How To Style The Ikea Hemnes Vanity Table

Tuesday 28 February 2017

How to style Ikea Hemnes Vanity Table

| How To Style The Ikea Hemnes Vanity Table! | 

We've been renting for around 7 years and at times, it can be quite difficult not having your own space. The majority of the houses on the Irish renting market are already furnished, often leaving us with furniture and decor that isn't to our taste. I had always dreamed of owning a pretty vanity table, like the lavish ones they had in old Hollywood films. After a few years of renting, I decided to finally purchase one so that I could make my bedroom space feel like my own. It made such an impact on my mental health as this simple table made my house feel like a home for the first time in years. 

No matter where I move to, I'll always have this piece that's my own and I always ensure it stands out using little trinkets to make it the main feature of the bedroom, detracting attention away from the details in the room I can't change. Styling the piece correctly plays a vital role in making it the focal point of the bedroom, so for today's post I'm going to share how I style my vanity table...

1) Copper Hardware //
To me, copper hardware has the ability to make a piece of furniture look more expensive than it is. I couldn't afford a fancy dressing table but I knew the addition of a few copper or brass pieces would provide a luxe element to the budget Ikea table. Copper and brass trinkets are very affordable and widely available these days. The copper lights draped around the mirror were around €3 from Penneys/Primark a few years ago and the little copper tumblers from a shop in Dublin called Article were also affordable.  

2) A Minimalistic Approach Is Key //
My main aim was to achieve a space that had lots of intricate details whilst still maintaining a minimal and uncluttered look.

Keeping the space fairly minimal whilst still having lots of detail was quite tricky, but I've managed to find the perfect balance between the two. To maintain a minimalistic look I moved my acrylic storage from the vanity to my chest of drawers, as the area looked too busy and cluttered with them. In the space where my acrylic storage used to be, I added two of my favourite palettes that I use quite frequently. Not only is it handy to have these palettes in a place where I can access them easily, but it also leaves the part where the table and mirror connect visible, creating a spacious minimal feel. 

Another way to keep the space minimal is by adding lots of white and clear trinkets like the small Ikea vase, the clear perfume bottle and The White Company Winter Candle {10% off - Whoop!} that are located on the left drawer. The aforementioned items fill the blank space on the drawer with interesting detail whilst maintaining an airy and minimal feel.

3) Create Atmosphere //
The type of atmosphere to create depends on what function your vanity will serve. I don't have an office or any other desk to sit at, so my vanity table has to double up as a workspace for studying and blog work as well as being suitable for makeup application. For blogging and makeup application, I like to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere and I achieve this through the fairy lights and the candle. For studying, the fresh invigorating scent in my reed diffuser wakes me up and tells my body it's time to work. 

4) Display Dreamy Products //
I regularly refresh my vanity space by alternating what products I have on display. At the moment, I have my Pippa Palette {Review} on the table and my Hourglass Palette {Review} is stacked on top of it. The pink shade of the Pippa Palette suits the pink scarf I have draped on my chair and it compliments the copper hues, whilst the marble packaging of the HG palette fits well with the light and airy feel of the space. Other swoon-worthy products that complement the vanity include my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick {review}, pretty perfume bottles and my rose gold Zoeva makeup brushes.

Have you got a dressing table/ vanity table?

How do you style it?

Cliona xx

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