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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunny days are becoming a regular thing here in Dublin but it's not quite time to ditch the layers just yet. I've been sporting a comfy casual look which consists of this cosy jumper & skirt duo.......... 

Casual outfit of the day
Trainers and skirt outfit
Skirt, trainers & knitted jumper



Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day and there were people out in their summer clothes but I could of sworn there was a chill in the air. It turns out that I was getting a cold because the next day I woke up as sick as a dog :-( So as you can imagine I was freezing and in an attempt to feel warm I pulled out the cosiest jumper and some thick tights.

I'm a huge fan of skater skirts and it's very rare that you'll see me wearing any other type of skirt. They're cute, girly and very versatile. I love that they're high waisted as well which means they go perfectly with crop tops but you can also tuck shirts/t-shirts inside them. However, I've never worn a top over the skirt, I usually stick to my comfort zone of tucking the tops in or wearing a crop top. I always thought it would look unflattering but I decided to give it a go and I was quite surprised. It brought a slouchy casual vibe to the outfit and you all know that casual is my middle name so I wasn't complaining. For even more casual-ness I popped on my Adidas runners.

Casual skirt & jumper outfit
Jumper & skirt outfit

What I wore:

Jumper: New Look ~ Skirt: Bershka ~ Runner: Adidas ~ Sunglasses: Parfois

What have you been getting up to this week?

Cliona xx


  1. I've been playing around with the sweater/skirt combo lately. I was never a huge skirt person, but lately I find myself reaching toward them before my usual summer shorts. I'm loving how you paired them with sneakers, too.

    Z. | J. POTTER

    1. I'm obsessed with skirts at the moment! I've been stocking up on some new ones for the Spring ;-) Thanks for reading x

  2. This outfit is so cute. :)
    I'm so happy the sun is finally making an appearance in London but they're is definitely still a chill in the air, light spring layering is perfect for this time of year.

    Love From Twinkle

    1. Thank you :-) I'm so glad the weather is picking up too! It's making me excited for the summer! x

  3. Such a lovely outfit Cliona! Your outfit posts are seriously on point lately, keep them coming gal :)

    Michelle x

  4. These pictures are stunning!! And I love your cute outfit, particularly the skirt x

    Phoebe’s Diaries


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