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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

camel & stripes ootd


I've tried to sit down and write this post for five days now and I just can't get over this speed bump of writers block. So, as the rain pours down and the grey clouds cover the sky in darkness, I'm enjoying having a flick through these pictures of sunnier days and from what I can tell by that little t-shirt the weather was also a lot warmer - there'll be no more t-shirts and shoulder-robing from here on, it's time for ALL the layers!

How are you spending this rainy Tuesday evening?

Cliona xx

Autumn Uniform

Monday, 19 October 2015

Khaki sleeveless jacket


Sleeveless jackets have become a staple in my Autumn wardrobe this year. They're the perfect piece to throw on over a cosy jumper and create a classic, smart look. They're also incredibly versatile as they can take you from day to night - just throw it on over an LBD, add a statement belt and some killer heels and you're ready to hit the town in Autumn style! 

You might remember my sleeveless jacket obsession started with a white tailored one in this outfit post. This time, I went for a khaki green colour and a long waterfall style which adds a lovely texture to an outfit. For an everyday casual look, I've been pairing it with a grey knit from Zara. I love the soft material of this and the lace on the sleeves is just breathtaking - it adds a chic, Parisian feel to the jumper. 

What does your 'Autumn uniform' consist of?

Cliona xx

18 Today!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

18 according to my birth cert but
8 at heart ;-)  ..........

Zara monochrome coat


As you grow up there comes a time when they stop putting your age onto balloons, banners, napkins etc, so when a 'big' birthday comes around you gotta make the most of it by pretending you're 5 again and decking the whole house out with balloons, bunting and the works. Birthdays are my favourite - I love asking people what they got, making cakes and giving gifts to people. There's just something about them that feels magical. And they feel even more magical when it's your own birthday! This evening's plans include a takeaway, presents, family and lots of cake *wink wink* And then on Saturday is the real celebration which I'm way too excited for! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, ha ha! And, of course, I'll have to squeeze in another outfit post because one birthday outfit just isn't enough ;-)

The chill has set in and I can already sense that Winter is on its way. On the weekend, I dug out all my winter coats and I came across this beautiful monochrome coat from Zara last year. I blogged about it last winter in this outfit post  but I thought I'd revisit it as it's just so beautiful. The incredible houndstooth print is a statement in itself meaning you don't really need to put much effort into the rest of the outfit - just throw on a white or black jumper, a pair of comfy jeans and some cosy boots, et voila, you have a cosy casual outfit perfect for the Autumn. The material is soft and cosy for the cold winter months and I can't help but feel like Blair Waldorf in if ;-)

Happy Humpday!

Cliona xx

Lush Lovin'

Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn is the season for having long
relaxing baths, and what's a bath 
without a few Lush bath bombs?
Here's 3 I've been loving recently......


Creamy Candy Bubble Bar:
Lush bubble bars are a classic household favourite because they add lots of fun to baths from bubbles galore to vivid colours and not to mention the heavenly scent that will transform your bathroom into a sweet shop. I couldn't resist the cuteness of this little one whilst browsing the aisles of Lush. Lush can do no wrong when it comes to the designs of their products; Here we have a vibrant pink bubble bar with a little flower in the middle *insert heart eye emoji* It has a gorgeous sweet, sugary scent that's quite similar to the bubblegum lip scrub (review). It crumbles effortlessly and it turns the bath water into a beautiful pink colour. I've used it three times so far and I still have enough for another bath or two, so my money is going far with this one! It contains skin loving ingredients such as almond oil and cocoa butter, so it's no wonder it leaves my skin feeling silky soft when I step out of the bath. 

Honey Bee Bath Bomb: 
Next up is a standard bath bomb which you just throw into the bath in one go. These aren't as good value as the bubble bars because you can only use them once, but you can't beat a traditional bath bomb every now and then. I was intrigued by this one as it claims to be a relaxing scent which is just what I need to get me through these exams! It has a beautiful sweet scent that reminds me of a toffee muffin with a little hint of honey poking through. I was a little bit disappointed by this bath bomb to be honest; once it's in the bath it doesn't turn the bath water into an extravagant colour and it also didn't make my skin feel soft. It contains rhassoul mud which has natural cleansing properties and aloe vera which is cooling and soothing. Personally I didn't see any skin benefits and so, this bath bomb just didn't do it for me sadly. 

Lush bath bombs review

The Comforter Bubble Bar:
I'm sure this next one needs no introduction as it's a well-loved favourite by everyone. I've been meaning to try this bubble bar for a while now but with it being the most expensive, I was a little put-off. However, after trying it I completely regret not buying it sooner! It gives the most amount of bubbles I've ever had from a bath bomb or bubble bath. Lush say that you can get four uses out of it, but personally I was able to get six - I felt that it created it more than enough bubbles with using just under a quarter of the product. The scent is mouthwatering with a blend of blackcurrant and bergamot. It takes me back to my childhood as it reminds me of Ribena and the scent will have you feeling oh-so-relaxed! The Comforter is by far the best Lush product I've tried! 

What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Cliona xx

The Pinafore Dress

Monday, 5 October 2015

For today's outfit, I'm embracing my 
inner Alexa Chung as I'm sporting one
of her style favourites: the pinafore dress....

How to style a pinafore dress
Boohoo white pinafore dress


If you follow me on Pinterest then you'll know that I am completely obsessed with Alex Chung's style. Her style is feminine and modern with a vintage twist. She's a style icon of this generation, there's no doubt about it, and her effortlessly chic style is copied all over the globe. She's brought back a copious amount of trends including the duffle coat, denim a-line skirts and not to mention the pinafore dress. This dress is one of her signature looks and I thought I'd take on the trend and add my own personal touch to it.

The pinafore dress has taken over the fashion world and it can be seen everywhere from catwalks to street style. It's very easy to wear and it's incredibly versatile - it can be worn with jumpers in Autumn and t-shirts in the Summer, it comes in many different shapes, lengths, colours and materials, so it's no wonder it's an everyday style favourite. I had been looking for the perfect one since last Autumn and I finally found this white one in Boohoo and fell head over heels in love with it. It's made of a lovely soft cotton material with gorgeous copper clasps. I paired it with this gorgeous blue jumper I got in Zara many moons ago as I think white and blue really compliment each other. I've since worn it with a rust t-shirt and Chelsea boots for the ultimate Autumnal outfit. 

The pinafore dress is going to be huge again this season and I'll definitely be sporting it. I might even try a different material like suede or denim next time. Let the pinafore obsession begin.......

Alexa Chung inspired outfit
Outfit photography
White denim pinafore dress
Pinafore dress outfit

Are you a fan of the Pinafore dress?

Cliona xx

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Saturday, 3 October 2015

There's a new mascara on the block and
word has it that it's a dupe for Benefits
Roller Lash.......

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara
Maybelline Lash Sensational review


One of the most talked about mascaras at the moment is none other than the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I'm extremely late to jump on this band-wagon but I'm very glad that I did eventually because my eyelashes have never looked better. It has a curved plastic wand with long bristles on one end and shorter bristles on the other end, which is super handy for getting into those tricky little corners while the longer bristles do an amazing job of adding umph to my lashes. I love the slight curve of the wand as it literally hugs the lashes and coats them evenly. But that's not where the real magic is, because the volumising and lengthening properties of this mascara are out of this world! Who needs false lashes when this mascara is on the market - it's seriously that good! And all it takes is just one coat to get an incredible result! I haven't experienced any clumping, flaking or smudging with this and it wears well throughout the day.

If your mascara stash is feeling a bit lonely then this is definitely one to add to your collection *insert praise hands emoji*

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara review

Have you tried this mascara?
And what mascara have you been loving lately?

Cliona xx

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