10 Things To Do This Spring

Saturday 25 February 2017

March To Do List

| 10 Things To Do This Spring! |

Another month is drawing to a close, but a new season is just beginning. Spring is one of my favourite seasons as everything is fresh and to me, it represents a new beginning. There are lots of things I'm excited to do this Spring so I thought I'd share them in today's post...

1) Continue to find time to read - It's easy to read lots during the Winter but I'd like to continue having cosy evenings, reading my book this Spring

2) Go for lots of beach walks - I haven't been to the beach since September!

3)  Treat myself to a huge Lush Easter haul.

4) Embrace bright makeup picks from blush to eyeshadow, to lipstick.

5) Splurge on some new high-end Spring makeup.

6) Bake sweet treats - I don't bake as much as I used to, so my Spring goal is to bake lots of yummy treats as well as some healthy treats too.

7) Take more photos - It's so hard to take photos in the Winter as a result of the abysmal weather. This Spring I'm making it my mission to bring my camera out for walks with me as well as trying to take more family photos now that my new niece has arrived.

8) Invest in some new Spring wardrobe pieces - I'm thinking about investing in a pair of POCO jeans and I have my eye on a couple of Zara tops *insert love-heart eye emoji*

9) Incorporate more lifestyle photos into my Instagram feed - With brighter weather and longer days, I'm hoping to take lots more lifestyle photos and share them on Instagram. 

10) Try new hairstyles and makeup routines - During the Winter I tend to get very lazy with my beauty routines and I'll just do the same thing day in day out, but this Spring I want to try new things from hairstyles to switching up my makeup routine often.

What do you want to do this Spring?

Cliona xx

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  1. Cliona I loveee this post! It is so positive, fresh and sweet :) I would equally love to do all these things too! I don't know if you watch Friends but when you said abysmal all I could think about was Joey, haha :) Xx

  2. Ahh thank you lovely! I love Friends! That episode was gas! xx


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