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Friday, 3 July 2015

Instagram diary


1. My Vanity Table: Last year I decided to do up my room. Nothing major, just a bit of new furniture and a few decor bits and bobs. So I went to Ikea, bought some new furniture and never finished what I had planned to do. The only feature I'm 100% happy with is my vanity table. I got a couple of questions about it when I posted it on Instagram - It's from Ikea and the drawers and mirror come with it. Anyway my mission for the next few weeks is to pick up a few new bits to add to my room. I really want to get it finished before school starts again. I might do a blog post when it's finished but for now I'm just gonna blog about my vanity. Keep your eyes peeled for that one! It's probably going to be my most exciting blog post to date! Well, I think so anyway because I'm obsessed with home decor ;-)

2. Healthy Bakes: I've been baking up a storm lately but I've been ditching my usual bakes which consist of cookies and cakes and opting for some healthier options. I have such a sweet tooth that every night I need to have something sweet with my cuppa (I'm obsessed with apple & pear green tea - I hate the taste of normal green tea but this is delicious!). There's not that many healthy options to buy but there is certainly a lot that can be homemade. I've been baking healthy almond cookies and even though they don't have any flour,sugar or butter in them they're honestly nicer than the real thing. I've also been making coconut oil & almond granola for my brekkie. Whilst browsing Pinterest I came across an almond butter granola recipe so I'm gonna try that one out this weekend. Fingers crossed it turns out nice!

3. Bookworm: My goal for the summer is to read 10 books and I'm doing pretty well so far. So far I've read All The Bright Places and Eleanor & Park. I'll be talking about both of these in detail in an upcoming 'weekend reading' post but I will say that I thought they were both amazing! I was sad to finish them because I got so attached to the characters. A few days ago I went to my local library for the first time in years. I never thought the library would have any good books but I was so surprised to find that they had the newest releases. I picked up four books and I'm a quarter of the way though one but it's so boring that I might have to stop reading it. There's nothing worse than reading a slow/boring book and it totally puts me off reading for weeks or even months! That book definitely won't be getting a mention on my blog, that's for sure! 

4. Blogging & Pinterest Obsessed: Now that school's finished for the summer I have a lot more free time to blog. Yay for that! Last year when I first started my blog I was quite frequent with my posts but unfortunately I've been a bit quiet this year. Because I'm not able to attend school full time I've to put a lot more work in to catch up. That means study all day everyday and I've even been doing a little bit over the summer. I know, I know, it's ridiculous but once the Leaving Cert is over I can fully relax ;-) I've also become completely obsessed with my Pinterest account again. I've been pinning lots of stuff and I've even had a little tidy up of my boards. If that's not dedication, then I don't know what is! 

p.s. Read my last 'life lately' post here

What were your June highlights? 

Cliona xx


  1. Loving your desk layout! Super cute. I've finished my course as well so I'm looking forward to blogging more too :)

    Hannah x hannatalks

    1. Thank you! It's great to be finished, isn't it? Time to relax....and blog of course :-) x

  2. Gorgeous. I love your Vanity table. Looks adorable.

    Golden chapter

  3. I bought a vanity dresser last year as a treat to myself for finishing my degree and I absolutely adore it, it's such a great statement piece for a room!

    Louise x

    1. I completely agree! It transformed my room! It was so worth the investment :-) Thanks so much for reading xx

  4. I'm absolutely in love with your vanity! I really want one, but I don't know if I have space in my room. :/ I read Eleanor and Park as well recently! We must discuss it! I've also read We Were Liars and The Truth About Forever. I forgot how much I love reading and how fast I'll eat up a book. Hope you're having a lovely summer!

    1. Loved Eleanor & Park! Yes! A twitter convo about books needs to happen!! We were liars is on my list to read. I haven't heard of the other one though. Must pop it onto my Goodreads list - I'm hooked on that app by the way! Amazing! I'm the exact same! I wish I had more time to read during the school year :-/ Hope you're enjoying yours too xx


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