Are Essie Polishes Worth The Money?

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Reasons why I love Essie nail polishes
 and meet my all-time favourite shade.....

Essie 'Lilacism" review


After having a bad experience with a streaky nail polish I went back to my fail-safe nail polish brand: Essie. And as I was opening up my bottle of 'Lilacism' I asked myself are Essie polishes really worth their €10 price tag?

1. Fabulous Formulas: Essie always steals my heart with their amazing formulas. Most of the time they have a thick creamy consistency and when applied they have a beautiful high-shine, glossy finish. I also find their formulas to be non-streaky and most of them I've tried go opaque after two coats.

2. Wonderful wear-time: Essie polishes last incredibly well on me. With a good top and base coat I get five days wear out of them with minimal chipping.

3. Brilliant Brushes: Essie have the widest brushes I've ever come across which makes them a dream to apply. Their wide brushes allow for easy application with just one swipe across the nail (although I have tiny nails so you might need two or three swipes) and it also distributes the product evenly.

I've been obsessed with Essie polishes for years and I've tried my fair share of them but the one shade that has stood out to me the most is 'Lilacism'. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll be all too familiar with this bad boy. I feature it a lot as not only does it look pretty but it's my favourite Essie shade ever (yes, even beating the famous 'Mint Candy Apple'). Just like it's name would suggest it's a gorgeous light summery lilac shade with a creamy glossy finish. The formula of this one is a little thinner than than any of the other polishes I've tried and I find it applies streaky with the first coat. Normally with Essie polishes I can just apply two coats and it becomes fully opaque but with this one I like to apply three coats. Once it's on though the colour and finish is just stunning. It's the perfect Spring/Summer pastel shade and it looks exceptionally pretty paired with my pink coat. Although it's quite a summery shade I do enjoy wearing it all year round as I just love it so much! It brightens things up in the Winter ;-)

Verdict? Are they really worth the money? Yes! In my opinion they are worth every penny. I have so many different nail polishes from various brands but I rarely ever stray from my beloved Essie (with the exception of Rimmel. Best budget nail polishes!). 

Other shades I'd recommend: 'Chinchilly', 'Mint Candy Apple' & 'It's Genius'

On my wish list: 'Cute as a button' & 'Fiji'

Do you think Essie polishes are worth the money?
And what are your favourite Essie shades?

Cliona xx


  1. The Essie polishes from the Boots and Superdrug diffusion line are definitely worth the money! The wider brushes make application so much easier, plus I think the formula is a little different to the others :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Couldn't agree more! I don't mind paying the extra money considering the quality you get with these polishes! Thanks a mil for reading Claire xx


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