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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Not only is this a lazy girl's dream
moisturiser but it also makes the 
best shaving companion...........

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean review


I'm lazy when it comes to moisturising. There, I've said it. *insert monkey with his hands over his mouth emoji* So when a product claims to not only cleanse the skin but to moisturise it too, well it has my attention, that's for sure!

I'm a big fan of the Nivea in-shower moisturisers so I was excited to see if this one could do a better job - after all, it is double the price! In my opinion the Whipped Clean did a much better job at moisturising my skin as the formula was a lot richer. I love the consistency of this shower butter as it's smooth, thick and velvety. It's just as thick and rich as a body butter! Apparently it's made up of "25% moisture oils and butters including sweet almond oil, grape-seed oil, macadamia nut oil, shea and cocoa butter". If I'm suffering from dry skin I always try to find a product with these types of oils and butters as they're a life saver for dry skin - especially shea and cocoa. This product leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated, and it also banishes those pesky dry flaky patches I always get on my skin (I feel like I always complain about my dry skin but surely I can't be the only with severely dry skin. It's the bane of my life!) It's so good that I only apply moisturiser once a week (lazy, I know, haha!) Although it does provide great moisture I probably wouldn't get away with just using this on it's own in the winter - my skin gets severely cracked and I suffer from eczema breakouts but I'll probably use it alongside my moisturiser for extra hydration. God knows, I'll need it!

But the reason I love Whipped Clean so much is not only for it's amazing moisturising properties but also for the fact that it's the best product I've used for shaving yet! It gives a really close shave and my skin is also prone to sensitivity especially when I shave my legs but I find this to be really gentle. This product also claims to be a body wash - it lathers quite well, a lot more than I expected but for me it just wasn't enough. I like loads of suds and this just didn't foam up as much as their other body washes such as Sugar Crush (review) or Orangasm. As a result I just didn't feel clean so personally I'd just stick to using this as an in-shower moisturiser or a shaving cream.

Soap and Glory are known for their deliciously scented products that are almost good enough to eat and Whipped Clean doesn't let the brand down with its scent. With a mixture of yummy and sweet smelling ingredients such as pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla this scent will have you drooling in your shower. I'm a big fan of light fruity, floral scents but this one is more of a rich, nutty scent. It kinda reminds me of Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake but except Whipped Clean doesn't smell quite as strong. It's a lovely non-overpowering scent that lingers on the skin. Love it!

Price wise, it is a little dear considering the Nivea in-shower moisturiser is half the price but I would recommend it if you're skin is dry and you want something a little thicker than the Nivea version or you're looking for a new shaving companion. It's also the perfect pamper night treat due to it's luxurious texture and sweet scent.

Have you been using any new products worth trying?
And what's your favourite 'shaving companion'?

Cliona xx


  1. Ooooh this sounds really interesting! I use Lush's D'Fluff at the moment as my shaving cream, which I adore, but I've nearly finished it, so I think I'll pick this up next instead! I'm a fan of the Nivea one, but this sounds even better - and it sounds like the scent is something I would love! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I've never used the Lush shaving cream but I've heard great things about it. I must give it a go! The Nivea one is nice but I much prefer this one! Ahh the scent is unreal - Nicest thing I've ever smelt!! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  2. This sounds lovely! Absolutely love S&G!
    Lydia x

    1. It's really nice! I love S&G too - they do the best products! Thanks for visiting my blog Lydia xx

  3. This sounds so good, I love the sound of the scent! I'm really lazy when it comes to using body moisturiser so I'll definitely be picking this up when I need a new one :) xx


    1. The scent is so delicious! I could eat it ;-) It's amazing and saves me a lot of time in the mornings! Thanks a mil for reading Beth xx


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