Weekend Reading: The Selection Series

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Divergent meets Gossip Girl in these young adult
dystopian/romance novels and today I have all the
details on the glamorous gripping trilogy that is
'The Selection' ...........

The Selection by Keira Cass

The whole concept of this series is based around a tradition that takes place in the country of Illea; once the Prince comes of age he must choose a wife in a competition known as 'The Selection'. Women all over the country of a certain age send in an application and then 35 girls are selected to go live in the palace with the Prince until he ends the competition by announcing his engagement to whom ever girl he chooses. The whole competition is also televised so the whole country is watching eagerly as it's the turn of the current Prince, Maxon Schreave. The idea of the televised competition is quite similar to The Hunger Games but obviously, this is a lot more glamorous. 

Another similarity to both Divergent and The Hunger Games is what's known as the 'Caste system'. It's very similar to the faction system in Divergent and the District system in The Hunger Games. The caste system determines what job they have and what kind of lifestyle they have. It's divided from one to eight, with One being the Royals, Twos & Threes have a luxurious wealthy lifestyle, and further down the line the Fours, Fives, Sixes & Sevens have a harder life of less money and living in constant hunger while the Eights are homeless. I found this concept really interesting as it definitely relates to the current state of the economy although our situation is a lot less extreme. It does make you think though. 

And then we have our characters, first up we meet America who is a Five. At the start, she's madly in love with Aspen, a Six but they have to keep their relationship a secret due to the strict laws. America was convinced to sign up for 'The Selection' even though she didn't really want to and when Aspen ended their relationship and broke her heart she was happy to be chosen for The Selection to have a bit of space from him. Then, of course, we have the Prince, Maxon. America never intended on really being a part of the selection but she ended up falling for Maxon. Their relationship has its ups and downs and there were more than a few times where I questioned who she should be with. Team Aspen or team Maxon, that is the question ;-)

Another strong theme of these stories was war and rebel attacks. Again, this was very similar to both Divergent and The Hunger Games but it was interesting being on the opposing side to the rebels. It was different and refreshing.

To be honest, I didn't really have high expectations for this as I hadn't heard much about it before, but from the first chapter I was hooked. Keira Cass is a great writer, she captures your attention with her gripping storyline and there's never a dull moment in these books. I was always excited and it was hard to put down because it just got more and more exciting as the book went on. 

It was very easy reading material and I'd highly recommend it if you're into dystopian or romance books. 

Have you read this series?
What was the most recent book you've read?

Cliona xx


  1. I didn't have high expectations about this series too, but I absolutely loved it! I still need to read the third book - can't wait for it to arrive in the mail - but I totally agree with you! There's never a dull moment and it's hard to put down, I'm always curious to know what happens next! Aspen is a really nice guy but I guess I'm team Maxon haha :) x

    1. The third one is brilliant! You'll absolutely love it! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  2. These sound really interesting. I might have to pick them up. I've been looking for something new and different to read from my usual crime thriller
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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