2017 Blog & Personal Goals

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2017 blog & personal goals

| 2017 Blog & Personal Goals! | 

For many, it was back to the grind today after a long relaxing week of doing nothing. I'm treating today like the first day of the year so I'm back to the blog and getting sh*t done today. Fortunately, I worked really hard to get a lot of blog work done before the holidays so I could switch off for a while and as a result, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to attack my 2017 goals. 

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions however, I'm a firm believer in goals. I set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. I don't believe in waiting for Monday or waiting for the New Year. If I really want to change something in my life or do something new I'll get started straight away. I'm a goal orientated person and that's what motivates me and inspires me with everything I do. However, I think it's important to have a healthy outlook when it comes to setting goals. I always do my best with any task I set myself but if I don't complete it I'm always satisfied with the fact that I've tried my hardest and I never get bogged down about it. I didn't reach half of my goals in 2016 but I did my best under the circumstances and that made me very happy and satisfied. 

Speaking of goals, I thought I'd share mine in a blog post as I was a bit disappointed that I didn't write a post like this last year. I wrote my goals on a piece of paper but I lost it amongst the mountains of notes I had for my exams last year so writing them in a blog post is a much better way to keep track of them because I can easily look back at this post. I have a few personal goals relating to my anxiety that I'd like to keep private but I'll be sharing all of my blog goals and a few personal goals too so without further ado let's get started.....


1. Take more personal photos:
I'm constantly taking photos for the blog so whenever I'm doing personal things I never have the energy to take photos. But this year, I'm making it a priority to take more personal photos and at the end of the year, I'll put all of the photos in a scrapbook so I can look back on the year for years to come. My sister does this every year and it's such a good idea so I'm going to be a copycat *wink wink* Life is short so it's nice to document the fun things you do and the people you love!

2. Invest in skincare a little more:
I used to always invest in skincare more than makeup but again my exams got me into bad habits with this. I used to save my money for makeup because the excitement of new makeup got me through all of the studying and perked me up a little through a hard stage in my life. However, this year I want to spend less money on makeup and more on skincare. I have a little bit of blemish scarring still from the past few stressful months so I want to clear that up too. I might document it on the blog by taking before and after photos but I'm not sure I have the confidence to post a photo of my bare face on the internet! 

3. Organise my makeup collection:
I do have more important things on my list of personal goals than this on my private list like save money but I'd thought I'd share this one anyway, hehe! I'm not happy with how my makeup is stored so this year I'm hoping to sort out my collection and find storage that I'm 100% happy with. The simple solution would be to get rid of a lot of it and stop buying makeup but we all know that isn't going to happen, haha!

4. Read 35 books:
I've always loved reading but during the Leaving Cert, it was impossible to concentrate on a book after spending 12+ hours studying. Over the year, I fell out of love with reading and as a result, I struggled to write blog posts. It took me ages to get back into reading but in the last few months of the year, I managed to read 11 books. This year I want to up my reading game so I'm going to aim to read 35 books! You can follow my reading journey over on my Goodreads account.

5. Be more productive:
I've always been a very organised person but I'm also a bit of a procrastinator, especially after my exams. But recently, I've been getting into more of a routine and I've been using my time more effectively. I actually find that taking a few breaks to do something small like watch 3 people's Snapchat stories or read a chapter of my book refreshes me and prepares me to move onto my next task for the day. I'm hoping to continue this in 2017!

6. Practice mindfulness each day:
Mindfulness has become an important aspect of my daily life as it destresses me and helps me feel relaxed and peaceful each day rather than distressed and panicky which is how I used to feel every day. I try to be mindful throughout the day by doing little things and noticing my surroundings but this year I'd like to take at least ten minutes out of each day to do some meditation. This is the ultimate mindful activity and I hardly ever do it.

7. Yoga & pilates 4x per week:
I used to be very good at sticking to an exercise routine but in the Winter I find it very hard to feel motivated to do so. This year I want to exercise 4 times per week as the benefits it has on my mental health is extraordinary. It doesn't solve all of my problems but it helps me a little!


1. Reach 10,000 unique page views in 1 month:
At the moment I reach over 6.5k unique page views per month according to GA so one month during the year (most likely towards the end of the year) I'd love to surpass 10k! I have a plan set in motion to do it so I'm excited to get started - Eek! 

2. Fall in love with Instagram again:
Instagram used to be my favourite app and I was so in love with it. However, 2016 saw the introduction of a new algorithm which completely destroyed the app. My likes and engagement were down and I was getting less likes with over 2,000 followers than I was with around 1500 followers! I used to post 2-3 times each day but recently I've been posting one or two every few days. However, I've seen a little bit more growth than usual recently so in 2017 I'm going to put my tips from this blog post back into action and reignite my fast growth and love for Instagram once again. Benjamin Franklin once said "energy and persistence conquer all things" so I'll be keeping this in mind when I'm pouring my heart and soul into my IG account again. 

3. Post more frequently on the blog:
Since October I've been quite good with posting frequently but I'd like to step it up another notch. I have an idea of how many days I'd like to post per week but I'm keeping it vague for now as I don't want to make any empty promises. But I've written it down in my journal so hopefully, I can stick to the new schedule. But I'll certainly try my best! 

4. Interact on Twitter more:
I'm terrible at being consistent on Twitter and interacting with other bloggers but 2017 will be the year that I change that. I'm also hoping to take part in 1 or 2 chats per month because at the moment I don't take part in any *insert monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji*

5. Share my posts more often:
Some days I'm great at promoting my posts on Twitter but others I'm not so great. In 2017, I'd like to share my blog link every day and this goal kind of ties in with being more active on Twitter. Some day's I'll post nothing and then others I'll tweet 20 times in one day so consistency is something I need to improve.

6. Learn to use my camera on manual mode:
I've had my camera for over two years now and I still don't know how to use it on manual mode. I always shoot in aperture priority and whilst that setting is very good, I'd like to be able to utilise my camera to it's full ability so this year I want to learn to shoot on manual.

7. Social Goals: 

Bloglovin // Currently at: 939 // Goal: 2,000

Twitter // Currently at: 1,453 // Goal: 2,000

Instagram // Currently at: 2,410 // Goal: 4,000

Number goals aren't for everyone but I find that they motivate me and inspire me so I like to set them. My 2016 goal for Bloglovin was 1,000 and I'm currently at 939 so that was pretty good going considering how busy I was last year. This year I'd like to hit the 2,000 mark and I have lots of content planned so hopefully, I can reach my goal! Like I said before I'm not very good with Twitter so if I could reach 2,000 I'd be pretty happy. My Instagram goal for 2016 was 2,500 so I was pretty close to reaching my target. IG is my favourite platform and as I mentioned above I have an Instagram plan and I'm not going to let the algorithm affect me anymore! I'm aiming high this year as I'd love to reach 4,000 so I have a lot of work to do this year but I'm ready! 

It might seem like a lot of goals but many of them are things I've already been doing and I'd like to continue in 2017. And some of them are things I used to do so I need to get back into the habit of doing them. And others are new! I have every confidence that I'll be able to achieve most of them but as I said I'll try my hardest and that's all anyone can do! 

"Energy & Persistence Conquer All Things" - Benjamin Franklin

What are your 2017 goals?

Cliona xx

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  1. Amazing post!! You've chosen such good goals, and definitley realistic ones!! Hope you have the best year xxxx

  2. Such a great and inspiring post! I find it amazing that you are so motivated and set yourself goals to achieve. Definitely inspired me to do the same :)


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