How To Style The Cami Dress For A/W

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to style an autumnal floral dress
How to wear an autumnal floral dress

| How To Style The Cami Dress For A/W! |

I've wanted to own a cami dress for ages but I could never seem to find the right one. I thought the time had passed for the cami dress since the temperature dropped but a few weeks ago I was gifted this gorgeous dress for my birthday and it came with a t-shirt so I knew it was perfect for the Autumn/Winter months! The moment I saw it I knew exactly what pieces I was going to style it with and for today's outfit post I'll be sharing those items......

1. Biker Jacket:
Biker jackets are the perfect piece to pair with the dress because they're warmer than a cardigan so they will keep you cosy in your cold office or classroom. They're also less bulky than cardigans making them ideal for layering under your big winter coat. Nobody wants to go around looking like they're on a skiing holiday for the next few months *wink wink* Another reason why I love the biker jacket is that it transforms a girly outfit into a more edgy look. I love pairing the jacket with girly dresses just like I did in my how to style the shirt dress post to give the outfit a slight edge. 

How to style a biker jacket outfit post

2. Fur-Lined Boots:
I think everyone should have at least one pair of fur-lined boots in their Winter wardrobe. I got mine in Penneys last year and I wore them to death last Winter but they're still going strong this year. They are the comfiest boots I've ever worn, it's like walking on clouds! They have a chunky heel which is the perfect height for everyday wear. I love my Kurt Geiger dupes that I wore in this outfit post and my grey boots but neither of them are as comfy as this pair. They're also the perfect shade of brown so they go with practically everything in my wardrobe and I love how they tie in well with this outfit even though the colour scheme of the outfit isn't something you would typically pair with brown. They're easily the best 20 quid I've ever spent!

3. Layer up!
The dress came attached to this t-shirt but it's detachable so you can pair the dress with other tops too. A couple of weeks ago when I shot this outfit the weather was milder so I paired the look with the t-shirt but now that the weather is a little nippier I'll probably wear the dress with my black long sleeve roll neck top. But back to the t-shirt, for now, I'm obsessed with the colour of it. It's a great way to brighten up your dark Winter wardrobe! 

H&M Floral dress outfit post
How to style a cami dress in A/W
Autumn cami dress outfit post

4. A Bold Lip:
A simple trick to incorporate this traditional summery dress into your A/W wardrobe is to pair the look with a statement lip shade such as burgundy or red. These classic AutumnWinter hues will transform your look and will have you feeling festive too. Plus who doesn't love a good red or berry lip at this time of year? You'll be seeing Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and Nars 'Cruella' make a few appearances on this corner of the internet over the next few months for sure!

Are you a fan of the cami dress?

Cliona xx

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