Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Thursday, 20 August 2015

I've been making the most of the last of the
summer days before it's time to go back
to school and here are some summer 
essentials I've been using recently........

Holland & Barret Beach bag essentials


Recently I was sent some lovely 'summer beach bag essentials' from  Holland & Barrett. I always neglect SPF and looking after my skin after I've been in the sun. I was delighted to see some SPF as well as some aloe vera lotion that would be perfect to use as an aftersun, so I have no excuses now!

The first thing I received was Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Sun Lotion*. This is kinda like a body lotion and suncream in one. The formula is a lot thicker than a normal suncream which means this lotion is a lot more moisturising and nourishing for the skin. This is an ideal holiday product as you won't need to bring a separate body lotion and suncream. Convenient! The consistency is thick and creamy so it does take a bit of time to rub in. Once it's on it sinks into the skin quickly and it doesn't leave a tacky/sticky residue behind like most other SPFs. It leaves the skin feeling silky soft as well as providing SPF 25 to protect against harmful UV rays. It has a light subtle scent of aloe vera and the scent is natural and fresh unlike the strong perfumed scents of other suncreams.

The next product that was in my goodie bag was similar to the last product just without the SPF. I've been slathering on the Dr Organic Aloe Vera Skin Lotion* for the past few weeks. If you read my beauty essentials for a night away post then you'll know that this came away with me and it's easily my favourite product of the bunch! It's enriched with skin-loving ingredients such as aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, Irish moss and vitamins A and E which provide hydration and nourishment to the skin. The lotion leaves my skin feeling very soft and it leaves my skin hydrated for up to a few days so that if I forget {read: too lazy} to moisturise one day my skin stays soft and nourished. It's also restored the texture of my skin; I now have smooth skin with no rough dry, flaky patches. It has a lovely consistency; not too thick but not too runny either which makes applying it easy and quick to do. It didn't take too much effort to rub it in, it dried fairly quick and it didn't make my skin greasy. This lotion is gentle and cooling so it's perfect to use as an after sun lotion and I can imagine it would be nice to use when my eczema flares up again. I'm not too keen on aloe vera scented products but due to the cocoa and shea butters it had more of a warm nutty scent with a hint of zest to it - this scent was right up my street as it was light and sweet. Price wise it costs €8.29 or you can buy two for €12.43 which is pretty reasonable for a daily body moisturiser.

I also received Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion and this is a gradual tanner for the body. I'm not a huge fan of fake tan but this provides a really natural colour to the skin. It makes the skin glow and my skin looks ten times healthier and more radiant with this on. It's so subtle and natural looking so it's perfect for fake-tan beginners or if, like myself, you don't like fake tan but you also don't like looking like a ghost #palegirlproblems. It's a white cream so you do have to make sure you don't miss any spots but in the end it turned out even and there wasn't any streaks. It contains macadamia nut and jojoba oils so it's really moisturising on the skin. However, I wasn't that keen on the scent - it was very sweet and overpowering but it definitely smelt better than most instant and gradual tanners. Although, I do feel that it's a little pricey for what it is - €18.65 - considering you can get The Dove Gradual Tanner for only €7. But then again, it's a natural product so I suppose it has both pros and cons. This would be gentler on sensitive skin or eczema so it'd be worth it if you had those skin concerns. The next item that was stashed in my little beach bag was the Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water With Pineapple. I love coconut oil and I use it in my cooking and baking all the time so I was intrigued to see what this tasted like. I'd imagined it would taste sweet but it actually tasted quite tangy. I wasn't really a fan to be honest so I don't think coconut water is for me.

Last but not least was a lovely little hair product: Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum*. My hair resembles a lions mane and it gets very frizzy so any product that claims to "eliminate frizz" has got my full attention. On the first use I was greeted with a delicious sweet smell. It has a warm cinnamon-like scent with a hint of zest to it - it'll be a gorgeous scent for during the Winter! - and it lingers in the hair making it smell nice for days. Lovely! I like to apply it onto damp hair just before blow drying. It's amazing for detangling hair and whenever I apply this my brush glides through my hair with ease. It also leaves me with sleek shiny locks without making my hair greasy.

Overall, I was most impressed by the Dr Organic products and I'll definitely be checking out more of their products as well as repurchasing the Aloe Vera Skin Lotion.

What are your 'Summer beach bag essentials'?
And have you tried any of these products?

Cliona xx

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*This post contains PR samples but my review and thoughts are my own and 100% honest as always :-)


  1. Aww I really loved this post! Some lovely products in there also! xx
    Tasha Rose Beauty

    1. They're great products, aren't they? Have you tried any of them? Thanks a mil for reading xx


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