Friday, 27 February 2015

Oh look, another new coat - Typical! That's all I seem to be buying lately and here's all of the details of my latest coat love ;-) .......

Houndstooth outfit
Houndstooth coat
Zara houndstooth coat
Floppy hat & houndstooth coat


I know it's not the right season to be getting obsessed with coats but I can't t help it. I just love how effortlessly stylish they are - This outfit would have been very boring if it wasn't for this statement of a coat, that's for sure! It's so funny that my opinion of coats has changed as when I was kid I absolutely hated wearing them. And look at me now... I have a wardrobe bursting with coats!

Back in October I dedicated a whole post to the beloved houndstooth print so you may remember this coat getting a little mention. At the time I didn't buy it as it was way too dear but fast forward to the end of December and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw that it was on sale!

Most of my coats/jackets are from Zara but I think the material of this one feels and looks a lot more expensive than any of the others. I chose to go the casual route with a pair of jeans and my studded pumps from River Island. Alternatively it would look great with a jumper dress and some knee-high boots. I threw on my favourite floppy hat and circle sunglasses to add a girly touch to the look.

It's been a long ol' week and I'm not usually one to 'live for' the weekend but this week I was very much guilty of that. Some weeks are just longer than others, I guess and I've never been happier to see the weekend. It will consist of nothing but relaxation, oh and maybe a little purchase or two ;-)

Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you next week!

Houndstooth zara cape coat
Houndstooth outfit

Cliona xx

Boohoo Lovin'

Monday, 16 February 2015

I've been doing a spot of online shopping and today I'm sharing my latest cosy purchases.....


I have a confession; I'm not a huge fan of online shopping. I know a lot of people love it but for me I just don't get the same thrill. It's a lot more enjoyable to go into the shops but however, there's one shop who may just be changing my opinion of online shopping and that is I've been obsessed with their stock at the moment and my latest purchases consist of this cosy get-up.

Yes, that's right, it's a scarf made of faux fur! All my dreams have come true! To know me is to know that I'm all about the cosiness so naturally I gravitate towards anything with a touch of fur. It's so soft and much like my pink zara coat I can't help but stroke it whenever I wear it. Cue the weird looks from strangers, haha! The second thing I picked up from Boohoo was this grey coatigan. I just love that it's a waterfall style jacket and the stunning boucle material - So chic!  I also popped on a black and gold belt for a more structured look.

In other news: I'm on mid-term break so I'll have lots of time to catch up on some blogging! I started my one-on-one tuition after the christmas break and increased the amount of classes I'm attending so to say I've been busy is an understatement. I'm looking forward to just unwinding and having lots of Netflix days (recommendations would be much appreciated ;-)).

Are you a fan of online shopping?

Cliona xx

What's On The High Street // River Island Lusting

Thursday, 12 February 2015

It's that time again where I pick a few of my favourite pieces from the high street! Today it's all about what's new in to River Island....

Last night I sat down to do my fortnightly pursuing of the all the online shops but I didn't quite make it past the River Island 'New In' section. Too much goodness, I tell you! So I thought I'd roll with it and share a few of my finds here on There was so many things I could've added to this list but then I had to put my realistic pants on, which is never any fun ;-)

In the first row we have a pair that I think would work so well together; Pastel cigarette trousers with a pale blue crochet jumper has Spring simplicity written all over. The florals ain't goin' nowhere and to be honest I don't think Spring fashion would be the same without them. I'm a huge fan of this trend!

If pastels ain't your thing well then the next combo is the one for you! First of the bunch we have a pair of grey smudge print joggers. They're the perfect transitioning piece as the material is light for the S/S but will still keep those pins warm in our unpredictable weather. Paired with the grey slogan jumper it makes for a cool, casual laid-back vibe.

It looks like the blanket cape is here to stay for yet another season. I'm not complaining though as this is another trend that I'm quite fond of. Again the light colours make for the perfect transitional piece - We can swap the black cape for this without having to freeze. Yay for that! Moving onto the dress and I just love the boucle material at the end of it and I surprisingly don't own any a-line dresses. That needs to be fixed straight away!

River Island, you are certainly tempting me! *Quickly hides the debit card*

Have you got your eye on any Spring pieces?

Cliona xx

Body Shop Haulin'

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

You can just imagine my surprise when I walked into the Body Shop to buy one thing and found out they were having a sale. My plan to save in January was instantly discarded as I walked up to the counter with a hand-full of stuff. Ah well, I can just try saving next month instead ;-) ......

The Body shop haul


1. Shea Hand Cream [€5.95]
The reason I went into The Body Shop was to pick up an old favourite, the shea hand cream. It has a lightweight gel formula that nourishes and moisturises the hands leaving them feeling silky soft. The best part about The Body Shop's hand creams? They don't leave a trace of grease behind!  

Because buying just one hand cream isn't enough, oh no, two is essential. For my second one I chose to take things to the sweet/fruity side of things with their Honeymania hand cream. I've become obsessed with these hand creams over the last few days and I'd even go as far as saying that they're as good as the L'occitane hand creams. An obsession may be on the horizon so if you spot me in The Body Shop tell me to back away from the hand creams, ha!

3. All-In-One Instablur Primer [€22.50]
I've only used this a couple of times since I bought it but so far I'm not overly impressed. I was expecting it to completely smooth over my eczema - it covered the redness ever so slightly but you can still clearly notice it (or maybe that's just me being paranoid *Insert see-no-evil monkey emoji*). Maybe my expectations were a little too high but in all honesty for €22.50 I think the price is a little steep for this product. I'll stick with it though and see if it's one of those products that I'll love in time.

4. Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder [€20.50]
I'm not the biggest bronzer fan in the world (blush lovers unite) but I've completely fallen in love with the subtle, natural glow that this gives to the skin. Plus the award for cutest packaging would most definitely go to this beauty. It's so pretty, I could just look at it all day! I can already predict that this will be a firm favourite in my makeup wardrobe.

5. Papaya Body Butter [€10]
Ahh The Body Shop body butters, there's just no beating them! This papaya one has a lovely sweet fruity scent which will be perfect for the summer months! I haven't used these body butters in ages but have recently become obsessed with them once again. Hello silky soft skin! I believe this shade is limited edition (I think it comes out every spring?) so I'd better stock up as I've never smelled anything so nice! I'm thinking I might like the mango one as I'd imagine the scent is kind of similar to this. Have you tried the mango body butter? Let me know what you think of it.

Have you bought anything recently? 
What's your favourite product from The Body Shop?

Cliona xx

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