How To Wear A Red Lip This Festive Season

Friday, 2 December 2016

How To Wear A Red Lip

| How To Wear A Red Lip For The Festive Season! | 

It's nearly impossible to not wear a red lipstick at least once throughout the festive period. It's a Christmas classic and seeing as we're heading into party season I thought I'd share a few tricks that play an essential role in making my red lip look it's best...... 

1. Exfoliate:
Between the bleak weather conditions and the harsh effects of central heating, our lips are suffering severely. No one wants their lips to look or feel dry and flaky at any time, but especially when wearing a matte red lipstick as it'll accentuate the problem and make it look 10x worse. That's why exfoliation is a fundamental step before applying any red lipstick. I've never used any lip scrubs other than the Lush ones and their Bubblegum flavour {Review} is my absolute favourite!

2. Moisturise:
Similarly to step 1, moisturising my lips is essential before I apply any lipstick during the Winter. My favourite lip balm to use during the Winter months is the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm. It's formulated with honey so it deeply nourishes and hydrates the lips for hours, creating a smooth flake free base for my statement red lipstick.

3. Lipliner:
Lip liner is one of those products that I couldn't live without, especially when it comes to statement lipsticks. Lip liner prevents bleeding as well as allowing me to apply the lipstick neatly and easily. If I didn't line my lips before applying a dark lipstick I would probably end up with lipstick down my chin, to be honest. I was one of those children who struggled to stay inside the lines when colouring so a lip liner is a must for sloppy joe over here *points to self* 

4. Choosing The Right Lipstick For You:
I've worn a few different red lipsticks over the past couple of years but it wasn't until I bought Nars 'Cruella', that I became obsessed with sporting a red lip. Everyone raves about this lipstick and it's easy to see why! It's a classic red shade that suits my pale skin tone and like all of the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils, the formula is incredible and easy to work with. This is certainly the perfect lipstick for me; I love everything about it from the shade to the formula to how comfortable it feels on!

5. Concealer At The Ready!
If you accidentally smudge your lipstick then fear not because concealer will be your best friend and come to your rescue! I've had a few smudging incidents over the years but it's easily fixed. I'm loving the NYX HD Concealer at the moment so I always have this by my side when applying red lipstick just in case. 

How to wear red lipstick

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Will you be sporting a red lip this season?

Cliona xx

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