Autumn Reading: The 'Me Before You' Series

Sunday 2 October 2016

Me Before You Book Review

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There's nothing in the world I love more than lying on the couch with a good book in my hand. I've always loved reading, ever since I was a child, and in fact, I used to read a whole book in one day! Those were the days, eh? But unfortunately, as I got older my spare time reduced significantly so sadly I don't have the time to read as much. But this Autumn/Winter, I'm making it my mission to read more and thus the 'Autumn Reading' series was born. Each Autumn I'll be sharing what books I'm reading and today we're beginning with two books that don't need an introduction: I am of course talking about 'Me Before You' and 'After You' by Jojo Moyes......

Me Before You Book Review

Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

I don't normally read 'women's romance' novels {I'm more of a thriller or young adult fiction kinda gal} but I was pleasantly surprised by this book! The story follows Louisa, a woman who has lived in her small hometown forever and hasn't experienced life all that much, starting a new job as a carer after she has been made redundant. She becomes Will's carer who is quadriplegic after an accident.

In all honesty, it took me quite a while to really get stuck into this book. I found Moyes' writing quite difficult to connect with but about halfway through I finally became attached to the characters. It was definitely worth the wait as once I made it halfway through I could not put the book down!

I would definitely recommend sticking with it if you're not too keen on it at the beginning as it is a lovely read! The ending is very predictable but I liked it nonetheless! 

Me After You Book Review

Me After You By Jojo Moyes

Similarly to the first book, it took me a while to get into this story. At first, I found it strange and thought that maybe there shouldn't have been a second book at all. However, I stuck with it and by the end, I thought it was a lovely follow up story.

In the book, we witness Louisa struggling after what happened with Will and what I loved most about the book was that we saw Louisa grow and become the person she promised Will she would become. There were many dramatic twists which made the book gripping and I just couldn't put it down. It's a book that will have you wanting to read it every spare minute of your day!

Have you read these books?

What books are on your Autumn reading list?

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