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Sunday, 3 July 2016

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Finding the perfect foundation can be quite a tricky task but over the last few years of trial and error I've found four foundations that I keep coming back to. You all know how tricky my skin is: I have combination skin but it leans more towards the dry side. I get very severe dry patches as a result of my eczema and I'm also prone to spots when I'm stressed or anxious so finding a foundation that suits all of my skin's needs proves challenging. 

Revlon Colorstay foundation review

1. Revlon ColourStay:

Coverage: I would describe this foundation as a full coverage foundation. If you're blessed with good skin (or even alright skin) I don't think you would need a concealer with this except for under your eyes of course. I, however, have a face full of spots so I definitely need to use a concealer with it. I normally use a full coverage concealer (hello Catrice camouflage concealer!!) alongside a medium coverage concealer (shoutout to Urban Decay Naked skin concealer!), but with this foundation, I only need my medium coverage concealer. 

It covers everything very well and gives a flawless look to the skin. You can't see as many of my freckles when I wear this compared to the other foundations. You can really only see them concentrated around my eyes because I don't apply foundation there and a few on my forehead because I apply less product due how to dry my forehead is. I'm not really a fan of that as I like my skin to look natural but it is great for when my skin is acting up. 

I tend to only use this when my skin is having a bad day, if I'm going out or a special occasion. If you like a natural looking foundation for day-wear then I wouldn't recommend this but if you suffer from acne/spots or if you're looking for a foundation for nights out then this is the one for you!

Finish / Formula: This is a matte foundation which isn't something I usually go for but I was surprised as to how much I liked the finish of this. It doesn't make my face look flat or dull which I always thought would happen with a matte foundation. 

I chose the normal/dry formula because although I have combination skin I lean more on the dry side. I have a few oily areas but they're not overly oily and my dry patches are the biggest concern for me when it comes to foundation as it usually clings. This foundation is brilliant for dry skin - It doesn't cling to dry areas and accentuate them. I find that it's very hydrating and I can usually get away with skipping a hydrating primer.

Staying Power: This offers the best staying power out of all of these foundations. It only starts to break down around 8 or 9 at night which I think is extraordinary! 

Colour Match: This is always the million dollar question when it comes to pharmacy foundations and I'm pleased to say that Revlon gets an A1 for that department. There is a great variety of different shades to suit all skin tones. I went for the shade '150 Buff' which is fair with yellow undertones. I find that these types of shades suit my skin very well. It's quite hard to find a pale pharmacy foundation that doesn't have pink undertones.

Other Details: First of all, it has a pump! Hallejulah!! 

I have the normal/dry formula but it also comes in a combination/oily formula too.

It costs €17.79 and can be bought in Boots stores nationwide or else Boots online.

Wearing Revlon ColourStay:

Natural makeup look

L'oreal True Match Foundation review

2. L'oreal True Match:

Coverage: I would describe it as a light to medium foundation. I can apply one light layer for minimal coverage if I'm rushing out the door. Because of the coverage I think this is a great daytime foundation and it looks very natural on the skin. As you can see from the photo below, you're able to see a lot more of my freckles and it provides a more natural look than the previous foundation whilst still covering everything that needs to be covered. I do have to apply both my full coverage concealer along with a medium coverage concealer when I have a bad breakout.

Finish / Formula: The consistency of this is quite runny so it blends easily. It's great for early mornings or if you're in a rush when applying your makeup. It has a silky texture which just glides onto the skin and I find it effortless to apply. It has a lightweight consistency and it doesn't feel like I have any foundation on. I would say it has a satin finish and it looks less noticeable on the skin compared to the Revlon foundation.

Staying Power: The staying power is very good for a pharmacy foundation. I don't think it's as good as the Revlon foundation though. It does start to break down a little around the nose which doesn't happen when I wear the Revlon one. I don't think this would suit very oily skin, unless you used a good primer, setting spray and powder. As for my dry patches, it did cling a little to my forehead so I do need to exfoliate before using it.

Colour Match: This also comes in a vast array of shades - I use the shade '1N Ivory' which is pale with neutral undertones. 

Other Details: It also comes with a pump!

It costs €14.99 and can be bought in Boots stores nationwide or else Boots online

Wearing L'oreal True Match:

Everyday makeup look

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation review

3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation:

Coverage: It has a medium but buildable coverage. It provides more coverage than the L'oreal foundation but it's not as good as the Revlon one. In my opinion it feels a little heavy on the skin and it does settle into fine lines.

Finish / Formula: The consistency of this is quite thick which means it takes a lot longer to work into the skin and it wouldn't be one that you can just throw on in a rush. I find a good buffing brush like the Blank Canvas F20 works best to apply it. 

The finish is hard to describe on this one: It's not completely matte but it's not dewy either. I find that it sits on the skin rather than blending seamlessly into the skin so it can look like you're wearing a lot of foundation. I don't really mind that too much though but if you're into a natural looking base I wouldn't recommend this one for you. 

Although it has a few flaws and it won't suit everyone, I do think the finish of this is what gets the thumbs up for me - It makes me look a lot healthier than any other foundation I own and that's why I always come back to it!

Staying Power: I don't find the staying power of this to be as good as the other two foundations. I get a good bit of breakdown around the nose as well as the cheeks so I find that a good primer is necessary for this foundation. 

Colour Match: Unfortunately this is way too dark for me which you can see in the swatch photo at the bottom of the post. The makeup artist at the counter matched me to the shade 3.5 and it doesn't suit me at all! I have to bring it all the way down my neck and chest which is a pain. I'll definitely go for a lighter shade when I repurchase it.

Other Details: It has an SPF 15 which is a must have for foundation during the summer months! 

It costs €40 and can be bought in Brown Thomas

Wearing Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation:

Purple eyeshadow look

Nars sheer glow review

4. Nars Sheer Glow:

Coverage: I think the coverage of this is quite similar to the L'oreal foundation. It is a light to medium foundation and looks very natural on the skin. You can still see many of my freckles through the foundation which I love.

Finish / Formula: This has a water-based formula so it's a lot runnier than the other foundations I've spoken about. It blends easily and quickly - definitely a good everyday foundation for when your on the go. Due to it being water-based it's great for dry skin - I'm not too sure how well it would last on oily skin though. The finish is a beautiful satin finish and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin.

Staying Power: It lasts on me very well. I'd say I get a good 7 hours wear with this foundation before it starts to break down.

Colour Match: Again, this suits every skin type as they have many different shades to choose from. I use 'Mont Blanc' which suits me perfectly. 

Other Details: Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a pump and their pumps cost an extra €4 on top of their hefty €41 price tag!

It costs €41 and can be bought in Brown Thomas

P.S. I completely forgot to take a photo of me wearing this foundation #Fail *insert monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji*

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