought it would be rather harsh on my sensitive skin. But it was quite the opposite - It was very gentle! The packaging is simple but still very pretty with a pink bottle and easy to use cap (oh so important, am I right ;-))

This toner would be ideal for all skin types but it would be particularly great for dry and dehydrated skin types as it leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated instead of dry and tight.

It's a little bit more expensive than the usual toner - €10.95 - but so worth it just for the fact that it doesn't make my skin feel tight.

I'm quite sad writing this post as it's the last 'product of the week' post for 2014 :-( What do you think of these posts? Do you like them? Or should I start a different beauty series for 2015? I'd love to hear your opinion! 

Cliona xx


  1. The Body Shop is amazing! I actually get the organic vitamin E to moisturize sometimes! it helps relieve my eczema :) Great post Cliona x

    Jennos Health.

    1. Their products are fantastic! I hope you have a fab christmas :-) xx

  2. You should definitely keep doing these posts! I think they're great! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Gwen! So glad you like them! Hope you had a wonderful christmas xx


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