A Beginner's Mac Wish List

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

July will be the month I finally try something
from the iconic beauty brand that is Mac! 
Here's what I'm wishing for..........

Beginner's mac wish list


The iconic makeup brand Mac is loved by so many in the beauty industry. However, it's not a brand that I've delved into just yet. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to decide to buy something from there but I'm really excited about it. In fact, I feel like a kid about to write my letter to Santa!

Ah Mac, where to start? I find it so overwhelming - there's just so much choice! I got lots of recommendations from some lovely bloggers during a recent #bbloggers chat and one of the things that was highly recommended to me was their blushers. I'll definitely be picking up an everyday wearable shade that I know I'll get a lot of wear out of. I have my eye on 'Well Dressed'.  Another favourite amongst the blogging community is their eyeshadows. I'm gonna pick up a pro palette and fill it up over time. I feel like that's such an exciting thing to do and I can't wait! For my first shadows I'd like 'Omega', 'Sable' or 'All That Glitters'. 'Amber Lights' also looks fab and it looks like such a lovely Autumn shade. But I might just save that for my second Mac haul ;-)

I'm sure you need no introduction to the next product as their lipsticks are as famous as Kim K. They have many different finishes to choose from and a whole range of shades from bright pinks to statement reds and nudes. There's way too many shades to choose from so I'll definitely need help from the lady at the counter but I'll probably go for a nude. I always wear nudes and just like the blush I'll want something I can wear everyday. Lastly, I'd like to try one of their base products in the form of their pro longwear concealer. It's supposed to be great for under the eyes.

I've also been eyeing up their MSFs (hello 'soft & gentle') but I feel like they would make a good Birthday or Christmas present ;-).

Are you a Mac fan? 
What are your favourite Mac products?

Cliona xx

Party OOTD

Friday, 26 June 2015

Casual party ootd

Summer Pamper Evening Routine

Thursday, 25 June 2015

A relaxing and chilled weekend isn't complete without 
a good old pamper session........

Summer pamper evening


I always start my pamper evenings with a bath and I like to switch my boring everyday shower gel for a more luxurious one and it's almost always one from Soap & Glory. My all-time favourite is their famous sugar crush (read my review here) but there's a new kid on the block known as Orangeasm. The Soap & Glory body washes are my favourite as they lather really well and the huge bottles last a long time. This particular one smells gorgeous, it's light, summery and the orange isn't strong or artificial.

Next, it's time to scrub away until my skin is smooth as a baby's bum. The Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub is amazing at getting rid of pesky dry, flaky patches and it's not too abrasive which is perfect for my sensitive skin. I then popped on a hair mask as my hair was feeling awfully dry. This was my first time to try Herbal Essences and I was very impressed with the quality their Hello Hydration Intensive Mask. It left my hair feeling incredibly soft without making it greasy.

My favourite step of the pamper evening is always the face masks. The first one I used was Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask. I had never tried anything from the brand but I've heard great things about them. This was a recent purchase so I've only used it once but I thought the application was lovely and after my first use my skin felt a lot smoother and it looked noticeably clearer. It also smells like berries - Yum! For a radiance boost I've been loving the Origins Ginzing Refreshing Face Mask. Just like the famous moisturiser (review here) it's infused with panax ginseng and coffee beans to brighten dull skin. This does a great job at illuminating my skin leaving it with a nice glow and it makes my skin feel oh-so-smooth.

I then like to pop on a bit of lip balm and at the moment I'm using the Forever Aloe Lips lip balm. Super moisturising and long-lasting, I hardly need to reapply throughout the day!

Scholl review
Scholl foot cream & serum

Feet Treats:

Whilst my face and hairs masks are working their magic I like to show some love to my feet. You've all heard me complaining about my dry skin before and well, my feet are no different. Dry and cracked (especially the heels) is what I'm dealing with. I definitely don't pay enough attention to foot care as much in the Winter because I'm guilty of thinking "ah sure, no one will see them" ;-) 

However, Scholl kindly sent over some goodies so I had no excuses! First up was their Dry Skin Recovery Cream*. It has a rich creamy formula which sinks in quickly, it doesn't leave a greasy residue behind and it doesn't make your feet overly slippy like other foot creams. After just the first use my feet were noticeably softer. Overall my heels still felt quite coarse and rough but after a week the texture of my feet had transformed! They were so smooth! This cream also smells lovely. Most foot creams I've used in the past have had that horrible strong tea tree smell but this had a pleasant light, fresh smell. I would repurchase this cream as it's really effective, it's low maintenance as it's easy to rub in and it dries quickly {ideal for us lazy girls ;-)}, and it only costs €6.99 so it's a bargain too! What's not to love?

For review purposes I decided to wait a while before I used the Velvet Smooth Intense Serum* and Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File*. I had seen an ad on TV for the Express pedi and I was super excited to try it. I used it on dry feet and went over my feet in circular motions. It was really easy to use but just make sure to not press too hard on it otherwise it will stop. It has a coarse, abrasive file that sorta feels like sand paper. Despite that, it doesn't feel uncomfortable to use and it isn't too harsh on the skin. My feet felt a little rough and there were a few of those white dry patches (ew!) as I stopped using the cream but after a few uses of the express pedi those patches disappeared and I was left with smooth, soft skin. What I love most about it is, it requires little effort, and it's a lot quicker and more effective than a pumice foot file. When using a pumice file/stone I'm often scrubbing my feet for ages and I don't ever see amazing results but I was so impressed with this! The only downside is the price, it costs €49.99 but if you have severely dry skin then it's totally worth the investment!

Next up is their Velvet Smooth Intense Serum* - This contains my favourite ingredient Hyaluronic acid which helps to retain moisture keeping your feet happy and hydrated. It's lightweight gel formula is cooling on the skin so it's perfect for use during the summer after a long day of wearing uncomfortable sandals. It absorbs quickly and it doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. It kept my feet feeling silky soft and it has a lovely natural smell. This is the perfect product for achieving summer ready feet! Love!

I enjoyed testing out all of these products but my favourite was the Dry Skin Recovery Cream. I've used a lot of foot creams in the past but this was easily the best one I've used. All you dry skinned gals need it in your life!

What are your favourite pamper products to use during the Summer months?
What products do you use to treat your feet in the Summer?

Cliona xx

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*This post contains PR samples but my review is 100% honest as always :-)

What I Wore | A Day At Glendalough

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Today we're exploring the mountains
at Glendalough, Wicklow so grab some
 comfy shoes and a cosy jacket.......

ripped jeans outfit

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Review

Friday, 19 June 2015

Another day, another skincare review.......

La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo Review


Spots. Most likely the most irritating thing in existence. Whether it's acne-prone skin, teenage years or that time of the month we've all battled with spots or acne at some stage of our lives [if you haven't, then do spill your secret ;-)]. It's certainly a pain but La Roche Posay have come to the rescue with their Effaclar Duo [+]. 

This spot cream is not only designed to treat spots but it also prevents/treats scarring, reduces redness and unclogs blocked pores. This product is very affective and really 'does what it says on the tin'. After a month of use my scarring/acne marks had visibly reduced and I could hardly notice them anymore. It also reduced the amount of spots I got: I normally get a few around a certain time of the month but whenever I have this in my routine I might get one, if any and my skin felt a lot smoother as well. Whenever this runs out and I'm too lazy to buy more, I always notice a difference in my skin! I'm on my fourth bottle and I honestly don't think I can live without this!

It's designed for oily, blemish-prone skin but I have dry/dehydrated skin and I don't have any issues with it drying or stripping my skin. In fact it's very moisturising and leaves the skin feeling so smooth before you even put on any moisturiser. My skin is also quite sensitive - I used to use it all over my face but I thought it was a little harsh on certain areas so now I just stick to applying it where I need it. It has a lightweight cream-gel texture that's very cooling on the skin and it doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. It also doesn't have a clinical smell like most other spot treatments but rather a delicious sweet scent. Lovely!

Overall I have no complaints about the Effaclar Duo. There's nothing I don't love about it and my skin always thanks me for it! The La Roche Posay Effacer Duo can be bought in Boots and it costs €17.99.

What are your favourite spot treatments?

Cliona xx

Outfit: Pink Tones

Sunday, 14 June 2015

In today's outfit post I'm wearing pink to 
make the boys wink ;-) ............

Pink ootd

Weekend Adventures: Seomra Tae {Tea Room}

Friday, 12 June 2015

"Each day holds the possibilities for great discoveries and hidden joy"....

Dublin cafe
Seomra tae (tea room)
Tea room cafe Malahide


It's been a long ol' time since I've done a 'weekend adventures' post but way back in April during the Easter holidays I stumbled across a cute little cafe in the heart of Malahide and I grabbed the opportunity to write one of these once again. There's nothing I love more than finding little gems hidden away. That's the best thing about Dublin: there's so many great places just waiting to be discovered. I'm so glad I found this quaint little cafe that's peaceful and quiet and not to mention their mouthwatering cakes....

I ordered a warm chocolate brownie with walnuts. And oh my it was good! The flavour was sweet and chocolatey but not too rich which can easily happen with chocolate cakes - You know the types: eat four bites and your in a food coma ;-) Initially I wasn't really sure about walnuts in a brownie as I've never had that before but I thought they added a lovely crunch to the soft texture of the brownie. Yum! I'll definitely be adding walnuts the next time I bake brownies.

The decor was beautiful and had a homely feel to it with comfy couches, a huge fireplace, vintage furniture and to top it off the whole place was decorated with bunting.

I give Seomra Tae (which is the Irish for Tea Room by the way) a solid 9/10. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and it won't be the last!

Cafe dublin ireland
Coffee shop Malahide Dublin

Have you discovered any hidden gems where you live recently?
And what's your favourite cafe?

Cliona xx

Two To Try: The Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Range

Thursday, 11 June 2015

All you dry skinned gals out there will love 
these two products I'm about to share......

Superfacialist rose hydrate mask & oil


I received both of these in my stocking last Christmas and it was my first time to try anything from Superfacialist by Una Brennan. I fell in love with both of them and I've since been trying out a few more of her products. Una Brennan, you have a new fan!

Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask - €11.99 -
As you all know by now my skin is dry and sensitive so I just had  to try this due to it's amazing claims to "boost skin moisture levels and radiance with Superfacialist thirst-quenching intense moisture mask developed even for the most sensitive skins".

It has a very thick creamy consistency and I don't think I've ever come across a mask with such a thick consistency. I'm not complaining though because it provides great moisture to the skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Also, my makeup applies easier whenever I use this - Love! It also feels incredibly luxurious - it definitely rivals some of the high end masks out there.

However, I do have to criticise the scent as I just think it's awful. I had imagined it being a light delicate rose scent but in fact it was quite strong, artificial and sickly sweet. Not good! It was very overpowering when applied but thanks be to god, it didn't linger on the skin.

The recommended application time is 5 minutes but I normally leave masks on for 10 so I decided to try leaving this on for an extra few minutes. That turned out to be a bad idea because after about 6 or 7 minutes it started to sting. Oops! So now I just leave it on for 5 minutes and it's all good! In my opinion it doesn't really need longer than 5 minutes as it's really moisturising.

Overall, it has a really thick formula which is easy to apply and wash off, it leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and plump and it's affordable. Despite the scent it's a really lovely product!

Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Micracle makeover Facial Oil - €19.99 -
This oil can be used as a pre-cleanse as well as adding a few drops to your moisturiser. My preferred method is using it as a pre-cleanse because you get the most out of it's hydrating properties that way. It's really easy to use: all I do is rub a bit between my two hands to warm it up and then massage it onto my face, followed by wiping away with a warm flannel. It's suitable to use on the eyes but I tend to remove my eye makeup first with micellar water as I don't like using oils around my eye area.

It rapidly dissolves makeup leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. This stuff has transformed both the appearance and feel of my skin. Whenever my skin is dry or dehydrated I get awful dry patches and dehydrated lines but since incorporating this into my routine I don't have that problem anymore. It also makes my skin look a lot more radiant and I've had less breakouts. It doesn't leave a greasy residue, isn't harsh on the skin and doesn't cause me to breakout.  Unlike the mask, this scent isn't that strong. It smells lovely with a light hint of rose - No overpowering artificial scents here!

My only issue is that it's quite dear for such a small bottle. However, in saying that, it does last a long time. I've been using it almost everyday for almost six months and I still have a tiny bit left. That's pretty impressive!

This is a great product for the popular 'double cleanse' and I'd recommend it through and through if you have dry skin!

Overall I loved using both of these products! They left my skin looking and feeling amazing. And I'll definitely be trying more from this range!

What are your favourite hydrating skincare products?

Cliona xx

Windy Days

Sunday, 7 June 2015

You know it's summer in Ireland when
you have to wear a woolly hat because
it's horrendously windy.......

High top trainers outfit

Weekend Reading: If I Stay

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Say hello to my newest series.... Weekend Reading! 
The very first book review to appear on 
will be 'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman.......

If I Stay Gayle Forman book review


At the end of 2014 one of my New Year's blogging goals was to step out of my comfort zone (fashion and beauty) and write more lifestyle posts. I don't know why but I always find it so scary writing lifestyle posts so I thought starting out with a book review would be a great way to start.....

After a severe car accident, Mia is left in hospital in a coma fighting for her life. She has one very big decision to make; to live or to die. Very dramatic indeed! There's two different parts to the book in which she looks back on her life and shares memories of her family and boyfriend and the other is her out-of-body experience which enables her to see what's going on in the hospital around her. I found  the 'looking back' parts of the book very boring and I was just flying through them to get to the other parts back in the hospital. In my opinion Mia wasn't particularly an interesting character; She was very reserved and just generally uninteresting. I found myself wanting to know more about her boyfriend, Adam and her grandparents but there was a serious lack of presence from them. What a shame!

Overall it was an interesting concept but I felt that it lacked in excitement/catching my attention at times. It was one of those books that really make you think about life and it was quite sad at times so I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something light-hearted. Overall, I just felt that the story wasn't compelling and I wasn't too fond of Gayle Forman's writing style. I think I'll be giving the film a miss.

What's the most recent book you've read?
And have you read this book or the seen the film adaptation?

Cliona xx

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Sensational Skincare: Avene Milk Cleanser

Friday, 5 June 2015

There's a new cleanser love in my life.....

Avene milk cleanser review


And it goes by the name of Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser. It has a lovely light, creamy consistency and it isn't at all runny. Usually when I think of milk cleansers I think of a runny liquid that's messy to use but this is the exact opposite. It comes with a handy pump which is ideal for controlling the amount dispensed (hands up who always pours out too much cleanser *raises hand*). This can be plopped onto a cotton wool pad and swiped around the face but my preferred method is applying it to wet skin and patting it off with a muslin cloth.

I always remove my makeup with a cleansing oil first, followed by this cleanser. It's very effective at removing the last traces of makeup and there's never any traces of dirt/makeup left. I never would've thought that such a gentle cleanser would leave my skin feeling clean and for that reason I've always used a more abrasive cleanser such as the Origins GinZing scrub cleanser. While these type of cleansers are fine to use they're probably not the best to be using all the time on my sensitive/eczema prone skin so I'll definitely be checking out more milk/cream based cleansers from now on. It also leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and plump. I suffer from severely dry/dehydrated skin and after just a few weeks of use I noticed my skin looking brighter and feeling more hydrated. It also didn't sting my eye area and it didn't irritate my eczema either. Lovely!

It's a little pricey at the €15 mark but it in my opinion is so worth it if you have dry/sensitive skin. And besides it's always in the 3 for 2 offers at Boots.

I've been a huge fan of Avene's products for about a year now and I've yet to be disappointed with their products. Their all really good quality, gentle on sensitive skin and are reasonably priced. I'd 100% recommend their products to anyone!

- Avene products can bought in Boots stores nationwide or Boots online.

P.S. Don't forget to check out my last Sensational Skincare post here.

What's your current favourite cleanser?

Cliona xx

The Statement Jacket

Monday, 1 June 2015

Jumping for joy with my new bargain-ilicous jacket.....

Irish fashion blog
H&M statement jacket
Fashion blog photography
Outfit details


Well, hello June! It feels like only yesterday we were munching on mince pies, laughing hysterically at Home Alone and blaring the christmas tunes but alas, it is June 1st and we're almost halfway through the year - Crazy! Although it doesn't quite feel like June with this wintery weather we're having. I'd like to know where I can order some blue skies with a side of sunshine?

A couple of months ago I spotted this jacket in H&M. I tried it on, I fell in love and then I cried when I saw the price tag. I hmmed and I ahhed but eventually I found myself putting it back on the rails. (heartbroken, might I add ;-)) I mean it's really nice and all, but I just felt that it wasn't worth €50. But the story didn't end there - I couldn't stop thinking about it! "Nothing haunts us more than the things we didn't buy" and that was certainly true. Fast forward a couple weeks and it was reduced to €20 which made me one happy girl! What I love most about it is the contrast of colours - The colours compliment each other well and the pops of light and dark pink make it stand out for Summer. It has a gorgeous quilted material and the fit is perfect. I chose to pair it with this nude pink dress which I wore to a wedding years ago. I love the frilly detail on the front (what would you call that? I've no idea! Let's just go with 'frilly detail' - Probably inaccurate but whatever ;-)) and it makes me want to twirl around all day long!

H&M floral jacket
Rose gold sunglasses
Summer ootd
H&M bomber jacket
Pink dress outfit
Black & white photography

What I wore:

Dress: H&M ~ Jacket: H&M ~ Shoes: Penneys ~ Sunglasses: New Look ~ Watch: Parfois

What do you think of this statement jacket?

Cliona xx

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