The Highlighter Palette Every Makeup Lover Should Own

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Sosu highlighter kit review

| The Highlighter Palette Every Makeup Lover Should Own! |

I've never met a woman that doesn't want healthy, glowing skin, and I think that the rise of glow-inducing products available has enabled women to achieve this look so effortlessly. These radiance-boosting products are available in all parts of the world, in different forms such as skincare products, dewy foundations, strobe creams etc. and cater to every budget and skin type so there's something to suit every woman's glowing skin desires. But the main product that has the ability to transform the appearance of our skin and provide us with an ethereal glow is highlighter. I have a vast array of highlighters in my makeup collection but recently I've introduced a new highlighting palette into my selection, and it has stolen the show.....

The SoSu Highlighter Kit houses six iridescent shimmer highlighters with a broad range of shades to choose from, so there's something to suit every skin tone. Each powder is highly pigmented and they all pack a punch to the skin. Some of the powders provide a soft radiant lit-from-within glow whilst others offer a more intense glow that would look stunning in photos. 

Considering the palette cost around the €30 mark for six powders I wasn't expecting the quality to be that good. However, I was absolutely floored by the quality of the palette as the powders have a smooth velvety texture that is of high-end quality! Three of the shades are regular pressed powders and the other three options are baked powders, so again everyone's needs and preferences are catered for. 

The staying power is also remarkable as they last all day. On New Year's Eve, my sister asked me to do her makeup before work as she was going out that evening. I applied two layers of the 'Shooting Star' powder as she works in a nursing home and the job is fast-paced and involves manual handling so I was sure that the powder would fade slightly throughout the day. Unfortunately, she ended up having to come back home due to a family emergency but I noticed that her highlight still was still as strong as when I first applied it. Amazing!

Sosu highlighter swatches

The Shades {From L To R}:

  • Melted Gold: Is a deep warm bronze shade with golden shimmer running through it. The rich shade of this one doesn't suit my skin but would look lovely on darker skin tones or equally, it would work well with a bit of tan. However, the powder doesn't go to waste as it doubles up as a beautiful bronze eyeshadow.

  • Moon Sparkle: A soft pink shade that provides a pearlescent shimmer to the skin. This one is a little bit more subtle than the other powders so it's ideal for everyday use.

  • Shooting Star: A golden yellow shade with flecks of champagne shimmer in it. It provides a similar soft radiant finish like The Balm Mary-Lou highlighter. This is my favourite shade in the palette as it provides a warm healthy glow to my pale skin.

  • Unicorn Dust: Is a white shade that provides a frosted finish. The baked powders look quite scary in the pan but instead of looking like a big chunk of glitter sitting on the skin, they blend onto the skin beautifully and reflect the light. 

  • Peach Smoothie: A warm peach shade with flecks of golden shimmer that are noticeable once it's applied. This doesn't suit my pale skin to use as a highlighter but on a daily basis, I use it as a blush and the results are quite similar to my Nars Luster blush. It also works well as an eyeshadow paired with the burnt orange shades in the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette as well as the orange shades in the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette

  • Candy Crush: A deep mauve shade which provides a beautiful rose gold glow on my pale complexion. The rich undertones of this shade make it easy to go overboard with it on pale skin tones but used light-handed it looks gorgeous and suitable for everyday wear. 
SoSu highlighter kit review

The combination that beats Becca Champagne Pop:
My all-time favourite highlighter was Becca Champagne Pop until I discovered this breathtaking combination: Shooting Star paired with Unicorn Dust. The shade is completely different to Champagne Pop but in terms of pigmentation and the intense glow that it provides, it trumps the Becca highlighter for me. In the photo above I'm wearing this combination on the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and on my brow bone. I'm also wearing Peach Smoothie on the eyes paired with Extra Bitter from the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette.

All in all, this is a high-quality palette that caters for all preferences and a variety of different skin tones. The shades also double up as blush and eyeshadow so you end up getting much more than a highlighter palette. I highly recommend it and it's certainly good value for money!

You can purchase the palette on the SoSu website

Have you tried any SoSu products?

What's your favourite highlighting palette?

Cliona xx

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