A Hydrating Skincare Routine

Thursday 6 April 2017

Uriage Skincare Review

| A Hydrating Skincare Routine! |

After a long Winter filled with stormy winds, sleet pelting down and the harsh effects of central heating on our skin, my skin has become quite dehydrated and lacklustre. For the past few weeks, I've incorporated some hydrating skincare picks from Uriage into my routine and they've helped restore my skin back to its pre-winter state. 

Over the last few months, I noticed that dehydrated lines started to form on my forehead, my skin's texture became rough and flaky, and my skin was looking a little lacklustre. I've been using three new hydrating products for the past five weeks and I've noticed an improvement in my skin in terms of hydration and the overall texture of my skin. 

The three Uriage products I've been using are all from their Eau Thermale range which is formulated with thermal water originating in the French Alps. The website states that "it is collected pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements", so I think it's a great ingredient to use on the skin. I've tried quite a few thermal water ranges from various brands and I got on really well with them so I was excited to give these a try. 

The first product I tried was the Water Eye Contour Cream* which claims to reduce the appearance of dehydrated lines, as well as dark circles whilst also moisturising the area. The biggest difference I noticed was, my dark circles had slightly reduced as the pigment is now more of a pale grey-blue shade rather than a deep purple. I didn't really notice a difference in terms of dehydrated lines but maybe I need to use it for a little longer. Before using the cream I was having some trouble with concealer application as my under eyes were quite dry. Applying concealer was a nightmare as it only accentuated the problem but since incorporating this into my routine my under eye area is hydrated and concealer applies smoothly. It has a cooling gel-like consistency that helps reduce puffiness I often get in the morning. I'm very impressed with the results of this product, especially the fact that it reduced the deep hue of my dark circles!

Once I've cleansed, toned and applied the eye cream, I then go in with the Water Serum*. This was the standout product of the bunch for me as it transformed the condition of my skin, providing soft and plump skin as well as reducing the dehydration lines on my forehead. Sometimes I would just apply this on its own without the moisturiser and my skin was so soft and plump!

Another product that has been helping to keep my skin hydrated and aiding with brightening my skin is the Light Water Cream SPF20*. It's really important to wear SPF all year round but to be honest I'm so bad at remembering to apply it. I usually apply a higher SPF than 20 at this time of year because according to the Irish Cancer Society, the UV rays are strongest from April to September in Ireland. However, having SPF built into the moisturiser is great because if I do forget to apply my higher SPF then at least I'm somewhat protected. As well as the SPF function, this moisturiser has a lightweight milky consistency so it doesn't leave a greasy residue and it creates a smooth base for makeup application.

I highly recommend these if you have sensitive skin as the products are hypoallergenic and if you're on the hunt for some simple fuss-free products that will provide long-lasting hydration! 

What are your favourite hydrating products?

Cliona xx

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