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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Blank Canvas brushes

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Blank Canvas brushes have been a firm favourite of mine for well over a year. I'm completely mesmerised by the impeccable quality of every single brush and they're very affordable too ranging from €7 to €20. They're all easy to wash and I've never had a problem with them shedding hairs. What I love most about these brushes is that the handles are a good size: they're long enough so that you can hold the end of the handle to ensure you get a good blend. 

For Blending: I begin my eye makeup by using the Blank Canvas E25 to apply my transition colour. The brush is very soft and easy to work in circular motions for a nice blend. This is the best blending brush I've ever used and it gives a flawless look to my eyeshadow. 

I then use the E26 to apply a darker shade right into my crease and I also use it to bring the eyeshadow down to the outer corner. This brush is the perfect size to concentrate the eyeshadow in one area so it doesn't blend the eyeshadow into any areas you don't want it. P.S. Word on the street is that it's very similar to the famous Mac 217 brush.

Another great one is the E32 which is a tapered blending brush and I tend to use this for blending out darker colours in the crease and the outer corner.

For Precision: My favourite brush for precise application is the E23. This is dense pencil brush which is great for applying shadow to the outer corner. I also love using it to apply highlight to the inner corners of my eye.

Another great brush for precision is the E27 and this is the smallest brush I've ever come across! I love using it to apply pigments as it reduces the amount of fallout. It's great for doing spotlight eyes also as it allows you to place the pigment in the exact place you want it.

For Packing Colour On: A flat shader is an essential in anyone's makeup brush collection and my brush of choice is the E24.

Where to buy? These brushes can be bought on the Blank Canvas Website or you can click on each photo in the 'shop the post' section and it will link you to each brush I've mentioned - Happy Shopping!

Zoeva rose gold brushes review

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Brows: Brushing out my brows is always an essential step before I fill them in and I also love to to brush through my brows after I've applied product as it removes any excess and it gives a natural looking finish. I use a spoolie from Elf and it's cheap but cheerful. In my opinion it's not necessary to own an expensive one of these as they all do the same job. 

To fill in my brows I like to use the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush. The brush is very firm so it makes filling in brows easy to do. It's also the perfect size for creating a defined arch and this brush has completely changed my brow game!

Eyeshadow: I get lots of use out of the Zoeva 231 Petit Crease brush. This is great for getting right into the crease and outer corner and blending everything into a lovely v-shape. It's also great for applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line and is an essential for a smoky eye.

The 227 brush is very similar to the Blank Canvas E26 and it has multiple different uses. At the moment I'm loving it for setting my eye primer with a white eyeshadow. I also love to use it to blend out cream eyeshadows and it's the brush I tend to reach for if I'm just using one eyeshadow for a quick makeup look.

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

Cliona xx

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