How To Accessorise A Plain Outfit

Saturday, 23 July 2016

A combination of casual jeans and a top is one of my favourite things to wear but sometimes it can look a little boring. It's very simple to transform a casual plain outfit by adding print and texture which will draw the eye to an outfit. 

                       1. The Statement Scarf                   

A statement scarf is a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. Not only do they bring colour and print to an outfit but they also add texture - bringing the outfit to life. I have a wardrobe full of scarves but for this outfit, I went for my skull scarf. I bought this in H&M a few years ago and still to this day it remains a staple in my wardrobe. It's a dupe for the famous Alexander McQueen version so it adds a luxe feel to the outfit {for a fraction of the price, of course! *wink wink*}

Top 5 Statement Scarves On The High Street:

                        2. Printed Shoes                        

A pair of printed shoes is an essential to jazz up a plain outfit as they draw attention towards the feet. For a plain outfit, I think it's important to have some print on the top and on the bottom as these will act as your focus points for the outfit. Plus, I always think printed shoes make the legs look elongated, and who wouldn't want that now ;-) 

Top 5 Printed Shoes On The High Street:

                           3.Dainty Jewellery                   

Dainty jewellery is always a nice little touch to add to any outfit. I love stacking a few rings on top of each other as I think it draws attention to the watch.

Watches are another great piece to add to an outfit. Lots of people tend to invest in watches but to be honest I'm not that kind of person. It took me an abundance of trial and error before I found a budget brand that sells good quality watches. In the last year, Parfois have become my go-to shop for buying watches. The quality is really good and they look just as luxurious as any Micheal Kors watches.

Top 5 Jewellery Pieces & Watches:

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How do you style up a plain outfit?

Cliona xx

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