Mac Amber Lights Dupe

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mac Amber Lights Dupe

Gold eyeshadow is a firm favourite in my makeup wardrobe. I love how versatile it is: It can be worn on its own during the day or paired with a few eyeshadows for a dramatic night-time look. If you read my first mac haul blog post last year then you'll know that one of my first Mac eyeshadows was 'Amber Lights'. I fell in love with it and there was nothing like it in my collection until I stumbled upon this little Kiko gem. Of course, there are a few minor differences between the two but the similarity in shade is uncanny........

   Mac Amber Lights:   

Shade: This beautiful golden shade is unique to any other golds in my collection as it has copper/bronze undertones. The colour makes my blue eyes pop like no other eyeshadow can - it looks incredible on! 

Finish: It has a frost finish so it looks quite metallic or foiled and it kind of reminds of the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows - stunning! The finish is quite intense when used dry but if you use it wet it makes an even bigger statement!

Texture: As with all Mac eyeshadows, it has a buttery soft texture which is easy to blend and the colour payoff is fantastic. 

Other Details: Although it has a frost finish it still wears really well and doesn't fade or crease throughout the day. It looks amazing on its own or paired with some matte browns. My favourite combination is Mac 'Texture' in the crease, 'Swiss Chocolate' on the outer corner and then 'Amber Lights' all over the lid.

Price: It costs €10 for the pro refill pans or else €17 to buy on its own

Mac Amber Lights Dupe Blog Post

   Kiko High Pigment Eyeshadow No. 18:   

Shade: This Kiko eyeshadow is half the price of its Mac counterpart and there are only a few differences between them. The shade of this is very similar to the Mac version as it is a shimmery golden shade with bronze undertones. The only difference between the shade that I notice is the Kiko eyeshadow has more bronze undertones whereas the Mac eyeshadow has slight coppery undertones, making the Kiko version a tad bit darker looking. 

Finish: The Kiko eyeshadow has a similar high-sheen, foiled finish. The intensity of the finish isn't as strong as the Mac shadow when used dry but once you spray a bit of Fix+ on your brush it gives the exact same finish.

Texture: The texture of this eyeshadow is silky smooth just like the Mac one and it's also very easy to blend. The texture feels very luxurious and is just as easy to work with as Mac or Urban Decay shadows.

 Pigmentation & Staying Power: The colour pay-off does lack a little compared to the Mac shadow but when used wet the pigmentation is incredible! For the swatches below I had to build it up a few layers so it does take a little longer to apply. It wears pretty well for the price; There is a little fading and creasing towards the end of the day but that's to be expected for the price point. The only major difference between the two products is that the Kiko shadow has quite a bit of fallout but that's easy to clean with a bit of concealer.

Price: It costs €5.90 and can be bought on the Kiko website

P.S. My one received a little battering as you can see from the photos. My 2-year-old niece loves to route through my makeup bag but unfortunately she doesn't quite grasp the concept that makeup breaks when you throw it on the floor *insert the monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji* At least it wasn't expensive, haha!

Mac Amber Lights Dupe Swatches

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