Cosy Rituals To Brighten Up The A/W Evenings

Friday, 13 October 2017

Cosy Autumn evening routine

| Cosy Rituals To Brighten Up The A/W Evenings! |

The shorter evenings and the cold weather means there's always an excuse to have an abundance of cosy evenings. The simple pleasures like a steaming cup of tea, a fluffy dressing gown and a binge-worthy Netflix series are the perfect pick-me-ups after a long, tiring day. 

1)Cosy Clothes // 
My typical evening routine starts as soon as I've put on a cosy pair of pyjamas. For me, there's nothing better than hopping into some cosy clothes after a long day, especially when it's raining and miserable outside. I'm pretty sure I own more cosy pyjamas and loungewear than 'real' clothes as my pyjama drawer is currently bursting! I definitely don't need to add to my collection, however, I have my eye on these cute bunny slippers from Asos as well as a bunny print pyjama set that would match the slippers perfectly *insert emoji with love heart eyes*

My Top Cosy Pyjama Picks!

2) Vibrant Flowers //
We always have a bunch of vibrant flowers on our kitchen table and whenever I come home in the evenings my mood is instantly lifted. We usually pick a cheap bunch of flowers up in Tesco and it's an inexpensive way to brighten up the house. I always look forward to coming home and eating my dinner with some beautiful flowers in front of me. I used to struggle with eating dinner as a result of my anxiety and I would've usually just had a toasted bagel or something small like that, but now I eat a proper dinner most days and I think having a nice setup on the table has really helped change that.

Autumn evening routine

3) Cosy Candles & Blogging // 
Candles are an important part of my daily routine at this time of year as they create a cosy atmosphere and add a hint of magic to the house. A sweet delicious scent and the magical flickering glow from my favourite candles always inspires me to write a blog post or two. 

4) Netflix & A Warm Drink //
Once I've finished blogging for the evening I then move to the couch where I quickly sink into the squishy cushions and get snuggled up under a blanket with a hot cup of tea in hand and maybe a biscuit or two as well. I'm currently making my way through Designated Survivor and the interesting storyline, the unpredictable plot twists, as well as the exciting action had me hooked from the first episode.

5) Reading Hour //
I like to dedicate an hour or even just a half an hour to read a book. In my opinion, this is the best form of escapism and relaxation, and whenever I make an effort to read more I notice that I sleep better. I highly recommend the Goodreads app if you're trying to read more as you can set a goal of the number of books you want to read each year and track what you're reading. It's a great way to get motivated to read more and you can follow your friends/family to see what they're reading too! 

What are your favourite things to do in the evenings?

Cliona xx

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