Starry-Eyed & A Simple Way To Brighten Up A Dark Outfit

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Penneys Star Print Top
Penneys Star Print Top
Penneys Star Print Top

| The Star Print Trend Everyone In Ireland Went Starry Eyed For! |

A few months ago Pippa O'Connor was spotted wearing this star print dress from Penneys and the whole country went starry-eyed (excuse the pun) for it! It started to pop up in my Instagram feed on a regular basis and I couldn't help falling for the hype *insert monkey with his hands over his mouth emoji* I headed to my local Penneys store to seek out the highly coveted dress but sadly the trip ended in disappointment because when I tried the dress on it looked hideous on me - The style of the dress just didn't suit my body shape at all! 

Fast forward to a few weeks after that and I stumbled into Penneys once again. At this rate, it should be called my home away from home because I seem to always be in the there - Whoops! However, I'm glad I went in because my craving for that star print dress had been fulfilled when I spotted this great alternative that I'm wearing in today's post. The star print is identical to the dress, and the cold shoulder and puffy sleeves add an extra dimension to the top, making it classy like something Blair Waldorf would wear. I usually try to avoid this style of printed top as it can look a bit naff on me but the sleeves and the ruffled detailing throughout the top have the ability to make it look elegant and sophisticated. 

I got the top in Penneys so unfortunately, I don't have a link to the exact one and the same for the boots :-( But I've linked to a couple of similar items down below. When are Penneys going to get an online shop?! That would be the dream!! 

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Penneys Star Print Top

| A Simple Trick To Brighten Up A Dark Outfit! |

Our Winters are long and dark enough so wearing a dark outfit is not ideal when you're trying to keep your mood lifted. Stop whatever you're doing and just imagine that it's a miserable day, the clouds are a dirty shade of black and the rain is bucketing down with no sign of it ever stopping. And now imagine wearing an all-black outfit on that same day. It's gloomy, am I right? But yet I'm still attracted to dark clothes during the Winter so adding a few bright touches to my outfit is very important.

1. A Statement Lipstick:
I've said it before but I'll say it again! A bright statement lipstick can transform your entire outfit and make it stand out more. Every outfit I pair with a bright lipstick looks instantly more vibrant, perfect for perking me up during the January blues.

2. A Colourful Pair Of Shoes:
Burgundy, burnt orange, silver and even blue! There's a whole world of colourful shoes out there waiting to be explored! Speaking of colourful shoes, this is a trick I saw Kendall Jenner taking advantage of as I recently came across a photo of her wearing a dark outfit paired with some blue boots. If Kendall Jenner can pull off the bright shoe look then I'm definitely not going to miss the opportunity to do the same. Does this make me a Kardashian now? *wink wink*

What way do you brighten your wardrobe up during the Winter?

Cliona xx

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  1. This outfit is so nice on you.I love the top it looks festive.


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