How To Wear White Jeans In Winter

Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to style white jeans in winter
How to style white jeans in winter blog post

| How To Style White Jeans In Winter! |

White jeans aren't traditionally associated with Winter but we've reached that point in the year when it's dark almost 24/7 *insert crying emoji* and the last thing we need to be doing is wearing dark clothing to add to the dark miserable weather. Hence, opting for lighter colours is a great way to brighten up your life during the dreariness of Winter. One of my favourite ways to do this is selecting a light and airy ensemble that's still appropriate for the Winter. In my opinion, white jeans are the best item in your capsule wardrobe to create the look and today I'll be sharing how I style them during Wintertime.......

1. White On White:
This is a classic look in my opinion and to transition the summery look into a Winter-appropriate outfit I like to pair my jeans with a white jumper instead of a white top or shirt, which is usually what I opt for during the Summer. A white knit adds texture and a cosy element to the outfit which makes the white-on-white look suitable for the colder weather. 

How to wear white jeans in Winter
All white winter outfit

2. Camel On White:
You might remember my love of the camel coat in a recent Autumnal blog post and I've carried the coat through to the Winter season pairing it with cosy scarves and leather gloves. Pairing camel and white together brings an A/W vibe to the look and the structure of the coat provides a sophisticated element to the outfit, clearly distinguishing from the relaxed casual aura of Summer style. I also paired the look with a pair of camel coloured boots with a fur lining. They add a cosy component to the outfit which is a vital part of any Winter outfit if you ask me!

How to wear white jeans in Winter
How to wear white jeans in Winter
How to wear white jeans in winter

3. A Touch Of Grey:
Is a simple way of bringing a darker winter shade to the outfit without compromising the soft, light and airy feel. My grey item of choice was this soft, cosy scarf which I think looks perfect tucked into the opening of the coat. It adds a messy, imperfect vibe to this otherwise 'perfect pristine Instagram outfit' - as I like to call it! - which is what the Winter is all about really. Windswept hair, hoods up, messy bunched up scarves, all in an attempt to keep ourselves snug as a bug. 

How to wear white jeans in winter
How to wear white jeans in winter
How to wear white jeans in winter

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Do you like wearing white in Winter?

How do you like to style white jeans?

Cliona xx

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