3 Ways I'm Updating My Wardrobe For Spring

Monday, 16 April 2018

Spring Wardrobe Updates
Spring wardrobe essentials

| 3 Ways I'm Updating My Wardrobe For Spring! |

For years, I was never a Spring/Summer kinda girl. I've always preferred Autumn, particularly the fashion as I love donning a statement Blair Waldorf-esque coat and layering with cosy knitwear. However, this year I'm embracing Spring more than ever and for once I'm actually getting excited about t-shirt and shorts weather. We've a little while to go yet until it's that warm but for now, I've been adding a few new pieces to my wardrobe for the new season as well as digging out some old Spring style favourites.

1) Trousers:
After years of wearing jeans on a daily basis, I'm starting to get a bit bored of wearing them. I've always felt most comfortable and confident wearing jeans but recently I've been getting into wearing lightweight trousers more. I've had two pairs of trousers in my wardrobe for awhile and I love them so I decided to add two new pairs to my wardrobe. The first pair I got were a pastel blue pair from Penneys and they're so lightweight, and comfortable to wear! The second pair I added to my wardrobe is this grey pair with a white stripe down the sides of the legs from New Look. The white stripe on these make them look a bit more sporty and casual but the structured fit also makes them easy to dress up your look and create a formal vibe. One of the main reasons why I'll be opting for trousers over jeans during Spring and even Summer is because dressing for the humid, sticky weather can be difficult especially when it's raining and it's not quite warm enough for bare legs. But the lightweight material of trousers makes them ideal for that type of weather!

My Top Picks!

Spring wardrobe updates
Spring outfit details
Spring wardrobe additions

2) Light Jackets:
I have a weakness for buying coats and jackets, especially because I wear them so much with all of the rain and wind we get. I think it's important to have a nice selection of pretty coats and jackets all year long, and for the warmer weather, I'll be wearing lots of biker and denim jackets. I'm always wearing biker jackets as they just look so effortlessly cool, and this Spring I'll be pairing them with some nice t-shirts like the stripey one in this look. I also added a new denim jacket from H&M {see it in action on my Insta Story 'April Outfits' highlights!} to my wardrobe and it's taken me years to find a nice denim jacket that I feel confident in. 

My Top Picks!

3) Dresses Paired With Jumpers & Long-Sleeve Tops:
I'm a quintessential girly girl and I love wearing floaty, pretty dresses but I never get to wear them in the Winter because it's even too cold to wear them with tights. However, I'm excited to start wearing them again! For Spring, I'll still need to layer when wearing dresses as it's still too cold for bare skin. The best type of dress to layer with is a pinafore dress and I recently got a new pink one from New Look. So far, I've paired it with a long sleeve stripey top but it would also look lovely with white tops or even a jumper if it's chilly. Recently I had a wardrobe declutter, I put away my Winter clothes and I also took some of my Spring pieces out of storage, including a Summery maxi dress that I wore in this photo. I tried it on with a cream jumper and some tights, and I loved the look so keep an eye on my Insta Stories to see that outfit soon!

My Top Picks!

What are your Spring wardrobe essentials?

Cliona xx

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