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Friday, 22 September 2017

Bedside table decor

Ikea Hemnes Vanity Table

| New Homeware Pieces! |

We recently moved house and for the first time in years, we had the option to have it unfurnished so it was exciting buying new bits to make the house feel like a home. For a long time, it was difficult to find stylish homeware pieces that were affordable in Ireland, but in the last few years, the search has been made easier with new shops like Sostrene Grene and Homesense arriving at our shores. For today's post, I'm excited to share some of our new homeware additions and where we bought them. 

1) Ikea //
Ikea is a great place for buying basics like furniture as well as other cute little trinkets for around the home. A lot of their furniture is plain white so there's always the option of doing a little DIY job with some paint or spray paint, and whenever I see people doing this, their piece of furniture always looks way more expensive! I had always dreamed of owning a vanity table but some of them cost a crazy amount of money! I decided to get the Ikea Hemnes Vanity Table a few years ago and I've added some copper trinkets and a little Autumnal bouquet to spruce up the plain table and add a luxurious element. Someday I might paint it and spray paint the drawer handles too!

2) Sostrene Grene //
This is a new shop in Ireland which offers affordable Scandinavian homeware. Their stock is always innovative and unique, and the shop is the epitome of stylish homeware with a budget price tag. I picked up my new bedside table from them and it only cost €55, and considering the Ikea Hemnes bedside table is €50, the price for such a decorative piece is very reasonable! Another budget-friendly piece of furniture we managed to nab was the pink console table and I think this was just over €30. The lamp and the circular box on the console table are also from Sostrene Grene and they both complement the piece. 

Home decor on a budget
Home decor on a budget

3) Homesense //
Homesense is a hot topic at the moment as everyone and their granny is shopping there, and I can easily see why! They have a wide range of stylish pieces from furniture to prints/wall art to cushions to lamps, and their seasonal stock is swoon-worthy. It's like an Autumnal and Halloween wonderland in there at the moment! On my recent trip, I picked up their paperwhite vanilla candle for only €3.99! Their shelves of candles are like my own little Disneyland and I'll definitely be heading back to pick up some of the pumpkin scented candles in October.

4) Meadows & Byrne //
Meadows & Byrne is actually a fairly pricey shop but we always manage to find a few hidden bargains and pieces that are on sale. We got our kitchen table here which was very reasonably priced as well as a TV unit that was reduced! I also picked up a little Autumnal bouquet for my vase on the vanity table and the two pieces together came to €7 - I think it adds a cosy Autumn aura to my entire room and it was such a cheap way to add a statement to the area.

Have you bought any new homeware pieces recently?

Cliona xx

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