Floral Details & Falling Out Of Love With Blogging

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Summer style
Summer style
Casual summer outfit

| Floral Details & Falling Out Of Love With Blogging!| 

After months of putting unnecessary pressure on myself to create "perfect" content for my blog, I decided to take a little step back. In my personal life, I had also been struggling with my mental health and I began to doubt myself and my blog. This lead me to fall out of love with blogging, in particular, my outfit posts, and that's why things have been a little quiet around here recently. 

"Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective"

During my time off, I read Sally's post about how she's bringing her blog back to basics and it resonated with me, evoking feelings about my own blog and how I can go back to basics to stop putting pressure on myself. I perused my blog archive, and when I was reading my old outfit posts I realised I used to simply write a couple of paragraphs about whatever was on my mind or why I chose each piece in the outfit. I used to have fun with the photos shooting one outfit in different spots but in recent months it became less spontaneous and less fun so I'm changing my outlook on my outfit posts. Some months there may be one outfit post or other months there may be five, I want them to be less forced and I want to start having fun with them again. 

As for my other content, I've gone back to doing old school 'monthly favourites' but with a new and improved name (5 favourite things in the month of...) as I used to have so much fun doing these. I'll be continuing with the beauty edits as I really enjoy writing them, I'd like to start doing more skincare posts as I used to do them more frequently and lastly I'd like to continue doing more reading updates - I know they're not as popular as my other content but I love writing them and looking back at what I've been reading. 

During our recent heatwave, I was searching through my Summer clothes stash but I didn't have much that was appropriate for the weather. A lot of the Summery clothes I own are beach/pool wear for holidays so I decided to have a little shopping spree to pick up a few things that were a bit more structured and suitable for Ireland. These Zara shorts were perfect as the fit of the shorts are a bit more sophisticated and structured than typical flowy shorts that I'm only comfortable wearing by the pool on holidays. 

I paired the shorts with the pink t-shirt that has floral embroidery on the front shoulder region. I liked how simple the t-shirt is but yet the delicate detailing adds a bit of somethin' somethin' to a basic tee. The floral detailing, of course, also ties in well with the floral print shorts creating the perfect summer ensemble!

Even though I went shopping prior to the Zara sale, I still managed to get a bargain on the shoes as they were reduced from €50 down to €30! I bought a pair of espadrilles over 4 years ago from Zara and they're the comfiest pair of shoes that I own. I love pretty shoes but I just can't wear espadrilles, pumps, plimsolls, loafers etc. if they're not comfortable but these are the epitome of comfort!

Casual Summer Outfit
Casual summer outfit post
Casual summer style

What do you think of this outfit?

If there's anything you like reading from me or a particular post you'd like to see, then let me know! Every idea will help get my mojo back, haha!

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  1. This is such a lovely outfit. I think most bloggers go through a phase of falling out of love with blogging, it can all get a bit much sometimes and you're right to want to bring it back to basics :)


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