Fashion Favourite: Block Heels

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I'm sure you're all aware of the latest shoe trend in the fashion industry: Block heels. Yes, that's right, gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable stilettos and wincing in pain every time you move. This is good news because this new trend allows us to wear pretty heels with the added comfort of a thick heel. Personally, I find block heels are much easier to walk in and I find that they support my feet better.

This week I've been busy scouring the web for the best block heels on the high street and I've gathered some gems that I already have in my wardobe as well as pairs that I'm having a hard time resisting...

Block Heels


The white pair would be gorgeous for a classic tailored monochrome look: They'd be fantastic paired with a pair of tapered trousers and a blazer. They retail for €42.

The dark orange pair are perfect for adding a bit of colour to your summer wardrobe. I already own these in blue and I can vouch for them being 100% comfortable. I wore them to my graduation and I actually have an outfit post coming about that outfit soon (if I can ever get out to shoot it with this awful weather *insert crying emoji*). They retail for €80 (this colour is reduced to €35) and come in a vast array of colours.

The tan pair have a lower heel than the previous two so I can imagine that they're significantly comfier to wear. You can never go wrong with a pair of tan sandals in your wardrobe - They are a staple! They Retail for €64.

The khaki pair were worn by Retro Flame during her trip to Punta Cana and they looked incredible on her! They're reduced from €75 down to €30 so grab them while you can!

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What do you think of block heels?

Which pair of heels is your favourite?

Cliona xx

Recent Mac Purchases

Monday, 27 June 2016

Mac haul
Irish blogger - mac haul


For those of you that have been following for a while will know that it was only last August when I tried my first Mac product. I started my collection with only 3 eyeshadows and 1 lipstick which you can see in the haul post. Fast forward almost a year later and my collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I've bought a lot of Mac products over the last few months during my blogging hiatus and seeing as that is my most popular post and it got almost 500 views I thought I'd do another Mac haul. You know what to do at this stage ladies, hide those wallets because there are a few gems in this post that will have you #FeelingSpendy.

Mac strobe cream review

1. Face Products:

Strobe Cream: I originally wanted to buy the travel size as it's only €10 and if you buy 3 of them you get 90ml of product for €30 whereas the original bottle is 50ml for €33.50. Sadly, they were sold out so I just picked up the original size, but I don't regret it one bit! 
If you have really dry skin and you have problems with your foundation clinging to dry patches then you need this in your life! It works as an amazing hydrating primer.

Prep & Prime Fix +: I have heard this product being raved about consistently throughout my time blogging and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss is about. This is great for when my skin is very dry as it's super hydrating. I usually spray it a couple of times throughout my makeup application and it really hydrates the skin. I also love to spray it on my Real Techniques Sponge instead of running it under water as I find that it gives a nicer finish. It's also handy for spraying on your eyeshadow brush to intensify eyeshadows and to apply pigments also.

Prep & Prime Highlighter in 'Light Boost': I'm loving this for cream highlight at the moment. It's a soft yellow shade which suits my skin tone perfectly and perks up my skin making me look more awake than I am *wink wink* It's really creamy and it blends very easily - I think a damp Real Techniques sponge works best for it. I place it under my eyes, down the centre of my nose and at the bottom of my forehead in a v shape. It's a great everyday, easy product to use!

Mac copper sparkle pigment
Mac extra dimension eyeshadow review

2. Eyes:

Pigment in 'Copper Sparkle': This is my first ever pigment from Mac and when I first opened it I was left speechless. What I love about Mac pigments is that they are very versatile - I've been usining mine to intensify an eyeshadow and as eyeliner as well. I'll definitely be doing a couple of looks over on my snapchat {username: clionahill} using the pigment in the next few weeks. I went for the copper shade as I've been obsessed with coppery shades recently.

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in 'Ready To Party': I had never heard of these eyeshadows before I got my makeup done in Mac for my graduation. This is the very reason why I love getting my makeup done in Mac as you always find hidden gems. This eyeshadow doesn't look like much in the pan but trust me when I say it makes eyeshadow POP. You can see me wearing it on the inner corner of my eye in my latest 'Get Ready With Me' post and it contributes to that gradient effect of light eyeshadow to dark.

Mac lipstick review
Mac soar lipliner review

                               3. Lips                                 

Mineralise Rich Lipstick in 'Pure Pout': These lipsticks are another product that I haven't heard much of before the makeup artist in Mac used it on me. I fell in love with the shade at the time and it's still one of my favourite lipsticks. However, I don't think it's worth €27. I think the other lipsticks are just as good and I'm sure I could find a shade similar to this one as they have a huge selection of nudes. I think this range would suit anyone who has severely dry lips as it is very moisturising and if someone struggles to find a lipstick that doesn't accentuate dry patches. Otherwise, I would advise to stick with the usual range of lipsticks and save yourself €7!

'Soar' Lipliner: This was the liner that the makeup artist used alongside that lipstick. I was trying to avoid buying a Mac lipliner as they're incredibly dear but it was inevitable that I would purchase one eventually. I'm so glad I did because they are truly as incredible as everyone says they are. This shade is really versatile as it suits a lighter nude lipstick for an ombre effect as well as darker nudes such as the oh-so-famous 'Brave' lipstick.

Mac tropic tonic lipstick review

Lipstick in 'Tropic Tonic': My last lipstick purchase was a statement to say the least. When I was applying my makeup one day I realised that I don't own enough bright lipsticks so I made it my mission to find the perfect one. I stumbled across this beautiful coral shade with a slight orangey undertone. I absolutely love it because it's quite different to any other coral I own. It's a matte finish but it isn't drying whatsoever! It does bleed a little so I need to pick up a liner to go with it this weekend. I'm also thinking of picking up another bright lipstick from Mac - what shade would you recommend?

I've also purchased a couple of more eyeshadows for my palette but I've decided to do a separate blog post sharing those......

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Have you bought anything in Mac recently?

What's your favourite Mac product?

Cliona xx

Get Ready With Me: Morphe 35p Palette

Sunday, 26 June 2016


After a great reaction to my 'Get Ready With Me' on Snapchat yesterday I thought I would do a detailed step-by-step post of how I did my makeup yesterday. I recently purchased the Morphe 35p Palette from Beauty Bay and I'm seriously impressed with the quality of the shadows considering the palette was such good value. I'll have a full review of the palette up in two weeks or so when I've tried a good few of the shadows and played around with it.

1. Eye Primer: I used an Elf primer that I've had for ages & I set that with the white eyeshadow from the palette.

2. Transition shade: I used the shade marked above as my transition & I blended it into my crease & just up to the brow bone with my Blank Canvas E25.

3. Defining the crease: I placed that deeper purple shade on the outer corner of my eye and blended it using small circular motions with the Blank Canvas E26. Keep the shade concentrated in that area of the eye, making sure to not blend it up as far as the transition shade - it will just look messy. 

4. The statement shade: The most statement of the shades in the palette - all of the sparkle!! I packed this all over the lid using a flat shader brush (I just used the one from the Naked palettes as they pick up product really well)

5. Repeat step 3: Just to darken up the look & intensify it a bit more - This time I used the Blank Canvas E32 which is a tapered blending brush so it's great for detailed blending.

6. Repeat step 2: I always work backwards once I've applied my eyeshadow to my lid so I follow up by blending another small bit of the transition shade with the same E25 brush.

7. Concealer: I apply two concealers because my skin is in an awful state after the Leaving Cert :-(  I used Catrice Camouflage Cream  & Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - I'll have a post of my top 5 concealers next week so stay tuned for more details about those.

8. Foundation: L'oreal True Match - I'll also have a post up about my favourite foundations :-)

9. Brows: Sleek Brow Kit

10. Liquid Highlight: Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter in 'Light Boost' & I blend it with a damp Real Techniques sponge. I set it with Bourjois Java Rice loose powder.

11. Back to the eyes: I then went back in with the transition shade on my lower lash line with the Blank Canvas E23. To finish off the eyes I popped a bit of Mac Extra Dimension eyeshadow in 'Ready To Party' all over the lid to make the makeup pop. I used the Blank Canvas E24 brush to apply it. And lastly, a bit of Bourjois volume 1 second mascara.

12. Contour, blush & highlight: I used the Pippa Palette {Review coming this week!}

13. Lipstick & liner: Mac 'Soar' lipliner & Mac Mineralize Rich Lipstick in 'Pure Pout' 

What do you think of this look?

And have you tried any Morphe products?

Cliona xx

A Summer Blazer

Friday, 24 June 2016


Irish summers can be tricky to dress for; One minute we have blue skies and it's a scorcher but then we're greeted with our usual rain and chilly breeze. So, the big question that the people of Ireland are faced with is, what to wear? 

In my opinion, the key is layering and I have found the perfect piece that is suitable for our temperamental weather. I picked up this blush pink blazer in a River Island sale a few months ago for my sister's engagement party. I never realised how versatile it was going to be when I first got it and I just thought that the colour wouldn't really go with much in my wardrobe. But to my surprise, it goes with absolutely everything! Black, navy, white, grey, khaki, you name it.

For a summery look that will still keep me feelin' cosy, I paired it with some khaki jeans, a white shirt and a pair of plimsolls.

I definitely think bomber jackets and blazers are the way to go for us Irish gals this summer. Stay tuned for a blog post about all of my favourites from the high street....

What do you think of this blazer?

And are you a fan of blazers?

Cliona xx

The Best Moisturiser Ever!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


My skin is very awkward, to say the least: Dry, sensitive, spot-prone with a few oily parts thrown in there for good measure. I've had eczema since I was a baby and it still flares up and causes me problems as an 18-year old. Not many of you will know this but I actually couldn't wear makeup for many of my teenage years because my skin was so allergic to it. I am still quite allergic to makeup - my skin feels slightly itchy when I apply foundation and concealer, and you'll often see me touching my face over on Snapchat {@clionahill} because of it. The eczema completely dries out my skin and although I have combination skin, it definitely leans more on the dry side. As you can imagine it's hard to find skincare products to suit all my skins needs, but good news for all you ladies who have similar skin to mine, here's one that ticks all the boxes.

I was a little apprehensive about buying the Clinique Moisture Surge as it retails at €45! I could never justify spending that kind of money on one skincare product. However, when I received a €25 gift voucher for Christmas I decided to put it towards the moisturiser and that way it felt like I only paid €20 for it ;-)

Scent & Ingredients:

The product is 100% fragrance-free and to me it smells very fresh - Often when products are fragrance-free I find that they have a strong clinical smell but this just smells of nothing, really. 

I researched endlessly and re-read the ingredients on the tub 100 times to double check that it didn't contain hyaluronic acid. I just couldn't believe that a product that doesn't contain hyaluronic acid could be that hydrating. But, it's probably due to the combination of hydrating ingredients such as Aloe, Glycerin, Birch Bark Extract and Green tea. Glycerin is thought to provide a protective barrier which helps prevent moisture loss as well as Aloe which also provides many skin nourishing properties. This concoction is certainly working for me! 

Texture/ Consistency:

This lightweight gel is very cooling on the skin. If you read my review of the Origins Ginzing moisturiser then you'll know that I always gravitate towards these types consistencies as they soothe my skin if it's feeling a little irritated after a day of wearing makeup. 

The consistency isn't very thick which I like because sometimes I find that moisturisers feel too heavy and it's like they're clogging up my pores. It doesn't leave any greasy residue whatsoever and my skin soaks it up within a second.


At the start of the year, I strayed away from my beloved cleanser Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish {review} and I learned my lesson! I was kindly gifted with dry, flaky, irritated skin from this new cleanser that I tried. It was so dry that even my tinted moisturiser was enhancing my flaky skin and was showing up patchy! After 2.5 weeks of using this moisturiser day and night, the dry flaky patches disappeared and my foundation never looked better. 

My skin has also felt a lot plumper and more hydrated. I always get dehydrated lines on my forehead but whilst I was using this they had reduced also. Normally, I need to exfoliate three times a week because all of my foundations usually just cling to the dry patches and it looks awful- However, whilst I was using this I only needed to exfoliate once a week which was much better for my sensitive skin.

Is it worth the pennies?

I'm a little conflicted about this because on one hand I do feel that it's the best moisturiser I've ever tried but on the other hand, it is very expensive. I'm currently saving up my Boots points to buy another one because I can't live without it but at the same time I just don't have the funds to fork out for one product! 

Personally, I'll just stick to mixing a bit of hydrating oil into the Origins Ginzing moisturiser until I get a gift card or save up my Boots points :-)

What's your favourite moisturiser?

Cliona xx


Mac Eyeshadow Giveaway


Good morning everyone! I just wanted to pop a quick post up here to let you know that I have a giveaway running on my Facebook page to win 2 Mac eyeshadows (you can choose what shades you want). I'll also have the details up on my Snapchat account of how you can enter on there also.

Check my Snapchat account to see how to enter on there - Username: clionahill

Good Luck!

Cliona xx


My Current Favourite Lip Combo

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kiko lipstick review


It's no secret that I love a good nude lipstick and I'm forever on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick and liner combination. Recently I've been reaching for the same lip products and I thought it would be rude not to share the details with you.

My cousin picked up the Kiko Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick in the shade 102 along with a lip liner called 303 in Spain. I knew the moment I got a whiff of their gorgeous vanilla scent (even better than Mac in my opinion!) that I would become obsessed! I had never tried any Kiko products before my sister brought back an eyeshadow also from Spain but it was love at first swatch. I'll leave all the details of the eyshadow for another post (stay tuned for that one!).

Shades & pigmentation:

I would describe the lipstick shade as a muted nude pink. The swathces aren't great as the lighting was dreadful today and I'm a little behind with the ol' blog scheduling ;-) As you can see from the swatches it's a little bit lighter than the liner but the two paired together blend in really nicely, giving a fuller appearance to my lips. The lip liner is a deeper rosy nude  The pigmentation of both are incredible! I only apply one layer and I get a lovely colour pay off which you can see in the picture below.

Texture, finish & lasting power:

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy and smooth to apply, it doesn't drag the lips even when they're at their driest. It's comfortable to wear and they're surprisingly long lasting. The liner quite literally doesn't budge - whenever I swatch it, it takes days to come off! It does fade after a good few hours but it still remains visible, even after lots of eating and drinking! The lipstick lasts about 4 hours - It remains if I just have tea or water but whenever I eat it does come off slightly so I like to reapply it then. But I don't know a lipstick that doesn't come off when you eat so it's all good!
I would describe the finish of the lipstick as satin, it's very similar to Mac's satin lipsticks.

Where to buy Kiko products?

Unfortunately you can't get Kiko products anywhere in Ireland but you can order online!

You can get the liner here and the lipstick here.

The lipliner is €4.90 & the lipstick is €8.90

What's your favourite lip combo?

And have you tried any Kiko products?

Cliona xx


The End Of An Era

Friday, 17 June 2016

monochrome outfit
monochrome outfit

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