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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas eve routine

| My essentials for a cosy Christmas Eve! |

*Sings* It was Christmas Eve babe....

Christmas Eve is upon us and I'm headed into town for a Christmas coffee and to see the Christmas lights before the preparations for tomorrow begin. In recent years, I've come to the conclusion that I much prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day as there's nothing like the exciting anticipation of waiting for the big day. I still feel like a kid waiting for Santa Clause, but instead of being solely excited about the presents {Come on, admit it, we were all like that as a child, haha!} I'm wholeheartedly excited to spend the day with my family. I see my family all of the time as we're very close but there's something extra special about it on Christmas. I'm always excited to see my family members' faces when they unwrap the gifts I've bought them, especially now that my niece is three so she understands Christmas a lot more. You really can't beat the gift of giving, as they say. 

Another reason why I love Christmas Eve is because I like to spend half the day taking the time to myself to relax and practice mindfulness. This is something that has become a very important aspect of my life as it helps my anxiety a lot and Christmas isn't easy when you have anxiety. So allowing myself to take a few moments to relax in this way is essential for me to have a good Christmas. 

1. Christmas Jumper:
I've dug out my cosy Christmas jumper that I bought in New Look last year. It has a soft woollen material on the inside so it's very cosy and comfortable to wear. It's not a loose fit but it's not tight either so it's ideal for my plans to eat a tonne of Celebrations *insert piggy emoji* I've paired it with a faux fur bomber jacket for the ultimate cosy ensemble. 

Christmas jumper outfit

2. Present Wrapping:
I've been busy this week with preparing blog posts and social media for over the Christmas holidays so I can switch off and relax. As a result, I haven't had the chance to finish my wrapping yet so I'll be taking an hour out today to get it done and I plan on blasting a Christmas playlist at full volume whilst I do so - Sorry neighbours but it is the time to be jolly, haha! 

Christmas eve routine

3. Pamper Routine:
I love having a pamper routine, especially during the Christmas holidays so I'll be running myself a sweet smelling bath courtesy of the Zoella Bath Latte. I'll be lighting one of my favourite festive candles - The White Company Winter candle - which diffuses the warm citrusy aroma throughout my home, making it smell like mulled wine. You can't get more Christmassy than that! I'll also be popping on an Origins mask as well as slathering on my current moisturiser from Roger & Gallet {review}. 

Christmas Eve Routine

4. Reading By The Tree:
After I've relaxed in the bath I like to extend the relaxed feeling by sitting by the tree and delving into the world of a good book. I'm currently reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard which is the second book in a dystopian sequel. I've nearly finished it and the last book had a huge plot twist at the end so I'm eager to see if there's another exciting twist at the end of this one. 

5. Christmas Movie Marathon:
I love a good movie marathon and they're even better at Christmas time. The line-up for this evening is Home Alone, Christmas with the Coopers and I might see if I can fit in the third Santa Clause movie too. 

Christmas Eve routine
Christmas eve routine blog post

6. Festive Hot Chocolate:
You can't have a Christmas movie marathon without hot chocolate so I'll be making a Terry's orange hot chocolate this evening. Terry's is a Christmas classic so pairing it with another Christmas classic - hot chocolate - makes for the perfect Christmas Eve combo!

7. Christmas Pyjamas & Bedding:
Putting fresh sheets on has been a Christmas Eve tradition of mine since I was a child so I'll be putting a cosy set of Christmas bedding on that I got in Penneys last year. Another tradition of mine is to buy a new pair of pyjamas and this year I bought a set with purple reindeer on them - So cute!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

What are your cosy Christmas Eve essentials?

Cliona xx

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