Instagram Snaps // July Highlights

Friday, 31 July 2015

July has come and gone in the blink of 
an eye and today I'm going to chat
about what I've been up to lately......

Instagram Diary


1. A Cinema Trip: A few weeks ago I headed off to the cinema to see Magic Mike. I hadn't been to the cinema since the start of the summer so I was dying to go again. The one thing that was on my 'summer bucket list' was to go to the cinema regularly as I just don't get the time during the school year. I haven't been going as much as I'd like to but my aim for August is to see as many film as I can! Apologies to my bank balance in advance *wink wink* As for the film in question - Magic Mike - it wasn't great unfortunately. It didn't have much of a storyline but I won't say I didn't enjoy watching Channing Tatum dance with his shirt off because that would just be a lie, now wouldn't it? And also hellloo Matt Bomer ;-) Ever since watching White Collar he has become one of my favourite actors and it was interesting seeing him play a completely different role.

2. My first Mac Haul: If you read my Mac wishlist then you'll know that this month I was planning to go to Mac for the first time ever. I was so overwhelmed with all the choice - I didn't know where to begin! Overall my experience at Mac was really enjoyable but I did encounter one very rude woman. I was quite annoyed about it and I was about to head over to the Nars counter instead when I just thought I'm not gonna let one rude comment ruin my first Mac experience. So I then made my way over to the eyeshadow counter where I met a lovely man called John who went above and beyond to help me. To be continued....... in an upcoming haul post that will be headed to your computer screens very shortly.....

3. Getting Organised: Here in Ireland, at the end of the last year of secondary school we sit a state exam known as The Leaving Cert. This exam is incredibly hyped up and most people act like it's the be all and end all. Yes, it's important but at the end of the day there are other options and ways of getting your dream course. I'm trying not to get too stressed about it but one thing I want to do is get my blog organised so that I won't have to worry about it whilst trying to study. So this month I've been busy writing out lots of plans and scheduling some posts. I have all my posts planned up until the New Year but in terms of actually scheduling I have the month of September done. I just have my beauty and lifestyle posts done as I'm not sure whether or not to schedule my outfits. I might just do them as I go along so that I'm not completely away from my blog (as it is my outlet to get away from stress after all) but I think I'll just shoot a few backups just incase.

4. Bedroom Updates: As I mentioned in my dressing table tour post, my biggest goal for the summer was to add the finishing touches to my bedroom. This month it's been all about the homeware hauls, clear-outs and rearranging furniture. I picked up some new pretty bedding from Penneys along with some delicious candles, pretty fake flowers and a stunning copper lamp. I still have a few small bits to pick up but for the most part my bedroom is finished. I'm absolutely in love with it - It's so cosy! I might even do a blog post sharing the little changes I've made. Now I kinda wish I'd taken some before pictures but ah well!

Things I'm looking forward to in August: Dare I say, it's the last month of Summer and I will certainly be making the most of it. I'm not looking forward to going back to school but I have a few nice things coming up before that.....

1. Lots of cinema trips ~ Like I said before I want to make the most out of the free time I have and go to the cinema a lot more this month. The ones I'm excited to see are Ant-man, Hot Pursuit and Paper Towns. Is there anything else good coming out this month?

2. A spa visit ~ In a few weeks myself and my family are headed away to a hotel spa break for my sister's 30th. I can't wait to switch off and unwind for a few days.

3. A hair change ~ I'm thinking of going a little shorter with my hair but I keep getting cold feet. I really hate how it looks at the moment and whenever I see photos of myself I feel so down about my hair. I might just get a few extra inches cut off and see if I like it, and if not it will always grow back.

What were your July highlights?

Cliona xx


  1. I've been doing some bedroom decor myself, I just moved in to a new home a few months ago but still haven't gotten it to how I'd like yet! Pinterest is such a lifesaver - I'm looking forward to your Mac haul, glad you didn't let that person ruin your experience, good on you ;)

    1. It's so much fun! I love interiors so I always love getting new bits for my room. I can't wait to have my own house when I'm older!! I'm addicted to Pinterest - it always gives great ideas! Thank you! I'm excited to write the post! I'm officially addicted to Mac - I want all of their products ;-)


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