Wrapped Up At Golden Hour & How I've Been Feeling Recently

Friday, 25 November 2016

Fashion blog outfit post
Fashion Blog Outfit Post

| Wrapped Up At Golden Hour & How I've Been Feeling Recently |

I'm going to do the typical Irish thing by starting this post off with talking about the weather, haha! How can I not? I love fashion but I would never compromise on warmth or comfort so my daily as well as occasion outfits revolve around the weather. I can't even bear to think about walking around with bare legs in 3-degree weather - It's a skill if you can, in my book! When they said it was going to a very cold Winter I didn't believe them but oh man, it's been cold the past two weeks and we're not even into December yet! I've never felt so cold in my life when I shot this look and I hardly got any photos because I was too cold to smile or look at the camera. 

For that reason, there'll only be one outfit post a week for the foreseeable future. Outfit posts are my favourite and judging by my analytics, they're your favourite too but I just can't brave the cold to shoot more than one look at a time. And that's saying something because I endured the cold city of New York in December, haha! 

I love Christmas but I hate Christmas shopping. I find it quite stressful and I struggle to cope with the crowds so a simple styling trick is really important to me when I go Christmas shopping. I like to wear a few light layers and a short, lightweight jacket. I get very hot and my chest can start to feel very tight when I'm in crowded situations so light clothing plays a vital role in preventing a panic attack. I still want to remain warm when I'm outside so I usually opt for this scarf which keeps me cosy but then it's light and not too thick so it fits in my bag and doesn't weigh it down. 

I can't wear large coats in a crowded area so my Missguided biker jacket is the perfect option for me. I also like to wear my fleece-lined ankle boots which keep my feet snug and the heel is the perfect height too. Sometimes if I'm not wearing the correct shoes it can worsen my derealisation in an over-crowded situation but these boots are perfect as they keep me grounded and they're easy to walk in.

Fashion Blog Outfit Post
Fashion Blog Outfit Post
Fashion Blog Outfit Post
Fashion Blog Outfit Post

I don't normally talk about anything personal or how I'm feeling etc on my blog as I don't feel the need to. I share so much but yet I share so little. You know what many of my interests are, you know what my style sense is, you know what products I love, what skin type I have, you catch my drift... And I love having that bit of distance from social media. I don't really share things that much on my personal Facebook because whilst I love sharing things on social media, I also like privacy. 

But today I thought I'd share how I'm feeling at the moment. In good news, I'm feeling incredibly inspired with my blog and Instagram once again. After the Leaving Cert, I felt a bit lost. I didn't really know who I was anymore and I felt lost with my blog content. Although I had a very large break from my blog during the year to focus on my exams, I took another little break back in August and September so I could gather my thoughts and see where I wanted to take my blog. Last month, inspiration came flooding back to me and I knew what content I wanted to share on my little space on the internet. 

Despite that, though, I had been feeling a little down recently. My anxiety hasn't been great and for the first time in a while, I've been avoiding doing things that make me feel uncomfortable as well as struggling to leave the house. But about two weeks ago I decided to start taking pleasure in the little things and I've been feeling much more content and upbeat. It could be anything to treating myself to a new candle, turning on some fairy lights, reading a book with a cup of tea, just something small each day. I asked my Mam if we could put up our Christmas decorations a little bit earlier this year as I think the fairy lights and glitter will brighten up the place as well as providing a cosy feel, which will all help to further lift my mood.

I had this written out and ready to go but moments before this post went live, I asked myself why I am sharing this? And the answer is, it's ok to not feel ok. I just wanted to be honest and share how I'm feeling right now because life isn't perfect pristine flatlays and dreamy outfit posts. Sometimes life is hard, for everyone and I wanted to share how I'm feeling because I'm sure somebody else is feeling the same way. But you're not alone and as the saying goes "This too shall pass".

"This Too Shall Pass"

What have you been up to recently?

And when are you putting up your Christmas decorations? *wink wink*

Cliona xx

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  1. Yes, it is certainly ok to not feel ok. I am often in that place too. Make time for you and be kind to you. Now all I need to do is take my own advice 😂
    Great blog and instagram feed 😉 x


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