New Pieces In My Jewellery Collection From Les Georgettes

Sunday 6 August 2017

Les Georgettes Bracelet

| New Pieces In My Jewellery Collection From Les Georgettes! |

I never feel fully dressed until I'm adorned in Jewellery. It's the finishing touches that add detail to an outfit and pull the entire look together. As well as adding beautiful details to an outfit, jewellery also has the ability to tell a story. Special and well-made jewellery become classic pieces in our collection that will be cherished forever throughout every stage in our lives, so having customisable jewellery in my collection allows me to tailor them for every different occasion.

I was recently contacted by a French jewellery brand called Les Georgettes By Altesse whose concept is customisable jewellery with interchangeable leather bands. You can customise your bracelet by choosing the design, the finish, the size and you can choose 2 leather or fluid perspex bands. 

Les Georgettes
Les Georgettes Bracelet

As I mentioned previously you can customise your bracelet by choosing the design and there's a vast variety of designs to choose from in the Les Essentielles range as well as 6 designs in the Les Précieuses collection. The moment I saw the designs I fell in love with the intricate detailing and as you can imagine, I had a hard time choosing which design to go for as they're all so pretty! The bracelets in the Les Précieuses collection are embellished with precious stones and they're absolutely gorgeous too! There's also a few finishes to choose from such as gold, silver and rose gold as well as small, medium and large sizes so there's something to suit everyone. 

For my bracelet*, I opted for the medium size, I chose the Fougéres design, the rose gold finish along with the Nude/Aquatic leather band as well as the Coral/Olimpo Laser leather band. What I love most about the bracelet is that I can swap the bands to create a whole new bracelet to suit my outfit. I chose the nude and aquatic leather band as I wanted to have a soft muted colour for everyday wear but I also wanted something bright and fun to add to an all-black outfit. I follow Yoga With Adriene on Youtube and in one of her videos she said "business in the front and party in the back" and that's what this leather band reminded me of. I can sport the nude side for everyday business and I can easily switch to the aquatic side when I want to liven up an outfit.

Les Georgettes ring
Les Georgettes Ring

I'm fond of mixing metals so, in addition to the rose gold bracelet, I also chose a gold ring* with the same design as the bracelet as well as a Lilium/Nimbus leather band. The Fougéres design is my favourite and I thought it looked lovely on the ring too. 
I just love the orange side of this leather band as I think it'll work for both the Summer and Autumn months; The shade is bright for the warmer months and I also think it'll go really well with the cream, brown/tan hues I tend to wear a lot during the Autumn. 

We all know I'm a sucker for some beautiful packaging and the jewellery comes in gorgeous packaging. The bracelet comes in a dreamy orange box and the ring came in a cute little pouch, both of which are handy for storing them in. One of the first things I noticed when I unraveled the beautiful packaging was the quality of the pieces. The leather bands are sturdy and I can tell the bracelet and ring have been made well. They're also both very comfortable to wear and it's really easy to switch the bands. 

I was also kindly given a discount code you can avail of to get 15% off a bracelet or ring, using the code CLIONA and it's available to use until the 31st of August. You can create your own in the Create Your Own Workshop and it would be a perfect gift if you have any birthdays or special occasions coming up!

What do you think of the ring and bracelet?

Cliona xx

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