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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Top 5 Concealers Blog Post

   1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer   

Coverage: I would describe it as a medium coverage concealer but it's definitely buildable. It covers my spots and scarring pretty well with just one layer but they're completely covered with two layers. 

Finish: It provides a demi-matte finish so it gives a matte appearance without looking flat. It claims to give the skin luminosity and I'm in two minds about that, to be honest. While it doesn't look flat like some matte products, I wouldn't say it provides as much brightness and radiance as some of the concealers I've mentioned below.

Formula: It has a creamy formula that is incredibly easy to blend. Urban Decay claims that it has a "weightless feel" and I can vouch for that as it feels incredibly lightweight on the skin. It also claims to have skin-loving properties which help retain moisture - I find that to be true as my under-eye area is quite dehydrated and I've never had issues with it clinging to or accentuating the dry patches.

Staying Power: I get a good 6-7 hours wear out of this and I don't use a setting powder on my face because it's too dry. It does wear down a little on my spots but I usually set my under-eye concealer with an illuminating powder so I find I get longer wear in that area.

Use: In my opinion, this is great for using under the eyes to cover dark circles as well as covering spots. The shade "light warm" matches my skin tone perfectly so it's an exact colour match for using on my spots. Because this matches my skin tone perfectly I tend to pair it with another brightening concealer like the Mac Prep & Prime for under my eyes. 

Price & Where To Buy: 
For my Irish readers: It can be bought in Debenhams and it costs €22

For my UK readers: There's a link at the bottom of the post - Happy Shopping ;-)

   2. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer   

Coverage: The coverage is quite similar to the Urban Decay concealer: Medium but buildable. I find that it provides a little more coverage than the Urban Decay one so I need to use less product. But you can build it up without it looking cakey but I rarely need to {unless I have a planet growing on my face - you know what I'm talking about *wink wink*} 

Finish: I swore by the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for years until I purchased this. The Nars concealer is quite similar in my opinion except it doesn't have the flaws that the Collection one has. I thought the Collection concealer was the bees-knees but soon after introducing this to my makeup collection my eyes were open to just how heavy the Collection concealer feels on the skin, and how drying and cakey it is. The shade I have {Light 2 - Vanilla} has got pink undertones so it gives the appearance of radiance and brightness to the skin.

Formula: The formula is creamy but I think it's a little thicker than the UD one so that's why I think it provides a little more coverage. It's still very easy to blend though and it blends seamlessly leaving a natural finish.

Staying Power: This is pretty long-wearing except it's not as long-lasting as the Collection concealer. If you have oily skin a powder would most definitely be needed! 

Use: Similarly to the Urban Decay Concealer I use it for both my spots and under my eyes. 

Price & Where To Buy:
Irish Readers: It costs €28 and can be bought in Brown Thomas
UK Readers: I have a link at the bottom of the post :-)

   3. L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer   

Coverage: It has quite a light coverage so you'll need to pair this with another concealer if you suffer from very bad dark circles. It's designed to highlight and brighten the face and that's exactly what it does. It has pink undertones so it's great for counteracting the blue-purple shade under the eyes, acting as a colour corrector as well as a highlighter.

Finish: It has a slight bit of shimmer in it so provides a subtle radiance and illuminates the skin instantly making it look more healthy and awake. You can build it up to two layers if that's what you need without it looking cakey and it hardly creases on me. 

Formula: The formula is surprise, surprise creamy {shocker! Are you beginning to tell that I like creamy formulas *insert winking emoji*} and thus easy to blend. Although, it's not as creamy as the Mac version down below. 

Staying Power: The lasting power of this is very good for a high street product: I get around 9-10 hours wear out of it with a setting powder.

Use: I use this for brightening my under-eye area as well as cream highlighting.

Price & Where To Buy: 
Irish Readers: It costs €12.79 and can be bought in Boots
UK Readers: Linked down below! 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer Review

   4. Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter   

Coverage: This highlighting pen is very different to the L'Oreal one I just mentioned. The Mac version is a soft pale yellow-toned shade and provides more coverage. I would say it's a medium coverage concealer so it provides a lot more coverage than the one above - which would be perfect if you suffer from bad dark circles.

Finish: Unlike the L'Oreal pen this doesn't contain any shimmer so it means it can be used to highlight other areas of the face like the chin if you have spots there and it won't accentuate them. It gives a gorgeous luminosity to the face also.

Formula: The formula of this is considerably thicker than the L'Oreal version but it still sits nicely on the skin. The best way to apply it, in my opinion, is to use a damp Real Techniques sponge {or alternative} 

Use: Similarly, to the Lumi Magique I use this to cream highlight and to brighten under my eyes.

Price & Where To Buy:
Irish Readers: It costs €25 and can be bought in Brown Thomas
UK Readers: There's a link at the bottom of the post!

Mac Prep & Prime Review

   5. Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealer   

Coverage: This is the one for all you ladies out there who suffer with bad breakouts. This concealer is seriously full coverage and is the only concealer that I've found to cover large spots. 

Finish: Although it's a heavy duty concealer it still looks very natural on the skin. I would describe the finish as matte and to be honest it does look a little flat so it probably wouldn't be best for under the eyes. 

Formula: The formula is sort of like a thick creamy paste which is a little bit harder to blend out than the other concealers I've spoken about. The formula is quite thick and heavy feeling so I personally wouldn't use it under my eyes. I think it might be drying and it would probably crease easily as well.

Use: This heavy duty concealer is great for covering spots {even big pesky ones that just refuse to be covered!} but personally I find it a bit heavy to use under my eyes. 

Price & Where To Buy:
Irish Readers: It costs €3.50 and can be bought on or Penneys stores nationwide.

UK Readers: I researched for Uk stockists but I couln't find any - Let me know if you know of any stockists!

Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealer Review

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, you gave such an indepth look at all five concealers!
    I am a big fan of the UD & NARS concealers, but I do find the NARS one slightly drying at times.
    Lucie xo |


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