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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Today we're talking all things SPF....

Eucerin sun care review
Eucerin SPF 30 sun creme review


It's important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays from the sun, not just during the summer but throughout the whole year as well. It can be very easy to neglect sun protection here in Ireland due to the fact that we never really get too many sunny days. SPF is always my top priority when I'm away in a hot country but I really should get into a better habit of applying it because even on cold day the sun can still cause damage to the skin. But when Eucerin kindly sent me out some sun care goodies my SPF game completely changed.

The first product I received was the Eucerin Sun Creme SPF 30*. It has a rich creamy texture which is a lot easier and quicker to rub in than most facial SPFs. It also sinks in fairly quickly and it doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. Another thing I loved about this was that it had no scent, I can't count the number of times I've come across a facial sun cream and it had a sickly sweet scent that stuck around for hours. It was gentle on my sensitive skin, didn't cause any breakouts and it didn't leave a white cast. It contains an SPF of 30 as well as UVB protection to prevent sunburn and UVA protection to reduce the risk of premature skin ageing. All in all, a really lovely facial SPF that won't break the bank. I'd 100% recommend this!

I was also sent some Eucerin After Sun Lotion* which had a light runny consistency that cooled and soothed the skin. It absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated. It's free of perfume so it doesn't have a scent and it also means that it's gentle on sensitive skin. I really liked this after sun and it will definitely be coming away with me on my next holiday..... I'm already thinking about next summer and I haven't even gone back to school yet ;-) 

Eucerin After Sun lotion review

What are your favourite SPFs?
And, have you tried any Eucerin products?

Cliona xx


  1. I've never tried any Eucerin products but these do sound good! I like using the SPF by Soap and Glory, it's nice and thin which makes it a great base for any makeup :)

    Kate xo //

  2. Glad to hear there's sun care around that isn't scented! I hate having a scent lingering on my face the whole day. Eucerin sounds great I also really love La Roche Posay - also unscented :)


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