Oh So Fluffy & Pink!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Grab your hats and gloves folks, today's style post is a chilly one ........

pink zara coat

Product Of The Week: Lush Magic Wand

Monday, 12 January 2015

Lush magic wand

Put your excited faces on people because I have a lush-tastic product for this week's instalment of 'product of the week'. Now, before we get into the wonderful details of Lush's Magic Wand Bubble Bar I have a little confession to make; I've never really been a huge Lush fan..... *tumbleweed rolls by* ... until NOW that is!

Yep, it's true, I'm now a Lush fan and I have their magic wand to thank for that. As I was wandering down Grafton Street with many shopping bags in my hand the sweet aroma coming from the shop drew me in. At first I was very overwhelmed (TOO MUCH CHOICE!), but in the corner of my eye I spotted this pink beauty and as soon as I saw that it was reduced from €6.50 down to €3.25 it went straight into my basket.

I was shocked to learn that this has the famous Snow Fairy scent as when I took a whiff of the shower gel I found it extremely overpowering and sickly sweet. If you thought that too then not to worry as the scent of the magic wand is much more subtle. It has a sweet sugary bubblegum like scent which fills the entire bathroom and leaves it smelling like a sweet shop for hours.

It's really easy to use - All you need to do is pop it under running water and swish it around until your bath is filled with bubbles galore! Oh and of course, why not make a little wish while you're at it ;-) The little bell rings as you swish it around which just makes it so magical and christmassy. It also turns the bath water pink - Eh hello, it was like it was made for me! I think this is such a clever and fun concept! It's certainly made my bath times a lot more fun!

This product doesn't have any skin benefits like some of their other products but my skin is quite sensitive and I found it to be very gentle and it didn't irritate at all. I was delighted as last year I had a bad experience with a cheap bubble bath - My skin was red and itchy for days!

The only downside is that it's only available at Christmas time *cue the sad violin music* so that means if you love it as much as I do you'd better stock up. Come Christmas time I'll be racing down to Lush to get my hands on some more of these! Lush, I hope you're ready for me ;-)

What's your favourite Lush product?

Cliona xx

4 Motivational Quotes For The New Year

Friday, 9 January 2015

Today I had an unproductive day. I had a big list of things to do but instead I procrastinated all day and got none of those things done. Today I was feeling very unmotivated. The weather was dull, wet and miserable and as I sit here and type I can hear the wind howling, things being blown over and car alarms beeping - Not very motivating or inspiring now is it?

I had a very different post scheduled for today but as I was scrolling through various different quotes on Pinterest, I suddenly felt a burst of motivation and inspiration! I decided to write a spur of the moment post sharing all of my favourite quotes that help motivate and inspire me on a daily basis.

I love quotes, some would say I'm a bit of a quoteaholic. I'm constantly writing new ones down, pinning them on Pinterest and, well, just living by them!

I'm sure we've all set ourselves goals for the New Year and sometimes it can be a bit disappointing if you don't achieve them so I really hope these quotes will help give you some motivation to conquer the world ;-)

1. A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish.

No matter how big or small your goals are you should always make a plan of how you're going to achieve them. Whether it's something small like having a clear-out to getting an A in your Biology exam or whether it's something bigger like running a 10k marathon, you should always make a plan of what steps you're going to take to achieve those goals. 

Last year I tried to overcome my fear of school and start attending classes again but I didn't have a plan so I ended up only going to one class and I never went to another class while I was in 4th year. But then just before 5th year started I sat down and made a plan. I started small and gradually built it up and I'm very happy with my progress. Making a plan was such a good decision!

2. Ask Yourself If What You're Doing Today Is Getting You Closer To Where You Want To Be Tomorrow.

And if the answer is no.... change something! 

It's as simple as that!

You choose the path you want to go down, not anyone else!

3. Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.

I just love this quote! Never giving up is most definitely the key to success! 

There has been lots of times where I've felt like giving up and letting my anxiety win but then I just read this quote several times and it pushes me to keep going. 

We've all fallen down lots of times but it's important to keep getting back up.

4. Be Not Afraid Of Going Slow, Be Afraid Only Of Standing Still.

And I've saved the best one for last! 

Every goal no matter what it is, will take time. Just remember success doesn't happen over night.

Just take your time and you'll get there eventually!

I hope you liked this style of post! It was a very last minute thing but I think they're the best posts really.

What motivates you? And is there any quotes that inspire/motivate you?

Wishing you all the best with achieving your goals!

Cliona xx

What's On The High Street // Superb Sales!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January sales
River Island Polo Neck €8 New Look Pumps €9.20 ~ New Look Coat €38.99 ~ Oasis Knit €15 ~ Warehouse jeans €25

Christmas may be over but the magic of the January sales is still well and truly alive! And of course for today's 'what's on the high street' post I'll be rounding up the best sale items around the web so you can shop till you drop without even moving a muscle. Well, you might need to move your fingers ;-)

Polo necks are all the rage at the moment! Perfect for layering, sophisticated, classy and can be worn lots of different ways - What's not to love? This one from River Island is an absolute steal at only €8!

Next on the hit list are those gorgeous burgundy pumps. I just love the the colour of these and the gold chain would add a nice lil' bit of detail to any outfit. They would look lovely with those Warehouse jeans, the River Island polo neck and a burgundy floppy hat like the one I wore in this outfit post.

Spring may be on the horizon but that doesn't mean we can ditch our wooly coats. Rather, we should start looking towards brightly coloured coats instead of our usual dark dreary coats that we often wear during the Winter. The blush pink coat from New Look would be a fab wardrobe addition for SS15.

Good knitwear can be a hard thing to come by and usually when I do find that perfect jumper it usually costs five times my budget. Because of that, I always think the best time to pick up some new knitwear is usually in the January or Summer sales. I found a great one on Oasis's website for only €15. If the price hasn't convinced you then maybe that gorgeous lilac colour will. Perfect for the Spring/Summer months!

Another thing I always wait to buy in the sales are jeans. Much like knitwear, reasonably priced jeans are like gold dust throughout the year so stocking up whilst they're cheap is a must ;-) And what a bargain I have to share with you today! I spotted these jeans on the Warehouse website the other day and almost fainted (in a good way) when I saw the price; €25! *Takes out wallet and orders 3 pairs*

Have you found any good bargains in the sales?

Cliona xx

Things I love: December

Monday, 5 January 2015

December beauty favourites

Welcome to the first blog post of 2015 here on - Of course we're kicking things off with none other than a good ol' beauty chat. For the past couple of days my brain and I have been very busy coming up with lots of new ideas. I've been on a roll with my ideas for some new series' but one of the things that had been bothering me for a while was the 'monthly favourites posts'. I don't really like doing them every month because a lot of the time most of the products are the same or I've already spoken about them in a 'product of the week' post but at the same time, I like to update you on what I'm loving at the moment. I guess you could say we have a bit of a love-hate relationship.

So I've decided to scrap monthly favourites (not that I was ever consistent with those) and bring in a new little thing called 'things I love'. It's just like monthly favourites except I'll probably only do them every 2/3 months and I never really liked the term 'monthly favourites' so I've made a little name change. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say!

Origins ginzing & L'occitane hand cream

Now that my first ramble of the year is out of the way, let's get started with what you all came here for...... Bring on the beauty stuff!

First up is an oldie but certainly a goodie - Origins Ginzing moisturiser. I've spoken about this a couple of times on my blog and you can read my full review here but if I had to sum up how amazing it is in just a few words here's what I'd say; Moisturises skin like no other without leaving a greasy residue, makes my skin look brighter and smells like jaffa cakes. One word - Amazing! And as you can see this tub is empty so I desperately need to stock up. Would ordering five tubs be a bit excessive? Me thinks not!

The next favourite is an old-school favourite but one I haven't mentioned on my blog yet. I was shopping my stash and I re-kindled my love for the L'occitane Pivoine Flora hand cream. It has a strong floral scent which won't be to everyone's liking but the formula itself is lightweight, absorbs easily and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind. I've been using their hand creams since I was twelve and I still love them to this day!

Origins mascara & L'oreal mono eyeshadows
Maybelline colour sensational glosses

The first of the makeup favourites is this Origins Ginzing Mascara (blog post here). The results this mascara gives is fantastic! It grabs every single lash, separates, lengthens and lifts them giving them fabulous definition. It's a great everyday mascara as it gives a nice natural look.

I've been putting off showing you my L'oreal Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadow in '204 Golden Nude' as I'm quite embarrassed by the fact that it's cracked - Ah well, I guess that just shows you how much I use  it ;-). This is probably the best pharmacy eyeshadow I've ever used. It's a shimmery gold nude that has a very creamy formula and is so easy to blend. I love wearing it on it's own all over the lid - It's so quick and effortless to apply but the end result makes it look like I've put a lot more effort into my eye-makeup than I actually have. If you're a nude eyeshadow lover like myself then you'll love this range as they have a huge range of beautiful nude shades to choose from. Next on my list is 106 Breaking Nude and 201 Cafe Saint Germain!

Another makeup favourite comes from Maybelline in the form of their Colour Sensational Shine Gloss in 'Cashmere Rose'. The formula is to die for - we're talkin' creamy, glides on so smoothly and is not sticky in the slightest. This shade is a beautiful light peachy pink and is such a lovely subtle lip gloss perfect for everyday wear. Oh and not forgetting how nice it smells too - It kind of reminds of bubblegum flavoured chewing gum. I'm so impressed with this lip gloss that I'd even put it into my top 5 lip products ever.

What products have you been loving recently?

Cliona xx

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