5 Tips To Improve Your Outfit Photography

Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to improve outfit photography

Ever since starting I have become obsessed with photography. I bought a DSLR back in 2014 and I love learning new things about the camera every day. I'm by no means a photographer or an expert at photography - I'm still learning and trying to improve my photos but however, I thought I'd compile a list of things that I've learned about outfit photography so far...

   1. Equipment:   

Do you need a DSLR? I feel like my outfit photos improved hugely last year and that is completely down to my DSLR camera. I have a Canon 1200d and although it's the cheapest DSLR on the market and it's considered to be low on the quality scale, it's still a very good camera in my opinion. As long as you learn how to utilise your camera to the best of its ability then your photos will improve hugely. You can see the difference in the quality of my photos before I learned how to use my camera in this outfit post and this outfit post was taken a few weeks after when I had learned to use my camera properly.

Top Tip: Look up tutorials on youtube and read your manual to become familiar with the settings - it was the best thing I did to improve my photos.

Kit Lens vs 50mm f/1.8 lens:  Personally, I think the quality of your photos all depends on the type of lens you have. I swear by the 50mm lens f/1.8 which is how I get a strong depth of field {blurry background}.

Settings I use: If you're a beginner {I still consider myself as a beginner} then I would recommend NOT SHOOTING ON MANUAL MODE for your outfit photos. I shoot on Aperture Priority as it's the easiest to work with. If you're like me then you usually rope a member of family or friends who have no clue about blog photos and cameras to take your photos so this setting will be much easier for them to use. I lower my f-stop to 1.8 to get that dreamy blurry background, and I usually shoot with a low ISO but I bump up the exposure to get bright and airy photos.

How to improve outfit photography for a blog

How to take fashion blog photos

   2. Angles & Action Shots:   

Capturing Details: I aim to tell a story in my outfit photos and experimenting with different angles for detail shots always contributes to telling that story. I like to take head-shots whilst touching my hair or hat to show off my jewellery as well as sharing a hat, sunglasses or whatever I'm wearing. As you can see from the photo above: you're able to see my hat, nail polish and watch all in one photo without having to take individual photos for everything.

Action Shots: Action shots are also a nice way to tell a story in outfit photos. Some of my favourite action shots are walking towards the camera, putting on a jacket like I did in the photo above or this outfit post or drinking tea which you can see in this outfit post. The aim is to have a few photos where you're "caught off guard" but really they're probably the most staged photos of the shoot ;-)


how to shoot photos in golden hour

   3. Lighting:   

Lots of bloggers suggest that an overcast day is actually better for photos, but I don't think this works well for outfit photography. A sunny day will give a bright fresh look to the photos - You can see a massive difference between the lighting in both of the photos below. The one on the left is bright and airy whereas the photo on the right is quite dull and lacklustre. You're also more likely to get a sun flare in a photo when it's sunny and I always think this adds a nice touch.

Golden Hour: Another great time to shoot outfit photos is at golden hour. It can be hard to get the lighting perfect but when I do, it looks incredible! The photo up above was shot at golden hour, but it was taken away from the light. 

Shoot Into The Light: Most blog photography posts will advise you to shoot away from the light but with outfit photos don't be afraid to shoot into the light - the photo down below on the left was shot directly into the sun and the lighting looks beautiful.

How to get a lens flare: I love getting a lens flare in my outfit photos as it looks magical. To get a lens flare I always shoot into the light and tilt the camera slightly upwards towards the sun so it reflects the light - it's kind of hard to explain and probably something I would need to show in video form. A Snapchat video maybe? I only found out how to get it by an accident as it happens so there's probably a better way of doing it but this is just how I do it.

how to improve fashion blog photography

   4. Location:   

Choose a location that compliments your outfit: I try my best to find a location that compliments the colours of my outfit - It doesn't always work out but when it does it looks amazing! As you can see from the photos above the minimalistic black & white building really compliments my pinafore dress and tights in the photo on the left, and the green bridge on the right matches my jeans. 

Your location should tell a story: I try to choose a location that tells a story as it looks much more interesting than a plain background. One of my favourite spots to shoot in Dublin is the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre (photographed below) as the architecture speaks for itself and to be honest I could probably wear a bin bag and this stunning building would manage to make it look good *wink wink*

Fashion blog photography tips

   5. Tips for your "photographer"   

Take the photo yourself first: What I usually do is take a photo of my Mam first, adjust the settings and then she recreates the photo. 

Teach your photographer the terms: My Mam now knows what I mean by rule of thirds and headshots etc so when I ask for those type of shots she knows what I mean.

Ask them to bend their knees: By bending their knees it makes you look taller and slimmer in photos, and it just looks a lot nicer.

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How do you take your outfit photos?

Cliona xx

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  1. I would love to take more outfit shots but I've always struggled, this has so many fab tips that I'll definitely be using so thank you! So lovely that your mum takes all of your photos for you, they look amazing. I completely agree about the camera, I have a 700D and these photos don't look any different to that, it's definitely about working with what you've got! Xx

    Jodie |


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