Christmas Instagram Post Ideas

Monday, 14 December 2015

Need a little Instagram inspiration for
the festive season? I've got you covered...


The days are short and dark, and in fact, you could blink and miss the entire day! The winter period is cosy and magical but it's a nightmare for bloggers and Instagrammers because the lighting is terrible. There isn't much daylight as it is, without the weather in Ireland being grey and miserable all the time, so whenever there's a hint of sun I grab all my camera equipment and create about ten different flat-lays ;-) I was chatting about this over on my Twitter and it seems I'm not the only one struggling. The dull weather has also had an effect on my creativity and so, therefore I'm lacking my daily inspiration. Normally my head is bursting with ideas but over the last few months, I've been finding it difficult to come up with fresh Instagram content. 

The Christmas period is my favourite time to take photos; From the twinkling lights, the cosy candles, the sparkly clothes to the mouthwatering food, there's so much inspiration around. This month I've finally gotten my Instagram mojo back! I've gone for a lifestyle theme rather than fashion and beauty this month because I feel that it's good to step out of my comfort zone sometimes. I will go back to the usual beauty/fashion flat-lays in January but for now, I'm enjoying my Christmas lifestyle theme. Whilst I was bulk photographing over the weekend I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little diary of ideas for anyone who wants to Christmas-ify their Instagram *insert winking emoji*

1. Snap a photo of your favourite decorations in your area { I love all the decorations on Grafton Street and in Stephen's Green shopping centre}

2. Your favourite Christmas movies

3. A cosy movie night with your Christmas PJs

4. A festive read

5. Your Christmas bedding {If you're a Christmas nut like me and actually have Christmas bedding ;-)}

6. Your Christmas jumper or alternatively a flat-lay of your Christmas day outfit

7.  Christmas baking { I baked shortbread and you can read the recipe in this post}

8. Your Christmas wrapping

What Christmassy Instagram pictures have you been posting?

Cliona xx

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